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Bad Guy from 'Homeland'

Sometimes Terrorists

Are the Heroes

11/13/2012 7:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WE FOUND ABU NAZIR!!! (or at least the guy who plays him on "Homeland") ... and last night, he made a very interesting comment about terrorists.

TMZ came face to face with Navid Negahban in Hollywood last night -- who seems to be a much nicer guy than the Osama Bin Laden-esque bad guy he plays on the hit Showtime series.

So, when we asked what it's like to play such a hated terrorist, we were a little shocked by his answer:

"Depends on how you look at it," Navid said ... adding, "Sometimes the terrorists in other countries are all the heroes."

He's probably right ... but it's a dicey thing to say in the US of A.


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Reality Realist    

He's probably right? WTF TMZ!...killing innocent civilians in the name of some cause makes one a hero? The minute you murder an innocent... your "cause" is irrelevant and you become a "murdering terrorist". There is no grey area. If you are encouraging that in our culture TMZ.. you are on dangerous ground.

718 days ago


he is probably thinking right now "Dammm it! Should keept my mouth shut!"

718 days ago


hatred spreads like a virus and unfortunately we, humans, seem to be unable to produce an simple antidote called respect. A war has many sides and truths, heros and terrorist, but in the end we, humans, all lose in a way or another. Anyway was not really a smart comment.

718 days ago


He's right – Nelson Mandela was viewed as a hero during (and after) the Apartheid years but was seen as a terrorist by the Government in South Africa.

And I wonder how many Americans (including Mickey Rourke) funded the IRA – they were terrorists and killed many people, as well as causing terror throughout the UK and Southern Ireland. We lived in fear of IRA attacks and yet, to some Americans and Irish, they were heroes.

718 days ago


I wonder if he would consider them heroes if he were on the receiving end of the things they do?

718 days ago


I can not believe how, no other way to put it, ignorant, stupid, and naive most of you are or have become. Saying **** like leaving the terrorists alone and they will not hate us. It's absolutely embarrassing how dumb of a country we have become. Defending terrorism in any manner is like defending the holocaust. It's indefensible to the normal human being. Most of you believe in "the end justifies the means." It will be the downfall for all of us.

718 days ago


To the 51% who "see his point." Where were you when Bill Maher was crucified for saying the same thing?

718 days ago


HE'S some countries you're considered a hero for blowing yourself up and killing doesn't mean it's right...but it's FACT. I don't get why the poll is 50/50?'s a FACT this is how things are in some places. He didn't say HE thought terrorist were heroes...LEARN TO READ/LISTEN

718 days ago


Great comment. 1000 likes.


Clear Vote.

I agree. If you bothered to read foreign news sites, foreign blogs,'d see a much different view of Americans. The world's perception of us isn't a good one. Many people in the world - an a growing number of us informed Americans - are starting to understand the corporate and private sector aspect of our government. There is a lot of things done, without the publics' knowledge, that has nothing to do with fighting for freedom, spreading democracy, fighting terrorists, keeping us safe, etc. Research the Bush administration and issues with invading Iraq after 9/11 when they were advised that it wasn't necessary and Iraq wasn't even part it. There's larger puppet masters at work above our own government - that dictates what they do. Don't believe me? Research how President Bush wasn't able to reach the white house and vice versa, the white house wasn't able to reach Bush on any phone OR Air Force One on Sept. 11th. The white house admitted that in all the safety drills and instances of needing to communicate with the President on secure lines and Air Force One, Sept. 11th was the ONLY time there was a total communication breakdown. Do you buy that? That there was just a glitch? That just so happened on that day and time? Or is it possible, the powers that be, needed him to be shut out for a while? Hmmm...Anyway, I digress. There's corruption within our Government and we the people are pretty much the only ones on a global level, who don't see it! The world sees US as the terrorist. We're looting Africa and allowing others to do it, we're occupying nations for oil, we fund terrorist groups, we channel arms to other countries, etc...The CIA does things without the US government even knowing. Just look at Libya - recently congressional leaders have come out complaining that they've been shut out of FBI investigations and being denied reports regarding the CIA's most recent trips to Benghazi. Why? Could there be some truth to the rumors that the CIA was illegally detaining local militants there? That was a total mess. They knew there were threats there, asked repeatedly for more security and were ignored. Then the attacks came this year on the anniversary of Sept. 11 that took the lives of US ambassadors and service members. Why????? It was a huge botched job - and now the media and administration is making the public believe that the head of the CIA is resigning because of an affair. Right. They want to distract us with that nonsense instead of us understanding that this is far too much of a coincidence since he was set to testify in congressional hearings regarding Libya in a matter of days! The media can't even be trusted. Search Bush admitting to government created news stories and propaganda that gets released but the public isn't made aware that it was produced and distributed by the government. Research how the CIA has affected the media via Operation Mockingbird. Research the CIA's mind control programs like MK Ultra and others. You'll start to see the world a whole lot differently when you actually open your eyes and can distinguish between what is real and what is being fed to you. We are a very young nation and there is a lot of people sitting back just watching and waiting for our society to crumble. Whether it be from foreign invaders, a declaration of war on our soil, a natural disaster, economic collapse, etc.....they want us gone from this earth. But not for the reasons we're being told by our Government and media. Peace and love to us all - we're gonna need it.

718 days ago


And the "taken out of context" statement from his publicist is coming in 3...2....1....

718 days ago


smh guess this guys a character actor for a reason. dumb ass..

717 days ago


What we have to understand in this country is that terrorism as it is taught to us on CNN is a COMPLETE HOAX. There were no muslim terrorists on 9/11, it was a military operation carried out by the us with the help of the mossad. Most of the terrorism that we hear about is carried out by the CIA and mossad. The war on terror is a complete hoax. Every time you even hear the word "Terror" on TV think "B>S!"

717 days ago


Star Wars, American Revolution

717 days ago


Clearly the 50% who see the terrorist point of view didnt know anyone in the World TRade Centers on the morning of Sept 11, 2001 or any of the innocent passenegers in those planes. If you were in NYC, you would understand. People going to work just like you and me and getting murdred. Who expects that? Who is asking for that?

717 days ago


It's simply a truthful statement. It deosn't make it any less true just because someone doesn't want to believe it.

717 days ago
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