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John McCain

Meat Loaf Was a

Bad Choice

10/26/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Republican Senator John McCain likes "America the Beautiful" just the way it is -- with no weird sounds or yelling or crazy ad-libbing -- which is why he thinks Meat Loaf was a BAD CHOICE for Mitt Romney's campaign event yesterday.

McCain was out in D.C. today when we asked about Meat Loaf's atrocious rendition of "America the Beautiful" -- and whether it was appropriate to take artistic license ... and change the song like he did.

McCain replied, "Change the song? Or have someone who knows the words?"



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C Carroll Adams PhD    

Meatloaf is a fine singer, but when did he give up his Canadian citizenship?

691 days ago


McCain should know all about crappy choices. hmmmmmmhmmmmm. sarah palin

691 days ago


Clint, Meatloaf, who's next, Don Rickles?

691 days ago


John? Sarah Palin was a bad choice too. I was going to vote for you. I'd rather hear Meatloaf sing for an hour and a half then hope for one more minute of the woman who lost the presidency for you.

691 days ago


I'm sure as hellz happy I never go my azz blasted out my Skyhawk over North Vietnam, broke both my arms on the way down and then spent the next six years being tortured in a North Vietnamese prison camp hellzhole...and for what come home to a nation filled with lazy, uneducated priccks like you people? Grow up already!!!

691 days ago

Max Zorin    

Who gives a sh*t? I thought it was hilarious. Come on, it's just Meat Loaf. Lighten up.

691 days ago


Men just sit back and laugh...but do American women really want a prez who takes away their right to have an abortion? A vote for Meatloaf....I mean Romney, is a vote for Medieval Times.

691 days ago

Lady Scarlett    

He sure knows about bad choices...he made the WORST choice 4 years ago and it cost him EVERYTHING...I mean, what idiot would pick Sarah Palin as a VP running mate???? Oh yeah, John McCain...Mr. Wrong Choice himself..shuddup already.

691 days ago


I hate it when a President will do something like use a song to try to relate to the public it's so cheesy and such a put on. Like when Paul Ryan scrubbed dishes at a soup kitchen. They try so badly to come across as 'normal' folk and it always comes across as phony and weird. Just be yourself. But I guess these dudes wouldn't be politicians if they couldn't be phonies. That's what being a politician is all about, isn't it..?

691 days ago


Mitt Romney IS a BAD CHOICE too along with Sarah Palin and the other nutty republicans!

691 days ago


So was Sarah Palin!!!

691 days ago


You should have heard Axl Rose try to bang out "Welcome to the Jungle the other night". Not quite !!!

691 days ago


oh he can shut the h e l l up. He's nothing but a Republican In Name Only.

691 days ago


It's because of this idiot we have Obama in the White House...John McCain is a joke, he is just another empty suit who thinks he walks on water.

691 days ago


Mitt Romney can't even choose an appropriate entertainer, between Clint Eastwood and Meatloaf, how you gonna put this guy in charge of your country. Romney is trying to play the role of president material, but Barak Obama is the real deal. It must be burning Romneys racist hemmoroids that Barak Obama is a better man, and a better politician. Deal with it, and do your country a favour by withdrawing.

691 days ago
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