'Ghostbuster' ARRESTED For Cop Car Stunt 'You Stupid Idiot'

10/29/2012 3:25 PM PDT

Ghostbuster ARRESTED for Backflipping Off Cop Car -- 'You Stupid Idiot'

Exclusive Details

This video is INSANE!!! A Halloween partier dressed as a Ghostbuster climbs on a police car in Eastern Canada this weekend and does a BACKFLIP over one very angry cop. But what happens next is even crazier.

The ghostbuster sticks the landing, but the cop is PISSED -- grabbing the ghostbuster by the collar ... and saying, "You're a smart ass ... come here!"

Another cop rushes towards the ghostbuster -- slamming him against the cop car ... and warning, "Don't you f*ckin' move ... don't f*ckin' do that ... you stupid idiot."

The cops then handcuff the ghostbuster and place him under arrest for mischief and for being drunk in a public place.

After the man is in custody, the cops turn to the photog ... and demand he turn off his camera saying, "You wanna be under arrest too?" The video cuts off right after the warning.

TMZ spoke with the photog who tells us ... the ghostbuster was taken to a nearby station and was thrown in the drunk tank ... but was released a short time later.  

Oh, and here's a shocker ... we're told the ghostbuster had been drinking heavily before the stunt.