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Million Puppet March

Puppets Invade DC ...

Don't Cut Our Strings!!!

11/4/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DON'T MESS WITH PUPPETS ... was the battle cry at the Million Puppet March, where a thousand furry creatures got fisted and stormed Capitol Hill yesterday -- all to save PBS from government annihilation.

The event was organized after Mitt Romney infamously put Big Bird, "Sesame Street" and PBS on the chopping block in the first presidential debate ... claiming it wasn't worth the dough.

Adam Jones -- a puppet master who co-created a puppet show called "STUFT" -- spoke at the event and told TMZ, "The politicians don't understand how BIG an effect 'Sesame Street' and PBS has on the world. It inspires kids in 150 countries ... and destroying it would be devastating. Something had to be done."

Jones says the timing of the march -- mere days before Romney and Obama square off -- was crucial, saying, "Even though the puppets can't vote (yet) -- they might just sway the election."

Probably not. Unless they're from Ohio.


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For an article that starts out with the headline "Million Puppet March," you'd think someone would say how many actual protesters were on hand. I heard about 500 - anybody know?

681 days ago



681 days ago


"Probably not. Unless they're from Ohio."

Well I am in Ohio, went and voted Friday to avoid the polls on election day, and cast my ballot for Barack Obama. (brushes hands together) :-D

681 days ago


Sesame Street is just Not a Children's Program with Muppet's it's An EDUCATIONAL program that teaches the Fundamentals it teaches Children How to Use Math In a Fun way with Numbers it Teaches Children how to Write Letters It's the Basic's Of Everyday Living and too Take that away would be A Shame to Children who want to Learn... Also what about the children who Grew up watching these EDUCATIONAL programs that have Children what are they going to watch R rated Movies??? Come on Mitt don't know if you Grew up watching these show's? but don't Deprive the children of today and future Generations the ability to watch something that's Become a positive Influence in our Children's Lives.... Do with out the Dough somewhere esle that's not Important but don't Don't deprive the Children of something that's become a Staple In our Lives

681 days ago


Get real! Big bird alone makes millions in products. NOBODY WANTS TO BORROW MORE FROM china to support a channel that runs on viewer donations anyway. Wake up .

681 days ago


Why doesn't Sesame Street generate enough money to finance itself?

681 days ago


TLC began as a public station, which was later sold to a private company.
Imagine a world without the TLC that's around now, a channel dedicated to actual learning.
Well, we might not be able to save TLC, but we can stop it from happening again.

681 days ago


Too damn funny

681 days ago


There were like 40 people there. Nobody wants to give the Muppets subsidies when they make millions a year from merchandise. Use that money to help the poor!

681 days ago


They are all over 21 ,let them get a job that pays well .ooops can't ! Obama is in the White House.

681 days ago


Wasn't a higher-up at PBS seen, in an undercover video, saying that they can live without Federal handouts?

I think they can...and should

681 days ago


Just goes to show you how informed the average obama cult kool-aid drinking liberals are. pbs doesnt need a dime from the government. Certainly not borrowed money. In fact, pbs could kick in and give the government a little loan if they so desired. Cutting the governments contribution to pbs would do exactly what Romney said it would and cut back on unnecessary government waste. If pbs needed it, if it would mean the loss of even ONE job at pbs there would be some room for argument against such a move. But the sheeple machine fired up and said Romney is trying to take sesame street from our kids, you would think that SOME of these people would know a bald faced lie when they see it. Romney would do so much good for this country but he wont be elected because he is of an unpopular skin color. This is how much I love my once great country, I would allow myself to be executed by lion attack in public if it would put Romney in office so that this country could get back going in the right direction . obama is a liar who deceives his loyal liberals with buzzwords and catchphrases and outright LIES. Hard to believe the people of this country would re-elect someone who went to an anti-American anti-white church all of his adult life and WORSHIPED until he got called out for it. and had to cut ties. Who has not followed through one ONE SINGLE THING he said he would do when elected. Who's most active role since taking office has been sympathizing with the arab muslim naitons and systematically disarming this country. Not sending support to our embassy when it came under attack by hostile American hating forces. You people are FOOLS and it breaks my heart how my country has been invaded from within and thrown into such a horrible state. Yeah go ahead sheep and vote that s***bag back in, I mean after all, he is a celebrity who has been on vacation on our dime for 4 years, he deserves more time in office simply because he is BLACK, who cares how horribly all of his policies have failed?

681 days ago


really...still talking about muppets... ugh!

681 days ago


A relative moves into your home for a few days - he is a multi-millionaire with the same wealth as say.... Mark Zuckerberg- And he ends up staying, and staying and....
You pay the house note, the car note insurance and food - Rich Cousin doesn't contribute a dime, how's that working for you?

Sesame Street needs to contribute and get off the government tit.- put that money they re sucking off the government to something/someone who is needy.

WAKE UP people! Our country is in trouble.

Don't vote for an eF'ing PARTY.

681 days ago

Spicy mag    

Seseme street makes enough money to fund PBS. They need to get their **** together and rework their licensing so they make more money. Tickle me Elmo anyone? That toy alone makes billions.

680 days ago
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