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Phillip Phillips' Family

'Idol' Champ's Forcing Us

To Sell Pawn Shop

11/3/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips
' family says the singer left them high and dry after winning "American Idol" -- refusing to help them out financially -- and now, they've been forced to sell their cherished family business ... Phillips family sources tell TMZ.

The Phillips family-owned Albany Sporting Goods and Pawn -- which has been in the family for 24 years -- is scheduled to hit the auction block on December 1st ... and we're told, Phillip's dad hopes to use the profits to cover the family's mounting debt.

We're told Phillip's dad hopes to bring in between $200,000-250,000 during the auction.

We're told Phillip's family has reached out multiple times to the singer for financial help since he hit it big, but Phil has blown them off.

According to Phillips family sources, the family's especially hurt by the singer's radio silence -- since they spent a ton of money on travel expenses so they could see Phillip compete on "Idol."

We made multiple calls to Phillip Phillips over several days -- but our calls were not returned.


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Travel costs for the family didn't sink the business....and just because it lasted 23 years doesn't mean it will always be in business. If they have $250K debt, that's been piling up for a while, and I am sure their son isn't seeing a ton of money from Idol.

618 days ago


TMZ, back in May you reported that the family COULDN'T WAIT to sell the pawn shop and were mulling it over before the win. Now they are being "forced"??

618 days ago

Umm ok...    

Why should he? What is wrong with people that think just because they know someone who has more money, they should somehow benefit from it? Maybe they made bad business decisions...or maybe they are just retiring and 'cashing out'. If they want his money, they are essentially asking him to own that Pawn Shop and I'm guessing he doesn't want to.

618 days ago


Sounds like they thought HIS pay day was THEIR pay day, and he did the right thing.

618 days ago


so they failed in business and wan't him to bail them out? what happens next time?

screw them. even more that they are whining to TMZ.

just because he hit it big does not mean he needs to support them.

618 days ago

Samuel Shallenberger    

This is a total lie. The pawn shop was for sale before Phillip was even on Idol. Phillip tried giving the money he won to hus family but they refused it, so he signed some guitars for them to sell. As usual, TMZ completely made this up.

618 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

That's what parents get when they don't help there child with there dream.
Phishie from Philly

618 days ago


I do not blame this guy for one second. I have been suckered into loaning or giving my brother money for years for his cash flow problems. And the whole time he had a much larger net worth than me.

618 days ago


TMZ, you are full of ****! Phillip was home just this week, supporting his family and his sister's charity, Mission Change. He stopped by to thank every business that supported him as well. That piece of crap pawn shop is in a horrible neighborhood and has been for sale for YEARS. His family does not want to save it. If anything, they are trying to use Phillip's name to help sell it and its contents.Phillip has even helped them advertise the auction! Phillip is an awesome guy who has not changed one bit by all of this fame. Get your facts straight before you post this stuff.

618 days ago


I can't believe how f_cking selfish some of you are. If I ever became rich and famous, my parents are the first people I would want to help out. They're the ones who brought me into this world, took care of me, and were there for me. They're the ones who worked and made sacrifices so that I could have nice things growing up. To hit it big and then completely abandon your family when they need you is a real assh_le thing to do. These people aren't asking their son to give them everything he has, they're trying to save their family business. As much as Philip's parents have done for him, the least he could do is make sure they aren't don't to end up living in a box on the street. I'm sure this prick wouldn't care anyways though.

618 days ago


Don't blame your son, blame yourself for making dumb business choices.

618 days ago

Wesley Coffey    

Success makes a lot of People Butt Heads, and he is one of them.

618 days ago


If I remember correctly, directly after he won Idol, they put it up for sale, and the story at that time was a lot different. It was much more complimentary, like they were selling the store to retire, and he was the best son in the world, yada yada yada...

618 days ago


He has been in the hospital with multiple kidney stones and is now recovering at a friends home. He has been in great pain and had to undergo major surgery. I wonder if they sent him a get well card or sent flowers. Funny, they never mentioned he was sick.

618 days ago


Guess when he was singing about making this place his "home" in the final, he meant Hollywood.

Guess that dramatic family embrace at the end of the final was a goodbye.

Sure there's more to this story but there's been several reports of him totally shutting down contact.

618 days ago
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