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Barack Obama

Beyonce's Ears Could Win

Him the Election

10/29/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you like it, then you shoulda put earrings on it -- at least that's what Beyonce did with a brand new pair of Barack Obama hoops last weekend ... and now, TMZ has learned, sales for the pro-bama jewelry have EXPLODED.

The earrings were designed by a Puerto Rican jewelry designer named Erika Peña -- and up until last week, she had only sold 5 sets of the handmade earrings.

But her fortune changed overnight when Beyonce wore them last Saturday in NYC. Since then, Erika tells TMZ, she's sold over 1,300 PAIRS!

Erika tells us she received orders almost immediately from all over the world -- England, Switzerland, Chile, and Argentina ... with her biggest order coming from London.

The earrings currently sell for $32 a pair -- so if our math is correct ... that's like, a ton of money.


No Avatar


Looks like Queen Latifa, maybe you should stay out of politics and Burger King.

669 days ago


All blacks will vote for Obama ......because he is black......doesn't that make that racist?

669 days ago


And after the election you can spray paint them red and wear them the University of Alabama football games...because at that point, that's all they will be good for.

669 days ago


thats wack. got vote and thats it. he's not GOD. gees

669 days ago


Human Nat
#1-- Y DONT U...STFU! look like the only smart thing you done lately is rockin MJ emblem.
#2--YOU KNow errthing...Trump should pay yr dumASS for ObominaLs have time to dig up Romney's data...go find Obama's B.S. records... crickets Right?! that's what i thought!

669 days ago


That is the same as Ala"BAMA" state. I think there is a lawsuit that could happen. Maybe she is supporting the football team/college?

669 days ago


So are white people voting for Romny becuase he's white...Are the white people voting for Obama becuase he's black get over yourself and vote it won't matter anyway because the electors "the ones who actually pick the president" will ultimately screw you over all this bc he's black crap must be the same reuplicans who votd Bush for a second term

669 days ago


In our neck of the woods (down south) that actually represents Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama

669 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

She should have a Nose Ring made to go with it-- That way , ALL the celebs Obama meets with { like Pimp with a Limp, The brainless View Gals, ,Letterman will all buy one to ware and be led around by this "Leader" who doesn't know where he going!!!!

669 days ago


A fool and her money are soon parted.

669 days ago


she looks ridiculous

669 days ago


Absolutely ridiculous

669 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Mr. Levin, this "piece" violates -at least-
three basic principles of Journalism:
Who, Who, and WHY.

Democrat "Re-election"? Republican "Election"?
The Almighty God SELECTION:
The House of David 20Twelve

669 days ago

Ace Jorkel    

Meh no surprising Beyonce casting her self to Obama not a smart idea but she chose her path of self destruction just like how dumb Madonna admiting her vote for Obama yet peeving a lot of people of in New Orleans during her lame failed concert. By the Madonna, Sarah Palin called and said your concert sucks anyways and you banned her from watching your parties? Guess what, she never was interested in your slutty parties you arrogant skank. Vintage egotistical celebrities always try to get room talking smack which they don't.

669 days ago


Sad, that so may will vote for Obama because he's trendy and blacks like Beyonce endorse him without any knowledge of civil rights history, I'm sure she like so many other libs have no idea that it was the Republicans that fought for the African-American civil rights alongside MLK Jr. while the Dems tried to enforce segregation, they built the first planned parenthood abortion clinic in Harlem, ever wonder why? and it was the Democrats that created the KKK to enforce white superiority. MLK jr would be rolling over in his grave knowing that his forced endorsement of JFK somehow twisted and erased history and the Dems somehow now represent minorities.

669 days ago
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