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Stacey Dash

Epic 1,344 Word Rant

About Election Depression

11/7/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stacey Dash is really bummed out that Mitt Romney is NOT the next President of These United States ... and we know she's bummed out because she sent us a 1,344 word essay about it.

In her statement, Dash touches on sleeping, hanging chads, her baby, her DNA, Osama Bin Laden ... and she also refers to herself in the 3rd person. 

As we previously reported, Dash took a whole lotta heat for being one of the only black people in Hollywood to not support Barack Obama.

But at the end of her paper, Dash does say, "I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives."

Stacey Dash everyone ... she was in "Clueless" once.


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This explains so much. what a dumb cluck-- no wonder her career is as dead as her brain.

724 days ago

Delaware D    

I'll miss her. lol

724 days ago


Oh wise Miss. Dash please inform us of politics. Let me guess CNN didn't care? I trust your judgement on politics as much as your ex clueless star Alicia on now to feed my baby!

724 days ago


If you don't like it bitch, Leave my country....He's our President and will be for 4 more years..I bet you don't like him because he's Black....

724 days ago


Obama is on the down low

724 days ago


Doesn't matter who won, they all serve Washington and special interest and themselves...citizens are just the begging dogs at the table who they throw a few scraps at.
I would have preferred Romney because he would have made a *few* changes that I agree with, but even that wouldn't matter much because the presidents are just pawns on the big chess board.
Their actions are dictated by their puppet-masters, profiteers who rob the taxpayers to fund their own wealthy lifestyles.

724 days ago


It still saddens me that people are expected to be for someone just because they share skin colour. If next election, a woman runs, I don't plan on automatically voting for her.

724 days ago


Wow, what a thoughtful, well said sentiment which will obviously sail over most TMZ viewers head. Too bad more Americans didnt take the time to really study the candidates instead of voting for a community organizer who accomplished nothing in the last 4 years and has no plan for the next 4. You all got fooled twice and this country is gonna pay. By the way, the stock market is plunging below 400 points this morning, I guess the smart people dont like him either.

724 days ago


And we all thought with the election over, this s*it would stop.

724 days ago


Just a her way to get into the spotlight & try to start-up her career again...since she has NO real acting talent unless you count stomping her feet and acting like a big to be her....

724 days ago


She is still trying to milk this election into being relevant. Stacy Dash its over, you will always only be known as Deon from Clueless and that memory is fading quick Not to mention Single Ladies was terrible with and without you. Give it up and just enjoy your life minus the fame.

724 days ago


The funniest part is the part where she thinks the GOP will start behaving theselves if Mitt were to be elected. This dumbo is still clueless...

724 days ago

In Depth News    

State Run Celebrity & Media -- Wins : A Brave New Era ?

(Note: The terrible response to hurricane Sandy & the incredible Benghazi cover up (blaming a video) was never really pointed out by the media)

The Statists Celebrities & Media become infused with the State . This is the end of an individual creative celebrity or entertainment culture . There needs to be an independent celebrity or entertainment culture, based on individual creativity and Not one based on a liberal fascist culture (via the current one where millionaires celebs like alec baldwin, katy perry, dictator supporter sean penn, chris rock , etc always get the good jobs).

Divisive President Barack Obama is like Progressive Woodrow Wilson , Only, both were or are for collective control . People try to play the race card (like democrat Spielberg) when they say he might be like republican Lincoln who was for individual liberty.

President Obama and the militant unions won be pitting group against group and bus people to the stations (vote early & vote often). President Obama said he will seek Revenge against the political dissent (republicans or indep supporters) and with the new control laws it will make those supporters into 2nd class citizens.

Stacey Dash will have trouble getting a job for supporting Romney , in Statist Hollywood.

724 days ago


Nobody reading that ****

724 days ago


Who gives a crap what this nobody thinks?

724 days ago
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