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Phillip Phillips


But ...

11/6/2012 6:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Phillip Phillips might consider a career in boxing ... 'cause when we asked about the rift in his family yesterday, the "American Idol" champ bobbed and weaved like he was Mike friggin' Tyson.

Phillips had just arrived at LAX yesterday when we asked him why he's refusing to help out his financially-struggling family ... which has been forced to sell the family pawn shop. 

Phillips couldn't have been nicer when we asked the question ... but did everything he could to deflect.

For example -- "I have no comment ... but my album's coming out soon."

Ultimately, Phillip told us he loves his family, but wouldn't get into details about the situation on the home front.

But seriously ... INCREDIBLE deflection job.


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Dude you are a nobody.You won a horrible game show.Go away already.

719 days ago


They named the poor guy PHILLIP PHILLIPS!! He doesn’t owe them a damn thing.

719 days ago


Phillip's debut album ‘The World From The Side Of The Moon’ is coming out on Nov.19 -- you can already pre-order it on iTunes and Amazon.

719 days ago


Congratulations to Phillip for not responding to TMZ's question. Phillip isn't evil like his parent's sources providing personal information to TMZ.

719 days ago


Could it be that he hasn't any insurance along with massive medical bills not covered by being a singer?
Not everything is as simple as it seems from the outside looking in. Especially money issues.

719 days ago


Yep, because everyone should talk about their personal family business to a TMZ camera guy, right?

719 days ago


You known why he didn't have any comment? Because it's none of your damn business. You ought to be glad it wasn't me. I would have told you to get the fvck out of my face and TRY to sue your ass through the Californian Celebrity Courts for harassment. Of course we know Harvey, a Hollyweird insider Jew and lawyer has no worries with the courts.considering the police actually call his gossip site to snitch on celebrity. Why would anybody want to live in that lawless state.

719 days ago


According to his twitter account he's been at home with the family since last week sometime. Even visited his old high school and spoke with some of the kids there. You have to dig a bit to find that info, but I was curious so I looked around a little and found a few clues (so to speak). The family had been trying to sell that pawn shop for a couple of years. I have a feeling that one of the family members was leaking info to generate interest in the auction ... evidently they're selling a few of Phillips items, guitars and even the tickets the family had from the AI shows that they went to.

Even though it's bad press, TMZ is kind of helping them advertise the sell off if you think about it ... I mean how many people now know about the sell off of the property due to these stories on TMZ? Probably quite a few more than if they'd just advertised in the local paper ... just sayin'.

719 days ago

furious cupcakes    

No comment? This kid better thank his lucky stars that someone even cared enough about his non life and non career to stop and ask him anything at all. The album is going to flop just like all the other American Idol projects and he'll disappear.....

719 days ago


I'm sure there is a reason. I highly doubt he's just being a jerk. I love my biological father, but he is completely unable to manage money and will blow it on useless stuff. So giving him money is like throwing it down a hole, and I don't do it anymore. I strongly suspect his parents are like this and the pawn shop is a lost cause where him giving money will only postpone the inevitable.

719 days ago

tony gee    

A large percentage of the hopefuls who audition for these singing competitions has one common goal and that is to raise their family's level of convenience, comfortability financial-wise. They want to lift their families from poverty.

There must have a been a rift between him and his family which we do not know about and it must be none of our business.

Nevertheless, you cannot go anywhere without looking back where you came from. "nuff said!

719 days ago


None of us here know any details... The pawn shop was up for sale for quite some time already, even before people knew who Phillip Phillip was.
And there can be tons of reasons for people to sell their business -- like early retirement, why not??
Maybe Phillip just doesn't want for his parents to work anymore.
Phillip's brother-in-law said that tmz's dirty story is just bogus.
And Phillip himself told in one interview long time ago that he wants to be all about music. So he just sticks to it, that's all. Phillip just doesn't think that anything should impact his music (e.g. his good looks or whatever, like family business).
Phillip is all about making good music and that what he would be happy to talk to you about. The rest is just private matters, and no one has any right to stick their noses into.

719 days ago


Like I said.. he's MORE than a J E R K !

718 days ago


If I ever get rich I'm leaving all my money to my pet dog, after I buy a pet dog with the money.

718 days ago


People who own pawn shops tend to be super s***my. There's probably a reason he doesn't want to help them.

718 days ago
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