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Phillip Phillips' Family

'Idol' Champ's Forcing Us

To Sell Pawn Shop

11/3/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips
' family says the singer left them high and dry after winning "American Idol" -- refusing to help them out financially -- and now, they've been forced to sell their cherished family business ... Phillips family sources tell TMZ.

The Phillips family-owned Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn -- which has been in the family for 24 years -- is scheduled to hit the auction block on December 1st ... and we're told, Phillip's dad hopes to use the profits to cover the family's mounting debt.

We're told Phillip's dad hopes to bring in between $200,000-250,000 during the auction.

We're told Phillip's family has reached out multiple times to the singer for financial help since he hit it big, but Phil has blown them off.

According to Phillips family sources, the family's especially hurt by the singer's radio silence -- since they spent a ton of money on travel expenses so they could see Phillip compete on "Idol."

We made multiple calls to Phillip Phillips over several days -- but our calls were not returned.


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Just because he made it "big" doesn't mean he has to take care of his family. They made the decision to go see his shows, he doesn't owe them that money back, now if they gave him money so he could do all that stuff, he should return that money.

662 days ago


Wow...really were does it say that a son has to pay for there parent overspending??...take out a loan!!!

662 days ago


Anyone who believes this crap needs to get a life of their own. Article does NOT cite one credible source. Most of TMZ "news" is based on innuendo and lies. To print such garbage about this fine family is ludicrous and shameful. Too bad TMZ doesn't know what that means.

662 days ago


The family should not have spent so much money traveling to see anyone knowing they had so much mounting debt. I don't blame him. He doesn't owe his family to spend money on a pawn shop if he doesn't want to. Things happen for a reason. Maybe his family needs to sell it, pay their debts then find another means of support instead of trying to play victim to a young man who instead should be thinking about investing in his future and planning for his own immediate family one day. I'm sure he's helped them out in many ways but to expect him to take on such as enormous debt is ludicrous.

662 days ago


It's okay to ask a wealthy family member for a loan. But to ask them to bail you out completely on your debt is a little selfish. I understand both sides. They expect help from a son whom they raised and supported until he came into his own money. And he probably feels like they putting too much pressure on him and he actually doesn't have that type of money. I know good and well it didn't cost them over $200,000 to see your son perform for a month in LA and if you closed your store down depending on him to win was kind of stupid financial move. And Idol has been won for about 6 months now so something isn't right with this story.

662 days ago


You know.. Who knows why this guy wont help his family. Maybe he has his own debts/dreams, etc.. A family shouldnt demand help from their children. They should aks for it nicely. I hear this guy has kidney problems. If he has no health insurance, I am sure this is not a cheap procedure.

Additonally, perhaps his family were pricks to him. Is he gay? If my family treated me badly because my lifestyle Id say screw you too. Funny how people dont mind asking for money from gay people but they sure dont want them IN their church or home. Hypocrisy and revelation of the truth faith of!!

662 days ago


A parent should not expect their child to bail them out. If their business goes under it is a shame but not the childs responsibility. You raise your child to be successful not to take care of you.

662 days ago


I don't believe them(TMZ)at all. Back to July 4th in Capitol, They asked PP that what was independent day, but PP didn't hear that question so he answered that I could tell you right now ( he heard something). And what they said that PP even didn't know what year was independent day. Big Brother( TMZ) shame on you. You get sued

662 days ago


Your artical implies that the financal support of Philip Phillips family is his responsibility. Surely the family has not been sitting back waiting for Philip to his career stake. Just what would they be doing if Philip had lost. It seems to me that what's being seen here is gross selfishness on the family's part, Philip has shown his genuine and true talent and has earned his prize money so he can stake his career.

Be strong and be steadfast and use the prize money for you and your career. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

662 days ago


CHECK YOUR SOURCES!!!!! He is home with HIS FAMILY this weekend. He visited his high school's music classes yesterday. Philip is very connected to both his family and his community. Someone is just trying to create some drama for a story. Although I am sure he expects this, his parents didn't sign up for it. They are wonderful, HUMBLE people who want nothing but happiness and love from and for him!!!

662 days ago


He just won American Idol and hasn't officially made any money yet...and his family is going to TMZ to what? Screw him over before he makes any money? Sounds like a self-serving family to me. Get off your lazy asses and make your own damn money! What a bunch of entitlists!

662 days ago


We simply are not getting the whole story here. No carrying someone
nine months in the womb does not guarantee entitlements. However
I will say that family should stick together for who is it that rescues and
fixes matters, it usually is family. Over the years I have given my children thousands of
dollars and it was unconditional for I never expected them to pay it back.
In 2008 I had two strokes and was out of work for a time. My children
would not assist me at all, it was a few dear friends who came to my aid.
However once my SSD came through along with all of the back pay, my children
re-appeared and acted as though nothing had happened asking for funds.
Again, we do not have all the facts regarding this story.

662 days ago


Is he even making any money right now to do anything. People think just because they were on these shows that they are making a ton of money. Not true. It takes a while before they actually start making some decent money.

662 days ago


If a business is failing do you think a loan will help? He could relinquish his money to the family business, to see it fail later and end up with nothing!

662 days ago


It wouldn't kill him to help his family out no matter what the expense is they are his parents and just think of all the money they have spent on him over the years taking care of him and supporting him. Sounds like he's a spoiled brat and needs to be boycotted for being such a selfish child!!!!

662 days ago
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