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Phillip Phillips' Family

'Idol' Champ's Forcing Us

To Sell Pawn Shop

11/3/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips
' family says the singer left them high and dry after winning "American Idol" -- refusing to help them out financially -- and now, they've been forced to sell their cherished family business ... Phillips family sources tell TMZ.

The Phillips family-owned Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn -- which has been in the family for 24 years -- is scheduled to hit the auction block on December 1st ... and we're told, Phillip's dad hopes to use the profits to cover the family's mounting debt.

We're told Phillip's dad hopes to bring in between $200,000-250,000 during the auction.

We're told Phillip's family has reached out multiple times to the singer for financial help since he hit it big, but Phil has blown them off.

According to Phillips family sources, the family's especially hurt by the singer's radio silence -- since they spent a ton of money on travel expenses so they could see Phillip compete on "Idol."

We made multiple calls to Phillip Phillips over several days -- but our calls were not returned.


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WHY would they expect their son to "bail them out"?And WHY would they contact TMZ in an attempt to shame their own son? I assist my adult children financially.They do not ask I just do it because you can not take it with you and in the economy we are living in every bit helps. I would NEVER take a cent from my children or any other family member for that matter. He must know that his parents caused their own financial mess by over spending or something. Asking their son for a "bail out" is just plain vulture like. Maybe if they were starving or homeless but they are wanting him to save their pawn shop.I am sure there are other sources for them to utilize like bankruptcy to manage their financial woes.They sound greedy.

687 days ago


The irony here is that they own a pawn shop, which feeds on others in similar situations. I don't feel sorry for these people in the least. (And I've never heard of their "famous" son)

687 days ago


Baloney, I remember while he was still on the show you had a picture of their business with a for sale sign and said something about his success must have made them decide they didn't need it anymore.

687 days ago


The only part of this that is true is that the business is for sale. Our local community raised money to cover Phillip's parents travel expenses during Idol. Also, Phillip is at home now.

686 days ago


maybe he's got the kind of family that weren't supportive or had other issues we don't even know about and don't deserve anything. I hate to judge someone until both stories are told.

686 days ago


Whatever his family decided to spend in pursuit of their son's fame, it's their problem. Sounds like they wanted to be in the spotlight as much as he did. I don't see why he should feel an obligation to bail them out, even if he had tons of money to do so.

686 days ago


Im calling bull**** to this story

686 days ago


not his responsibility to take care of their business , people think just because he has money now he HAS to help them... what would they do if he didn't have $$... then do that...

686 days ago


Don't give those back stabbin moochers a dime. If you do you'll hate yourself for it. Houses are cheaper than they have ever been. Buy a house and a small business on the other side of the country from your family so they would have to get on a plane to bother you. Build your own legacy not theirs.

686 days ago


First of all, how much did the family sponsor/help him financially to achieve his goal? If their debt is a direct result of supporting his dream and success, then, yes, he owes them big time. Although families do not (should not) do favors to receive favors, it would be the only decent thing to do. It's all in the family dynamics, and we, as the public, are not privvy to all of it. So I will wait to make my personal take on this until all the facts are in.

686 days ago


Phillip is not "forcing" anyone to sell the pawn shop. His parents choose to sell pawn shop to pay off their debts

686 days ago


why does family feel that its the responsibility of Phillip to pay their debts??
Perhaps family should have paid towards debt instead of buying air line tickets. I don't know about you but when I'm broke I can't afford to travel across town.
Phillip came into some money now his parents are trying to get their greedy grubby hands on it.
The money is Phillip's . It belongs to him, not his parents!!
If Phillips dad is going to bring in $200,000 in the auction I don't see the problem.

686 days ago


Dude hasn't even released an album yet. I've read the released contract they sign for American Idol and he hasn't even come into money yet and his family is alredy doing the gimme gimme you owe me routine. It takes time for fame to come...if it does at all. Very few winners have been able to become stars. Sounds like his family needs to be out in check!

686 days ago


Must be a democrat.

686 days ago


So the boy owes his family for being born when they couldn't run a successful business and turned into freeloaders? Go on federal aid dudes, the kid doesn't owe you anything.

686 days ago
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