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The Kardashians

We'll Win Makeup War ...

With Our Secret Weapon

10/29/2012 11:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 10/30/2012 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters aren't backing down in their war with a high-end makeup company -- sources close to the K-Krew tell TMZ, they've got a secret weapon to guarantee they'll prevail in court ... trademarks up the wazoo.

The Kardashian girls filed requests to trademark the phrases "Kardashian Khroma" and "Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe" earlier this summer.

The requests are still pending -- but sources connected with the family tell us, they're confident they'll be approved ... because the man behind the competing makeup line (named Chroma) hasn't filed for ANY trademarks.

As we reported, the co-owner of Chroma Makeup in Beverly Hills -- a guy named Michael Rey -- is threatening to sue the Kardashians over the Khroma makeup line, claiming the Kardashian line will cheapen the high-end company he's built over the last 12 years.

It's worth noting ... you don't NEED to register a trademark to pursue trademark litigation -- so Rey may NOT be up the creek without a paddle.

And there's this -- while we were looking up the Kardashian trademarks, we came across another makeup company named "Kroma." 

"Kroma" filed for its trademark in 2010 ... so that could be another obstacle for the Kardashians.

12:30 PM PT, 10/30/12 -- A rep for Kim tells TMZ, "Boldface licensing + branding has gone through the appropriate legal channels in obtaining the rights to use the name Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé in the Color Category with the United States Patent and Trademark Office."

The rep adds, "We do not believe that there is any likelihood of confusion between Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé and any other entity ... We adamantly object to statements about the products quality due to the distribution choice."


No Avatar

OH NO!    

Their makeup line is made with ASS LARD- They have an endless supply.

726 days ago


I knew it. Any idiot that knows anything about trademark laws know that they will not even accept an app that would affect another trademark that is already in place, the firs thing that they do before even considering it is a search to insure that there are no other entities with the same name and scope. This crap will get tossed out. I told you fools if Kris Jenner was able to trademark the term Momager you better believe she was on top of Khroma. Sorry haters, find another hate bandwagon to jump on, because this one will be going over a clif.

726 days ago


this disgusting family can only see the green, look what there father did for o j

726 days ago


Maybe if these fat whores ate their makeup, they'd be pretty on the inside.

726 days ago


Hmmmmm may will now sue the man who owns Chroma for using their trademark, Hmmmmmm!!!!! open a can of worms with this one Sir, they can easily change theirs if need be because they have not distributed it yet but he has been operating for years on someone elses trademark, now what you gonna do. Publicity can go both ways.

726 days ago


I can only imagine a Kardashian scent would smell like a cross between urine and day-old unwashed sex. I'm starting to think Kim is a meme.

726 days ago


Who would want to look like these wh0res? I don't blame the guy for filing a lawsuit. And really, don't tell me they didn't know that the name already existed because those trollops are have tried every make up known to man to cover up their ugliness.

726 days ago

Scott Christopher     

how sad. they have so much money, but, they still have to steal names from others to use for their cheap lines. miss fatty kim already stole the kk from a great jewerly company after the girl sent her some pieces for free.
girls-if you cant think of name on your own-pay someone to. Karma is a bitch!
it seem that the kardashian ship is sinking....they feel they need to steal names. even kim bf leaves her usa when he chills with the fashion a list. how sad.
possibly if the KKK sisters would start to be nice and start respecting other people hard work the bad love curse would be removed.
the KKK sisters need to go away - back to long beach or whatever bs town they come from--the best thing about these girls is BRUCE!

726 days ago


You know I can care less about the Kardashians any of the houndred of them but since I am now trapped in my apartment and couldnt go to work thanks to mass transit being shut down for the hurricane I am going to comment out of utter boredom.

The Kardashian Klan is Krazy and they all need to go Kuck themselves.

726 days ago


"It's worth noting ... you don't NEED to register a trademark to pursue trademark litigation -- so Rey may NOT be up the creek without a paddle."

THAT STATEMENT IS ALL YOU KARDASHIAN FANS NEED TO KNOW. And if this guy was using his brand name before them, one receipt of purchase of their product or a box with UPC bar code will silence these television who.res.

726 days ago


I would NEVER purchase anything with their name or brand on it!!!

726 days ago


Is there a makeup that will make them disappear?
Kourtney isn't as bad on the eyes though

726 days ago


While in Sears for a vacuum I went over to check out their clothes....they are trash!! A $99 dress was marked down to $9.99. I'm not kidding. No one wants the stuff.
Who would put their makeup on their skin and eyes knowing what garbage they make. ewww

726 days ago


They are so cray cray! Ya'll should check out the Walking Dead!

726 days ago


Yeah, whatever.

They don't have a secret weapon.

They'll say anything just as long as it's posted on a web site

726 days ago
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