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Bristol Palin


in Bar Heckler Lawsuit

11/3/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1103-bristol-palin-tmzA judge has tossed out a defamation lawsuit filed by the man who famously heckled Bristol Palin on her reality show … and even ordered him to pay her attorneys fees … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported, Stephen Hanks filed a lawsuit against Palin and A&E (parent company of Lifetime) following his encounter with Palin in a Hollywood bar that aired as part of her show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

During the confrontation, Hanks called Bristol's mom Sarah "evil" and a "whore" and Bristol said the man was gay ... saying she could "tell" by the way he looked.

Hanks went after Bristol and A&E on several levels. First, he claimed he never signed a waiver to appear on the show. Second, he claimed the show invaded his privacy by airing Bristol's comments about Hanks being gay. And third, he claimed Bristol damaged his reputation when she later gave an interview saying that Hanks' hurtful comments are what caused her leave Los Angeles and move back to Alaska.

But a judge ruled in favor of Bristol and A&E on every count -- saying the show was protected by the First Amendment and that Hanks did not have his privacy violated because no unknown facts about him were disclosed (A&E had argued that Hanks is out as a gay man on his social media accounts).

The judge also ruled that Hanks has to cover Palin's attorney's fees.


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"The judge also ruled that Hanks has to cover Palin's attorney's fees."

I don't care if you hate Bristol Palin, you have to love that the idiot will have to pay her attorney fees since he filed such a frivolous lawsuit.

720 days ago


No Vouchers PLEASE
My vote is for OBAMA.

720 days ago


She actually handled herself well in the face of the obvious provocation. Just because you're a member of a "protected class" does not give you the right to be a total a$$hole for no reason. He totally deserved it, my guess is he saw himself on tv & got a lot of negative feedback and only then did he realize what a jerk he was. I'm not a Palin fan, but this round goes to her.

720 days ago


Once again, the Palins can laugh their way to the bank.

720 days ago


What's a 47 year old man doing talking like that to her in the first place?
Telling a young woman her mom is a whore? Asking if she rode her boyfriend like that?
47 years old?
I'm 38 and it would never enter my mind to talk to a young person about their mother like that, or make insulting comments about their sex life in a humiliating way in public.
And then a lawsuit because she confronted him on his insults?
Act like an immature ass, pay up ;D

720 days ago


This guy is an a$$ sore. Glad he has to pay her attorney fees.
He's a disgrace to our gay club.

720 days ago


Some people will sue over anything.

719 days ago

Wow ...    

I'm not a fan of the Palins, but this guy was out of line. In this case, justice was served.

719 days ago

Eldridge Cleaver    

To the moron who wished death on Bristol and Mr. Hanks, do you realize that both of them will die? So will you. So will I. I think you meant that you wished them a painful and speedy death which probably won't happen to either of them. I do wish you a speedy extra 20 IQ points and a bit of a heart though.

719 days ago



719 days ago


I'd love to know who the judge was, and what his/her political affiliation is. Ever since the Supreme Court of the United States allowed a sitting President to be sued, (Clinton), because it would not interfere with his daily obligations, I am extremely suspicious of judges who rule in favor of people who have power within their political party. And Bristol Palin is a trashy teenage mother, not a celebrity. And she's hardly political blue blood, since her mother is idiot spiteful trash!

719 days ago

She's baaaack    

Can't stand the Palins but that fool wanted to call attention to himself and he did. Pay up as*hole.

719 days ago


Good. Serves him right for filing such a ridiculous lawsuit.

719 days ago


This boorish, misogynist bully got exactly what he deserved. I'm not a fan of the Palin's either, but he handled himself like an idiot and was way out of line. What 47-year-old, or anyone for that matter, sexually heckles a young person and calls their mother a whore. She handled herself extremely well in the midst of your unprovoked attack. Too bad she didn't sue for punitive damages. Mr. Hanks, your reputation surely preceded this episode, and you are a disgrace. Not to mention, a coward. Bet you wouldn't have said that to a man. Sorry, you big crybaby, you are responsible for making yourself look like an ass, no one else. It's karma that it got broadcast You're not as clever and funny as you thought, just a typical crass, low-class loudmouth. And now, everyone in the world knows it.

719 days ago


You guys need to learn to spell TMZ!

719 days ago
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