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Adrienne Maloof & Paul Nassif

Dueling Explanations

On Son's Injuries

11/12/2012 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


The 6-year-old son of Dr. Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof was taken to the ER this morning for injuries to his hand ... but there are conflicting stories as to how the child was hurt ... and now L.A. Child Services is involved.

TMZ has learned ... Adrienne took 6-year-old Christian to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. early Monday morning ... and told doctors she was concerned he had several broken fingers.

Sources tell us ... Adrienne told the doctors the injury occurred while Paul was watching the boy ... when they were playfully kicking each other and Paul pushed the kid to the ground, causing the injury.

We know ... Paul spoke with social workers after Adrienne made the allegations ... and told the officials he NEVER kicked his child.

Sources say Paul told the social workers the injury occurred at a school carnival -- when Christian fell off of a funhouse step ... and hurt his hand. Paul told officials the nanny was watching the child at the time, while he was buying tickets.

As for Christian, we've learned the injuries weren't as serious as Adrienne first believed -- but he did suffer some bruising on his hand.


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Who are these people?

712 days ago


If Paul was so unfit to live with, why did Adrienne stay for years? Someone is going to lose custody of those little ones & soon.

712 days ago

Stacy Stowe    

A six year old child can generally tell the doctors how he got injured, unless he has reason to fear retaliation...

712 days ago


My bro had broken everything when he was young; not because my parents beat him, but because he was an active, rambunctious young boy. Who knows what is really going on, but my guess is that Adrienne is trying to turn a mole hill into a mountain, out of spite.

712 days ago


Puh-leese, Adrienne. Are you going to run to the authorities every time your little boy gets a boo boo? Your divorce is settled, move on.

712 days ago

jenny ruby    

have no idea what this means

712 days ago


I just hope they check his anus to see what Paul and Adrienne's boyfriends have done to it.

712 days ago


Shame on you Adrienne! Anything to make Paul look bad! Did you ever have feelings for the man?

712 days ago


Adrienne seems so scuzzy.

712 days ago


and if it was true that paul broke his hand - he is a Dr. - wouldn't he had his hand taken care of b4 her returned the kid w/ an explanation - rather than sending him home for adrienne to discover later and exploit!

712 days ago


A child was injured. Someone needs to know the truth. I think both parents are liars, users, and abusers. Why didn't the nanny speak up sooner? Because he's covering for Paul. Rich bosses create lying employees. If a child is injured at a school-sponsored event the parents should have been immediately called. They are both lying.
I think Paul is jekyll/hyde behind closed doors and people are terrified of him. Adrienne is a histrionic attention whore so that leads us right back to the nanny.

712 days ago


My ex-husband did abuse our children after our divorce while in his care and let me share CPS interviewed my children extensively at school, did an in home visit here with me because I have primary custody and they called and interviewed my ex. They concluded my children were abused by their father and said to call my lawyer and have an emergency hearing. That was in 2003 and he hasn't seen them since. I have sole custody. I share this bc if Paul had abused this boy, CPS knows the proper questions to get to the truth from their son. It sickens me that Adrienne could be making up such serious accusations. I don't think she cares about the long term damage she is doing to her children. Furthermore if she keeps this up, their family court judge can take the kids and give Paul full custody and make her have monitored visitation. She needs to cut the crap and stop bashing their father!

712 days ago


i swear i hate lying bitches like this, that make life for real women even harder....

712 days ago

Lady Scarlett    

She needs to be evaluated!! On the show when their kid broke Paul's nose, she said "rough housing is a part of growing up" and told him to get over it...then they re-broke his nose "rough housing" far as I'm concerned, these kids are OUT OF CONTROL!!! She needs parenting classes and she needs to pay for them! It's okay to beat up her husband but when the kid has a bruised hand, she runs to the ER screaming abuse....she is such a hypocrite!!

712 days ago


This woman is like the devil with a melted, plastic face...

712 days ago
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