'Homeland' Pakistan Is Pissed ... Don't Give Us Kim Jong-Un Treatment

"Homeland" writers gave Pakistan and its leaders the same treatment Seth Rogen gave North Korea and Kim Jong-Un -- minus the assassination -- and Pakistani officials are enraged.

Showtime's hit series just wrapped it's 4th season ... which was all about Claire Danes CIA character battling a Taliban terrorist in Islamabad, Pakistan. All kinds of disasters happen (we won't spoil it, if you're gonna binge watch) ... including double-crosses from Pakistani politicians and military officials.

Now, a Pakistani embassy official is blasting the show, telling the NY Post ... "Homeland" makes it look like Pakistan, a longtime U.S. ally ... is embracing dictators and terrorists.

The rep also bitched about scenery ... saying Islamabad has beautiful mountains and greenery, but on "Homeland" it's a "war zone where shootouts and bombs go off with dead bodies scattered around. Nothing is further from the truth.”

At least they didn't compare our president to a primate.

'Homeland' Star James Rebhorn Dead From Skin Cancer

Exclusive Details

"Homeland" star James Rebhorn died at his home in New Jersey Friday night ... after a long battle with skin cancer ... TMZ has learned.

Rebhorn's wife Rebecca tells us the actor was diagnosed with melanoma in 1992 ... and he's been getting treatments ever since.

We're told his condition drastically worsened recently and he began receiving hospice care at his New Jersey home.

Rebhorn has been acting for 5 decades ... he was awesome as Claire Danes' perpetually worried Dad in "Homeland."

He also appeared in "Meet the Parents," "Scent of a Woman," and "Independence Day." He was also the lawyer who put Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine behind bars in the "Seinfeld" series finale.

His wife Rebecca says James insisted on working despite his condition ... right through his theater performance in January.

He was 65.

'Homeland' Star Damian Lewis ADVISORY ISSUED ... Code Pale

"Homeland" star Damian Lewis hit the beach with his family in Ibiza, Spain this week ... which inspired a couple of bad terrorist-themed jokes at the office. Here's what we came up with ...

-- Abu Nazir would be proud ... 'cause that body's tha bomb, yo!
-- Waterboard? More like water excited!
-- The Shore on Terror
-- HomeSand
-- Al-Tide-a
-- Homeland Sea-curitry
-- Seahaad
-- Code: Pale anyone?
-- Sui-tide Bomber
-- U.S. Marina Corps

We could go on, but they're only gonna get worse ...

Bad Guy from 'Homeland' Sometimes Terrorists Are the Heroes


WE FOUND ABU NAZIR!!! (or at least the guy who plays him on "Homeland") ... and last night, he made a very interesting comment about terrorists.

TMZ came face to face with Navid Negahban in Hollywood last night -- who seems to be a much nicer guy than the Osama Bin Laden-esque bad guy he plays on the hit Showtime series.

So, when we asked what it's like to play such a hated terrorist, we were a little shocked by his answer:

"Depends on how you look at it," Navid said ... adding, "Sometimes the terrorists in other countries are all the heroes."

He's probably right ... but it's a dicey thing to say in the US of A.

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