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Ariel Winter

Grandfather's Statement:

I Never Saw Any Abuse

11/10/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1109-ariel-winter-crystal-workman-splashAriel Winter's grandfather claims he never witnessed any abuse of the "Modern Family" actress at the hands of her mother ... according to a declaration filed in the bitter guardianship case.

TMZ obtained a copy of the letter to the court in which James Batistas writes ... his daughter, Chrystal Workman is a "very good mother to all the children."

Batistas adds, "I have never seen any abuse from my daugther or son-in-law towards my granddaughters neither physical nor emotionally."

As TMZ first reported ... a judge ruled allegations Chrystal was abusing 14-year-old Ariel were serious enough that he removed Ariel from her mother's home. Ariel's older sister Shanelle Gray now has temporary guardianship.

In his letter, Batistas also points out that Shanelle came to live with him when she was 16 ... after she also accused her mother of abuse nearly 20 years ago.

However, multiple sources close to the family tell TMZ, Shanelle was actually in the foster care system for more than 2 years before Batistas took custody and moved her to his home in Virginia.

We're also told Batistas only sees his granddaughters about once every 2 years now -- since he still lives in VA -- but does maintain a close relationship with Chrystal by phone.

Batistas closed his letter by saying he wants to see his daughters and granddaughters back together.


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I think it is obvious that the Mama is in it for the money. Problem is the daughter sees that and she does not intend to share the money with Mama. Now they are both going to say whatever needs to be said to keep the other from the money.

676 days ago


Of course he wouldn't - he is probably too old to recognize anything and was not present when the abuse was taken place. Hopefully he will not be a viable witness.

676 days ago


wow the grandfather has not seen them in 2 yrs and only spoke on the phone yet he knows there was no abuse! wtf

676 days ago


Phew! Her Mom didn't learn to abuse from her dad. All ends that ends well.

676 days ago


That's not enough in my opinion. How do you know the mother didn't do the abuse around the grandfather because she was afraid of what he might think? I just don't see how the f*ck the first daughter would be taken away if it was bullsh*t and the teenager just wanted to get away from the mother. Courts should be able to see through sh*t like that. It's well known that teenagers rebel, so i think the court would make sure it isn't a child being just angry at her mommy. Also, look how much the mother has been speaking out to the media and trashing her daughters. How the f*ck is that a good mom? You should love all your children. Her stories don't make sense either. She says the older daugther is trying to get money but that was proven to be false because Ariels money has been sealed and how is she trying to further her career, when she seems to have a great one? Just can't see the mother's story, just because people are sticking up for her, doesn't mean some sort of abuse could have taken place. There also doesn't have to be bruises. She could have slapped her, beat her with a belt and verbally abused her when no one is around. I'm just saying that you can't rule it out.

676 days ago


All I have to say is why is the dad saying anything?

676 days ago

Drk Gntlmn    

Quit Ur Bitchin! ANYTHING is better than the The K NAME!

676 days ago

I am Spartacus    

You mean he's not going to throw his daughter under the bus? There's a shocker. I'm sure he's a reliable source considering he lives on the other side of the country.

676 days ago


when will people realize just becuz u dont see the abuse happen doesnt mean it didnt! and it clearly states hes only seen them once in 2 yrs so how the hell do u know and if u got 1 child taken away for abuse already u most likely abused the other!!

675 days ago


Oh please Ariel mother went to the press and told the world that her daughter is a little slut and a liar. Even if it's true, whatever a mother should not do this period.

675 days ago


Mom's dad vouching for Mom's character. I'm shocked! Mom and grand dad should shut up before they look worst than they already look. I know it's true. Judges don't take children away from fit mother's. Parents don't had to be that good. they just can't be bad. The kid needs to run to the opposite side of the nation from her mom. visit each other twice a year. Or not at all.

675 days ago


I just have one thing to say....
WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ?????!!!!!!!!!

675 days ago


grandpa don't understand "publicity stunts"
somebody should explain to him how the game is played

674 days ago
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