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Adrienne Maloof & Paul Nassif

Dueling Explanations

On Son's Injuries

11/12/2012 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


The 6-year-old son of Dr. Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof was taken to the ER this morning for injuries to his hand ... but there are conflicting stories as to how the child was hurt ... and now L.A. Child Services is involved.

TMZ has learned ... Adrienne took 6-year-old Christian to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. early Monday morning ... and told doctors she was concerned he had several broken fingers.

Sources tell us ... Adrienne told the doctors the injury occurred while Paul was watching the boy ... when they were playfully kicking each other and Paul pushed the kid to the ground, causing the injury.

We know ... Paul spoke with social workers after Adrienne made the allegations ... and told the officials he NEVER kicked his child.

Sources say Paul told the social workers the injury occurred at a school carnival -- when Christian fell off of a funhouse step ... and hurt his hand. Paul told officials the nanny was watching the child at the time, while he was buying tickets.

As for Christian, we've learned the injuries weren't as serious as Adrienne first believed -- but he did suffer some bruising on his hand.


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Give it up Adrienne. Everyone saw you doing your martial arts/kick boxing crap on your show. You are trying hard to make it seem like Paul is going around beating you and the kids up, when everyone knows that's not true. You look ridiculous and desperate.

674 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Obviously, one of them needs to go to a mental hospital when one can't simply tell the truth when asked a simple question.

674 days ago


if the injury really did occur at a carnival that chick should be charged with making a felonious accusation. Not that the gays and men haters who work for those agencies are concerned with such minor details.

674 days ago


I don't know who did her nose job, but the doctor did a lousy job.

674 days ago


What, no comment from Adrienne's publicist - Chef Bernie?

674 days ago

Me, myself and I    

these people just are not going to be happy until they ruin this kid's childhood. They need to grow up, put aside their differences and act like ADULTS for the mental health of their kid.

674 days ago


wow! she just doesn't give up!!! i hope child services go after her for lying and parental alienation!!!! - if she doesn't stop those poor kids are gonna be so messed up

674 days ago


Has DFCS asked the child how the injury occured? He's six years old, he's old enough to tell the truth. I have a question for Adrienne, if you thought he had broken fingers how come it took you till early the next morning, are you going to tell us that child wasn't complaining of pain when he came home from his visit from Dad? I've had ONE broken finger and it hurt like hell. Another fcuked up story by a woman who needs therapy.

674 days ago


Her face is so gross. Layers of paint over layers of plastic. So, so gross.

674 days ago


Dayum Dayum! The Hills of Beverly are alive with screaches! Just sayin honez that if a mans got to have court ordered nannies around him when kids are around there is a problemz up in the hoods someplace! Oh merciness.. I need more ****tail... booze it up for this sad story! Dayum!

674 days ago


Why are you people believing this crap? You really believe a hospital or child services reveals stuff like this to the general public? Don't believe everything you read. This is a GOSSIP site and most likely 60% of the bs on this site is made up for your entertainment.

674 days ago


I want to take a scrub brush and some lacquer to that clown face of hers.

674 days ago


Take the kid, send him to live with a pack of rabid wolves. It will be a much better scenario than living with these two useless POS!

674 days ago


Just settle it already!!!

674 days ago


my god!! that woman's face is absolutely frightening and painful to look at. her facial surgery has left her looking utterly inhuman. why hollywood dimwits choose to deform themselves, i'll never understand.

looking at hobo vomit would be less repulsive than staring into her alien-like visage!

674 days ago
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