Whoopi on Hurricane 'I'm Just Trying to Get My S**t Rebuilt'

11/13/2012 4:45 AM PST

Whoopi Goldberg on Hurricane Sandy -- 'I'm Just Trying to Get My S**t Rebuilt'


Like most east-coasters, Whoopi Goldberg is trying to rebuild her life after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy ... but yesterday ... she was more concerned about the well-being of OUR CAMERA GUY?! 

Whoopi was leaving her hotel in NYC ... when we asked how she was doing in the wake of the storm ...and she bluntly told us, "I'm just trying to get my s**t rebuilt."

But instead of harping on her own problems, Whoopi seemed genuinely concerned about our photog -- whose car was totaled in the flooding.

"Oh baby, sorry," Whoopi said ... adding, "I'm glad you're safe."

Fun Fact -- It's Whoopi's birthday today ... so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!