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Phillip Phillips' Family

'Idol' Champ's Forcing Us

To Sell Pawn Shop

11/3/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips
' family says the singer left them high and dry after winning "American Idol" -- refusing to help them out financially -- and now, they've been forced to sell their cherished family business ... Phillips family sources tell TMZ.

The Phillips family-owned Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn -- which has been in the family for 24 years -- is scheduled to hit the auction block on December 1st ... and we're told, Phillip's dad hopes to use the profits to cover the family's mounting debt.

We're told Phillip's dad hopes to bring in between $200,000-250,000 during the auction.

We're told Phillip's family has reached out multiple times to the singer for financial help since he hit it big, but Phil has blown them off.

According to Phillips family sources, the family's especially hurt by the singer's radio silence -- since they spent a ton of money on travel expenses so they could see Phillip compete on "Idol."

We made multiple calls to Phillip Phillips over several days -- but our calls were not returned.


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bring back recent posts    

..RULE # 1....COMES A TIME...U NEVER PUT GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD hurts too let things go...but enuff money down the drain is ENUFF!...TIME TOO GET THE PLUMBER AND START OVER...just sayin...

726 days ago


Exactly how is he "forcing" his family to do this? Why is their debt automatically his problem?
Did he tell them to spend money to travel to all the competitions? If you are financially strapped, WHY would you spend money so frivolously? Do they have no accountability in their financial problem?

726 days ago


What a pathetic family. Expecting to live on his coat tails....they had a buisness that's more then most will ever have. Their own fault it didn't work out. Teach a man to fish or else they will starve.

726 days ago


We don't know the full story here people.

Also as an independent voter I have decided on who I am voting for this coming Tuesday.

I am voting for Mitt Romney. I am putting my country ahead of partisanship. The economy is still bad with 23 million people and the national dept is at 16 trillion dollars now. We will continue to dig ourselves into a deeper hole and suffer like an economy similiar to Greece, unless we vote for a different President on Tuesday.

726 days ago



726 days ago


How much money do you people think he has? He's had exactly one single, and spent the summer on tour with Idol where he was receiving a contracted salary. He now has to pay lawyers, agents, managers, and all of the fun stuff that goes along with the music industry. I'm sure he has more money than he had, but he's a long way away from being wealthy, that's for sure.

726 days ago


Totally untrue. The Phillips family is a very close, wonderful family. If they decided to close the pawn shop, then its either because they are ready to retire, travel with their son, or maybe they're just done with the daily grind. Either way, Phillip will never turn his back on his family. He's way to nice for that. He's from a small town and still has his small town values. I guess he really is making it big if the gossip columns are giving him grief now. Go pick on someone who deserves it. Phillip is a class act entertainer at heart.

726 days ago


HAha what a douche. Not a shocker. There's 2 sides to every story?

726 days ago


Since his faimily paid for him to get to audition, stood behind him for support and then spent hours in the hospital with him I see he is a s***bag!

726 days ago


Dude! really?! Stop being a douche and support the people who have loved you all your is wrong with you?... Of course we dont know the whole story and I know the money he won is probably just about gone... BUT YOU GOTTA HELP THE FAM DUDE... NO IF ANDS OR BUTS...

726 days ago


Maybe if they had stayed at home and watched him win on tv they wouldn't have so much debt to pay off. There is more to this story than we know, I'm sure.

726 days ago


Ater 24 year in business you'd think that they would have been a little better at running a business. why is it his responsibility to keep their business a float.

726 days ago


Welcome to showbiz....the press will drag you through the mud and you'll have to pick yourself back up. It seems like every other news source is using TMZ's story as truth and not doing any source checking themselves. TMZ should appologize to the family and Philip after they check their sources.

726 days ago


The community paid for the trips his family took to AI and he is home right now with his family..... YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW MUCH FOR A STALKER MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!

726 days ago


I for one do not believe this story. Phillip has always been close to his family and would not leave them in this type of situation!!!!

726 days ago
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