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The Kardashians

We'll Win Makeup War ...

With Our Secret Weapon

10/29/2012 11:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 10/30/2012 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters aren't backing down in their war with a high-end makeup company -- sources close to the K-Krew tell TMZ, they've got a secret weapon to guarantee they'll prevail in court ... trademarks up the wazoo.

The Kardashian girls filed requests to trademark the phrases "Kardashian Khroma" and "Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe" earlier this summer.

The requests are still pending -- but sources connected with the family tell us, they're confident they'll be approved ... because the man behind the competing makeup line (named Chroma) hasn't filed for ANY trademarks.

As we reported, the co-owner of Chroma Makeup in Beverly Hills -- a guy named Michael Rey -- is threatening to sue the Kardashians over the Khroma makeup line, claiming the Kardashian line will cheapen the high-end company he's built over the last 12 years.

It's worth noting ... you don't NEED to register a trademark to pursue trademark litigation -- so Rey may NOT be up the creek without a paddle.

And there's this -- while we were looking up the Kardashian trademarks, we came across another makeup company named "Kroma." 

"Kroma" filed for its trademark in 2010 ... so that could be another obstacle for the Kardashians.

12:30 PM PT, 10/30/12 -- A rep for Kim tells TMZ, "Boldface licensing + branding has gone through the appropriate legal channels in obtaining the rights to use the name Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé in the Color Category with the United States Patent and Trademark Office."

The rep adds, "We do not believe that there is any likelihood of confusion between Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé and any other entity ... We adamantly object to statements about the products quality due to the distribution choice."


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All three of them look like $10-a-night Armenian hookers ($5 for Chewbacca on slow nights

691 days ago


On the recent show,the family was glued to the computer,oggling male sex organs! The "mother"
was the worst one! What a vile, disgusting , vulgar
family.It is clear their deviate behavior is directly attributed to the example set by their "mother".Deep down they must truly be ashamed of this poor example of human being.

691 days ago


like my mom says "a little taste of your own medecine honey" just like she sued old navy for using a look alike in a comercial to confuse her fans to go shop there she now deserves it for confusing people and using a ship version of chrome and just spelling the name a bit diferent

691 days ago


On recent show, loud mouth,vulgar Khloe was bragging about her sexploits. Something dreadful must have happened to her,to make her so obsessed
with all that is vulgar and vile.Who would hire such an
offensive, ill bred creature? Oh,yes, Ryan Seacrest.

691 days ago

Spicy mag    

They will lose. Seacrest out!

691 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Khloe is having my chocolate baby...

691 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

not surprised, Kim stole her KK logo from someone after the lady who originally had the design gifted her with a necklace. google it. they are thieves and them claim to be creative and artists and not just reality tv "stars"


691 days ago


TMZ back on Ktrashain roll pay...pfft.

691 days ago


Anything connected with this family raises thorny issues of morality, accountability and ethics! By the way, what's the deal with that never ending KRIS HUMPHRIES divorce? Really fishy and shady! She is STILL married to him.

691 days ago


I hope they lose. They are always stealing from everyone. They copied jewelry too. And purses.

691 days ago


Because of the location of Chroma I sincerely find it rather hard to believe that the Kardashians created "Khroma" on their own.

One of them probably drove by it one day, went home and had a group pow-wow, said "Do you know that place Chroma?" and everyone looked at one another and yelled, "We can change the 'C' to a 'K'... right momager?" Then broke out in maniacal laughter.

690 days ago


American Urban Dictionary...has new entry
The word "kardashian" is now the readily accepted slang for:

1. averice on an unprecedented scale
adj e.g.Bernie Madoff was extremely kardashian

2. a vacous, talentless exhibitionist
noun e.g.Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West.

NB trashy and fake are still acceptable uses of the term.

690 days ago


Khroma Beauty by K.K.K., are they sure they want that name?

690 days ago


I hope they lose, they obviously stole it from the guy that made chroma. They saw it, there is just no way. They are heartless and come up with sh*t on their own, no talent even in business.

690 days ago


Yes I hear they are just like those Chinese knockoffs you it will be they are opening a store called Kucci and another called Kiffany...oh KMZ you really love these kwhores.

690 days ago
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