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Bristol Palin


in Bar Heckler Lawsuit

11/3/2012 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1103-bristol-palin-tmzA judge has tossed out a defamation lawsuit filed by the man who famously heckled Bristol Palin on her reality show … and even ordered him to pay her attorneys fees … TMZ has learned.

As TMZ previously reported, Stephen Hanks filed a lawsuit against Palin and A&E (parent company of Lifetime) following his encounter with Palin in a Hollywood bar that aired as part of her show, "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp."

During the confrontation, Hanks called Bristol's mom Sarah "evil" and a "whore" and Bristol said the man was gay ... saying she could "tell" by the way he looked.

Hanks went after Bristol and A&E on several levels. First, he claimed he never signed a waiver to appear on the show. Second, he claimed the show invaded his privacy by airing Bristol's comments about Hanks being gay. And third, he claimed Bristol damaged his reputation when she later gave an interview saying that Hanks' hurtful comments are what caused her leave Los Angeles and move back to Alaska.

But a judge ruled in favor of Bristol and A&E on every count -- saying the show was protected by the First Amendment and that Hanks did not have his privacy violated because no unknown facts about him were disclosed (A&E had argued that Hanks is out as a gay man on his social media accounts).

The judge also ruled that Hanks has to cover Palin's attorney's fees.


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Ozzie X    

Good that guy was a jerk. Trying to profit by being a massive douchebag.

696 days ago


People read social media accounts??? AAAHHH FUDGE!!!!

696 days ago


He was probably jealous he didn't get to ride Levi like that. I don't like the Palins, but that guy was extremely out of line. Karma is a b-tch, and it came in the form of having to pay her legal fees haha.

696 days ago


Hmm 2 headlines w/ the word "Victorious". Use a thesaurus TMZ.

696 days ago


At least one fine judge who didn't bow to the gay dictatorship this world lives. There's hope.

696 days ago


Sorry, I just have never believed this "lawsuit" from the beginning. I'd have to see the "raised seal" do***ents on all of this to believe it wasn't all a planned fake lawsuit publicity stunt.

696 days ago


where were all the men at, just standing there letting this jerk talk to here like that with out doing any thing

696 days ago


that's bull that he has to pay her legal fees when she's perfectly capable. my guess is the judge is a Palin fan or a republican and that's the real reason why the dude loss the case. and she should realize that she's going to be heckled by putting herself out there, but for her to call him out as she is homophobic....not right.

696 days ago


She is such a dumb, ugly, whore!

696 days ago


What type of a grown man goes off like that to a young woman half his age? Oh that's right, he's not a real man . . . Pay up! Lol

696 days ago


Hahaha, Awesome! This was a frivolous lawsuit to begin with. The guy never had a shot. The best part is that he has to pay Bristol's attorney's fees. Effing loser. Justice for a Palin once again.

696 days ago


Christians hanging out in bars, quite often, doesn't end well. Unless one is making water into wine, that is!

696 days ago


I might not agree with her mother, but nobody, especially a "grown man" should talk to a young lady like that. Kudos to you, pretty girl for handling yourself with class... Although I could tell you wanted to rip his face off. I don't even like my mom and I would still stand up for her again some punk MF!! Gay, straight, try... I don't gives... You don't mess with family!!

696 days ago


Sweet Bristol needs a sex tape to rocket her to fame. Being a nice guy and wanting to help, I volunteer to make it with her.

696 days ago

Yoh Momma    

This dude seriously needed a massive beat down........sure talk down to a sweet and beautiful woman whom you know cannot physically defend herself against that man due to obvious size and strength.......BUT had Bristol been a man he would have probably thought twice. There should be a freakin law where violence is allowed when hostile behavior is brought upon you as this man clearly was HOSTILE. Now I wish he had done that to me. I would have been delighted to drop him MMA style.

696 days ago
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