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The Kardashians

We'll Win Makeup War ...

With Our Secret Weapon

10/29/2012 11:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 10/30/2012 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian sisters aren't backing down in their war with a high-end makeup company -- sources close to the K-Krew tell TMZ, they've got a secret weapon to guarantee they'll prevail in court ... trademarks up the wazoo.

The Kardashian girls filed requests to trademark the phrases "Kardashian Khroma" and "Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe" earlier this summer.

The requests are still pending -- but sources connected with the family tell us, they're confident they'll be approved ... because the man behind the competing makeup line (named Chroma) hasn't filed for ANY trademarks.

As we reported, the co-owner of Chroma Makeup in Beverly Hills -- a guy named Michael Rey -- is threatening to sue the Kardashians over the Khroma makeup line, claiming the Kardashian line will cheapen the high-end company he's built over the last 12 years.

It's worth noting ... you don't NEED to register a trademark to pursue trademark litigation -- so Rey may NOT be up the creek without a paddle.

And there's this -- while we were looking up the Kardashian trademarks, we came across another makeup company named "Kroma." 

"Kroma" filed for its trademark in 2010 ... so that could be another obstacle for the Kardashians.

12:30 PM PT, 10/30/12 -- A rep for Kim tells TMZ, "Boldface licensing + branding has gone through the appropriate legal channels in obtaining the rights to use the name Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé in the Color Category with the United States Patent and Trademark Office."

The rep adds, "We do not believe that there is any likelihood of confusion between Khroma Beauty by Kourtney, Kim and Khloé and any other entity ... We adamantly object to statements about the products quality due to the distribution choice."


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What a sick world, when these types of people are so richly rewarded.!!

668 days ago

liquid kitty    

I smell another Kim sex tape!

668 days ago


And if you call be as trashy, slutty and like a whore then these tramps will win. And their Mom is the madam behind pimping the little whores out. They will do anything for a buck, anything.

668 days ago


The three little pigs......

668 days ago


Remember, pimpmom is calling all the shots in their business ventures, and that woman(?) is vapid, inept and a scammer. This is why she's advising kim NOT to cooperate with Kris H.'s legal team by stalling/refusing to schedule her deposition in the divorce case that will prove she committed fraud to dupe him into serving as her prop groom ending with her 72-day dump.

668 days ago


Kourtney, Kim and Khloé should make makeup for barbie doll not people

668 days ago


Their big fat asses?

668 days ago


What a load of crap, Kardashians. Do you think people are stupid? You ripped off the name. You knew there was a Chroma Make-Up store. It is a few doors down from Sprinkles Cupcakes and there is internet video of you at Sprinkles. Judging by the way you flipped out over the Old Navy ad, you know damn well Khroma and Chroma wasn't cool but you did it anyway because you have no credibility or creativity.
You will always be trash and no amount of money will ever wash the urine away. You're nasty.

668 days ago


yourrr a bunchhh of sluts go away kim ur ugly and a fat horrr go **** ur ugly ****** boyfriend

668 days ago


LOL!!!!! hate on haters, so happy that I got me 1,000,000 shares of the boldface pennystock when they first announced the make up line. Thanks Kardashians I just love you guys, and thanks haters, keep on hating, see we supporters know how to parlay our support, they make money, we make money, you haters are still going to be trying to figure out how to pay your house note, ooops what am I saying 90 percent of you don't own a home, you are probably living off of the government, hence your ability to jump on every Kardashian post. BAM!!!!!1

668 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I bet they would do REAL WELL, if they sold their Product as A DOG AND CAT Ass CLEANER-- Thats probably where they started thier SEARCH for and ODOR!!!

668 days ago


no amount of make up can hide the fame whoreing

and whoreing to be a whore.

kris jeener is foaming att he mouth someone called on her but she knows that
she is gulity
of turing al her daughters into prostuites

668 days ago


so there sueing them when they are going to make you money? thats just retarded, throw the whole business deal out the window. sheesh they are trying to do them a favour and I've never heard of freaking Kroma before the Kardashians!!

668 days ago
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