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'X Factor'

Mario Jacked Khloe's Lines

Because of On Set Chaos

11/5/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1102-xfactor-khloe-kardashian-mario-lopezMario Lopez couldn't get enough of that teleprompter on "X Factor" this week, because he was reading Khloe Kardashian's lines and screwing her up in the process ... but sources tell us it wasn't his fault.

Sources connected with the show tell us Khloe got "really upset" because Mario jacked her lines several times, reading his lines and then reading some of hers ... and screwing up her timing in the process.

Khloe forced the issue with producers after Thursday's show, wondering aloud if he was doing it on purpose.  After a short discussion, it became clear to Khloe that Mario was on the up and up -- there were glitches in the production that confused everyone and things got a little out of control during the live broadcast.

Now here's what's really interesting.  Khloe has heard what we've been saying -- that producers were insane to make her read a teleprompter, because it robs her of her personality.  Fact is ... it's hard for a novice to read a prompter.

We're told Khloe is open to leaving the hosting duties to Mario, and taking on the personality-driven interviews without a teleprompter.

Sounds like a good idea to us.


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It just blows my mind that anyone would give life to this moron by awarding her any recognition in the press or media coverage. This feces has no redeeming qualities with the exception of manipulative deeds and unsavory character traits just to make money. Let her make her millions ...but let her do it out of the eyes and ears of the general public. Reading about her and seeing her pictures is a God awful way to start the day. TMZ- show some mercy and hide these heinous creatures from our view. Thanks!

719 days ago


If you don't have anything nice or constructive to say, don't say anything. I told my daughter, I said " it seems like he's taking all her lines." I like her. I think she brings a natural flare. I don't like the stiff judges that just go from A to B. I don't like new season at all. It's basically American idol now. Down with the whole show.

719 days ago


Why do people always make such angry, evil, and negative comments. Can't we all just get along. If you have to be cruel to others than there must be something wrong with you. If you don't have something constructive to say, why even comment.

719 days ago


It's probably KILLING her not being able to say "vagina" every 6 seconds like on their reality show, so I'm sure she's open to doing some ad-lib stuff. I actually like her, but so sick of her saying vagina constantly. Look, I get the whole "Its just a body part, nothing to be ashamed of" thing - but its also a body part you don't *need* to say constantly. Do you say elbow twelve times a day? Then you don't need to say vagina twelve times a day, unless you are just being an idiot and trying to shock everyone. Grow up a little.

719 days ago


Simon is an oinker who doesn't seem to realize that half of the audience are children, so his comments to kloho and her hanging herself out there last week must have gotten backlash, because this week they have her girls tucked away like nuns in a monastery.

719 days ago


I swear I see a mustache in that picture. Is Khloe joining the Movember movement?

719 days ago


it takes time to get your bearings. she's in uncharted waters here. remember when jimmy fallon got his late night show how nervous he was? jt was hard to watch, even the most professional people need a little time to get their niche, she'll come around just need to let it happen

719 days ago


One word: Dunkelman.

Khloe better avoid taking a back seat to Mario (or with him, either). Both need to shine equally if they are both going to retain their jobs.

719 days ago


I am taking bets on how long this no-talented Kardashian will last. Hopefully, not for much longer. Must be a low blow to Mario to have to work with such a non-celebrity.

719 days ago


Y'all are funny tonight. I much prefer some humor here than the usual nastiness. Now I didn't like the blue dress she had on. Made her look bad. I think she was dressed more flatteringly for her body on the first night. High, rounded necklines, obviously bad. Tight tube dresses like the blue obviously bad. I hope the blue was someone else's idea. Khloe usually looks pretty good in her clothes, so continue that effort, K.

719 days ago


Well, she's not a professional anything, so I wouldn't expect her to be a pro at teleprompting.

719 days ago


I'll be 2000% honest & not judge her bc she's a kardashian.
From the little bit I did see of the show, she looked very uncomfortable and it was embarrassing to watch. Granted I only saw a little when I flipped to X on a commercial break from what I was watching.
Mario is good at this bc he has experience, she has ZERO.
I do put a big part of the blame on the producers & Simon. They needed to train the girl how to do the friggen job instead of throwing her out there making a fool out of herself.

I am a huge fan of The Voice, I'm not a fan of X bc I just don't like how it's played out.
p.s. I'm DEFF not a fan of the Kardashian's!!!

719 days ago

News Flash     

Let the nipples talk.

719 days ago

News Flash     

Klohoe sucks! Put her back in her stall.

719 days ago

News Flash     

If I was that ugly, I'd have to shave my a$$ and learn how to walk backwards.

719 days ago
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