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The Game to 40 Glocc

You Sue Me?

I'll Beat Your Ass Again!!

10/30/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In what may be considered the worst response to an assault and battery lawsuit ever ... The Game has now issued a PUBLIC THREAT to attack his accuser again. 

We broke the story ... rapper 40 Glocc filed a lawsuit against Game earlier this month, claiming Game pulled a gun on him outside a house party ... and beat him up. Game later posted the footage of the attack on YouTube.

Now, Game has responded to the lawsuit on Twitter -- saying, "@40glocc I'm gone beat yo ass again & again you p*ssy !!!"

Game -- who never denies the allegations -- adds, "Called police & a lawyer cuz I beat yo azz. SuperCrip got his cape snatched !!!"

40's lawyers have gotta be lovin' this.

A rep for The Game tells TMZ ... Game feels the lawsuit is "bulls**t" and he plans to fight the case in court.


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689 days ago


A snitch n-cca....that's the ish I don't like.

689 days ago


You just can't take the gold tooth mentality out of them. The Game thinks he sounds tough, but he sounds like an uneducated moron.

689 days ago


What a douchebag.

689 days ago

david 183    

Can't fix stupid but you can make this idiot pay financially.

689 days ago


...Any man who considers himself a real man:----does not report his own butt-whipping given to him by another man to the police, unless such a man is a senior citizen of whom cannot protect himself against his younger attacker.

Furthermore, any man that has the moniker of 40glocc who reports to the authorities that he has indeed gotten his backside Molly-Whooped, should be shot with his own 40glocc.

And for all you suburban types-- black or white-- with any comments to the contrary--STFU.

You all do not understand how to survive in the jungles of the real streets--you all are college punks, who will run at the first sign of turmoil to your mommies and your daddies, not to mention your high priced attorneys of which your mommies and daddies have paid for.

Leave the streets to the real "Kings of the Jungle" and hide behind your gated communities, and pray that one day the true "Lions of the Jungle" do not come to pay you a visit.

Those who now own the streets may one day by your masters, and there is not one thing you all may conjure to combat such a possibility--- because the beast inside you all has never had the taste of blood on its tongue as for the hunt of true survival--- making what use to be the natural born beast inside nothing but a lamb in a jungle bursting over with Lions who have had no choice at survival, but by the ripping apart of lambs.

40glocc--- you are a quintessential b#tch-made Negro--my suggestion to you is to STAY OUT OF MIAMI, because if GAME doesn't get you-- the "real game" of the streets will....Artofwar 10/30/12

689 days ago


once your beard goes gray (*cough* game *cough*), it's time to stop acting like a petulant child and grow the **** who are unable to articulate their feelings resort to violence...

689 days ago


...I agree with you Julian Konsern---but I suggest we start with the termination of you and your founding fathers who raped,pillaged, murdered, burned, and stole this land from the natives that were here way before your white trash ancestors ran like b#tches from Europe.

However, we cannot kill those who are already dead--so why don't we start with those that still profit from the sins of their Founding Fathers--White men.

A Black man may kill one or two, yet White men have killed millions.

Now go die somewhere preferably behind a dumpster where the rats may have a feast-- it is the most befitting death you and your kind is most suited....Artofwar 10/30/12

689 days ago


They behave like small children on a sugar high and think they are bad**s. I think both of them would run to their mommas if their bodyguards let them face any real danger.

689 days ago


Yes but I think the real question is when he actually carries out said beating, will it involve the removal of those beaver-esque sideways chicklet's hanging out of this man's mouth? Inquiring minds need to know.

689 days ago


The Game needs his azz put in jail for threatening. I think he wants to go to jail cuz he there is a lot of homo sex there.

689 days ago


TMZ Staff report how 40 glocc is a Snitch. Report how 40 glocc pulled guns on rapper Tyga, report how that snitch had 30 gang members run up on plies and jamie fox at a video shoot..40 glocc is a coward who got his ho card pulled by game and now wants to sue. This clown ran up on Lil wayne makin threats, yet no one ever sued his snitch self...Beat him down again Game...lololol

689 days ago


It a shame hatred shows it ugly face but what do you expect from those who only perpose in life is to jagoff while playing video games.

689 days ago


Check out 40 glocc yall..hahaha Here he is hiding in the bushes afraid to fight. Don't feel sorry for the snitch check out the clip of him thinking he is a tough guy with a gun..but as you can clearly see he is a ho cake without it. Props to game.

689 days ago


These guys are so ghetto!

689 days ago
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