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Sophia Bush

Non-Voters Should Be


11/5/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tomorrow is the election ... and if you don't vote, you should be ASHAMED of yourself ... this according to former "One Tree Hill" star Sophia Bush.

Bush isn't shy when it comes to politics ... she's a huge Obama supporter ... and even had lunch with the President back in June.

But on her way out of The Sayers Club in L.A. this weekend, the 30-year-old actress made it clear ... she has no tolerance for people who don't exercise their constitutional right to vote.

So, we gotta ask ...


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720 days ago


Obama's back in Wisconsin today, I think he's been here more than I have lately. ( and I live here) I'm happy to see it come to an end. This past yr I've had enough, with the election, and the Scott Walker fiasco.

720 days ago


Voted three weeks ago.

720 days ago

Tabloid Diva    

So if I don't like either candidate, I'm just supposed to pick one anyway? Even though Obama has made no changes, and Romney wants to set us back 50 years, I'm supposed to vote for one of them? Or better yet, I could vote for the Green Party candidate who doesn't have a shot at all? Just shut up Sophia, and everyone else talking crap about non-voters. I have always voted since I was 18, but this year, I'm not. I can't pick a candidate I don't believe in...and if it's my constitutional right, then I have the right not to exercise it. I'm sure there are many people who feel the same way I do--disgusted with the whole thing.

720 days ago


Obama is a POS...but I agree with her. It only happens once every four years. People have died since out country was founded to earn and retain YOUR right to vote and have a say in what happens here. And, DO owe it to them.

Get off the damn fence. One of these two WILL be the president...which one, and which party most closely reflects your ideals?

720 days ago


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720 days ago


In Tennessee we have a poll tax on the homeless, poor, seniors and disabled. They must find a way to get to the driver license bureau and the money to purchase an approved picture ID in order to vote.

720 days ago


Uh, no Sophia. Uninformed voters who go out and blindly vote should be ashamed.
*cough- and you're one of them-cough cough*

720 days ago


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720 days ago

Paul Z    

Obama's a monumental disgrace!
He is:
-- the man who surrounds himself with and seeks the advice of only the radical left and worse
--the man who redistributes (loots) the earnings of the producers to the non-producers so they will continue to vote for him
--the man who embraces the ideas of Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright & Karl Marx.
--the man who refuses to take questions.
--the man who supports Occupation Wall St.
--the man who is spending and manipulating the greatest country on earth into financial collapse.
--the man who speaks of "social justice" but never of freedom.
--the man who hates free market capitalism.
--the man who prevents the development of our oil, coal & nuclear resources.
--the man who rejects the Constitution.
--the man who is hollowing out our military.
--the man who initiates force against us all by “mandating” his health care scam. A true despot.

He is, at best, a cheap Chicago left-wing politician who cares only that he get re-elected to a position he is grotesquely unequipped for -- yet doesn’t take even that position seriously enough to read Economics 101.

720 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She doesn't need to go around telling people how they should feel. You have a right to vote or not.

720 days ago


If all the dirty tactics of the Republican Party fails, then Obama should win. Right now, though, there's no telling who will win.

720 days ago


That's what y'all gotta ask? Figured it'd be "Should we vote?"

720 days ago


Tired of Sophia Bush and her opinions. Obama sucks up to the celebs, hobnobs with them, like Clinton did, and they'll do anything to be close to the "power seat." I remember Markie Post bragging that she and friends spent the night at the Clinton white house and jumped up and down on the Lincoln bed.

Probably nobody under 30 should vote. Too stupid. Sophia is an example. She won't shut up. Has an opinion every five minutes.

720 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

I'm voting for JILL STEIN. I hate that mainstream media only focuses on the dems and reps. All parties and candidates deserve the same coverage regardless if they arent as popular. If anything, being on mainstream media would perhaps get them more voters.....

I was once a registered dem, but now Independent, voting for the Green Party.

But to answer your poll TMZ, perhaps Obama will win.

720 days ago
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