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Paul Nassif

Carnival Vouched for Me

My Son FELL Off Ride

11/13/2012 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Nassif
wasn't lying when he claimed his 6-year-old son sustained hand injuries by falling off a carnival ride ... this according to carnival workers who filed an injury report that completely backs Paul's story.

The question ... was Adrienne Maloof lying when she told Children Services Paul abused the kid?

TMZ obtained the report, filed by two carnival workers moments after Christian injured himself on November 11.

According to the report, the carnival workers ... Christian "jumped off steps of ride exiting, fell on his hands." And that's how he was injured.

The report adds, "[Christian] wiped his hands off and didn't seem very concerned."

According to the report, the injuries to Christian's hands were nothing but a "slight scrape."

The account flies in the face of the story Adrienne told to the L.A. Dept. of Children and Family Services -- that the child was injured when Paul kicked him.

Adrienne was concerned Christian suffered broken fingers -- but the report says he was so unfazed, "he continued to ride other rides."

DCFS is currently investigating.



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Cheryl A.    

Maybe he did but why didn't YOU take him to an Emergency Room cheapskate!

707 days ago


ohh pinoccio, and not just because of that uggly nose.

707 days ago


Oh Adrienne. I thought you would be more mature being that your a smart business woman. I'm Team Paul. He always seemed to be so in love with you Adrienne, but you never seemed to be in love with him. I wonder what your children think of your schemes. Lying about their father. The person who has helped support and care for them. Why doesn't the CWS ask the children what is really going on? Are they scared that Adrienne may hurt them if they go against her? Adrienne, honey. Stop hanging out with that hag, lying, scuz Taylor. She's a liar about everything and now you are lying just as much. You deserve to lose your children due to all these lies you keep spuring.

707 days ago


What a bummer. This is all getting so messy. Oddly enough, I remember Paul being injured by his son on more than one occasion. So sad. I hope this is resolved soon for all their sakes. :(

707 days ago


whoever these people are, from the looks of them, i'd not let either of them near a child.

707 days ago


That woman should be charged! It's not right to make things up like that. This is how innocent people get ruined. They should send a message that false accusations will not be tolerated!

707 days ago


Adrienne you are one lying hateful beotch! Are you going to call freaking the police and child protective services every freaking time your kid has a splinter that he may have gotten while in Paul's custody? You really need to get some mental health help. I hope you get prosecuted for these false police allegations and reports to CPS. Shame on you for putting Paul through all this crap because you want to "win" and try and gain sympathy. NO ONE but you (and maybe Taylor) believe this crap and you are ruining your brand and imagine. Get some help lady.

707 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So the wife says that not only did her ex-husband abuse their child, but that he kicked the child so hard he broke three fingers. The truth is that the child took a header running off of a carnival ride and after dusting himself off, was absolutely no worse for wear.
I think that it is now fairly obvious who is the person in this relationship that is willing to lie and cheat to get her way. She will poison her son against his own father and will do everything in her power to screw up his life.
The court should immediately remove the boy from her care. She borders on the dangerous.

707 days ago


Who's a bigger liar, Adrienne Maloof or Mary Murphy? And why isn't TMZ reporting the breaking news that Mary lost ANOTHER lawsuit, to the same manager, on Friday? Did her lawyer forget how to lawyer in both cases or is she just guilty?

707 days ago


It drives me crazy to see pics of these two people together, they look identical! That plastic surgeon worked off one mold....

707 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Of course she was lying.
Phishie from Philly

707 days ago


who on earth is her plastic surgeon? did she actually want to look like that??

707 days ago


It's official. That bitch is nutcase.

707 days ago


The kid obviously wasn't hurt too bad if he continued to ride other rides. Some women use their children as weapons during a divorce and it seems as if that is exactly what she is doing. I'm not exactly sure why these people are famous, but I hope to never hear about them again. Ooops, I forgot I'm on TMZ. They're on here every day.

707 days ago


She sounds like a bitter, vindictive ex-wife trying to turn every little thing into a reason to villainize the dad. Putting the kid in the middle of your petty fighting -- classless.

707 days ago
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