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Courtney Stodden's Cans

Canned from Gay Club

11/14/2012 4:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Stodden
will NOT be flaunting her suspiciously perky 18-year-old breasts at a pole dancing performance next week -- because the gay club that booked her ... just dropped her like a hot potato.

Courtney's people tell TMZ, it's unclear why her performance was abruptly canceled -- but they believe the higher ups who own the place pulled the plug on her out of "fear" ... whatever that means.

Courtney had been scheduled to ride the pole at the famous Abbey in West Hollywood the night before Thanksgiving.

Don't be too disappointed -- Courtney wasn't planning to bare her ta-tas for the show anyway ... she's holding out for a much bigger paycheck to do that.

A rep for SBE -- the company that owns the Abbey -- had no comment.

Courtney's husband is 52 years old.


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Wow ...    

Please don't TMZ, please keep her off your site.

706 days ago


Why was she even booked in the first place?

706 days ago


So she's working the pole for Jesus...Remember her "I'm a Christian" bs. Just a whore, plain and simple.

706 days ago

OH NO!    

Even though she looks 32, I would tear that cooter to pieces.

706 days ago


The face that launched a thousand ships, umm, I mean sucked a thousand cokks.

706 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Her face is starting to look pale like Michael Jackson.

706 days ago


Really, she gets a million dollar offer to do porn, the husband nixxs that. She tweets she'll do playboy and they turn her down. Now, she's going to work a pole?
When only Porn and strip clubs want you, you are nothing more than Octomut without the 14 kids. What's next, she's pregnant with Quads with her 52 year old husband?

706 days ago

jenny ruby    

**** off

you think after all of this i have fear over a speed camera watching me watch a video tape of the ****ing surreal life.

get bent.

im going to seek revenge and it isnt going to be pretty .

706 days ago


BTW, TMZ BOOBIE BRIGADE...Take a look at that picture, do you SERIOUSLY think those are 18 year old "PERKY" breasts? I just turned 50 and mine don't sag like those.

706 days ago

Joan K    

This broad has to be brain dead.

706 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

She's all fake. In 10 years she'll look like she's 52 yrs old.
Phishie from Philly

706 days ago

Joan K    

I see this idiot has one dumb azz fan, probably her.

706 days ago

sum dum jerq    

I bid $1, Bob.

706 days ago


I still want to know something. Why is TMZ promoting this twit? In this day and age, and in the REAL WORLD, any 50 year old man that is conversing through internet with a 15 year old is labeled a sexual predator. They get arrested and convicted for talking to "CHILDREN" yet this guy was allowed to, BY HER PARENTS, and then they gave the consent for a man, OLDER THAN THEY ARE to have a relationship with their high school daughter. When you sell your daughter off to the highest bidder it's call CHILD TRAFFICKING, when you allow your daughter to have an internet friendship with a man three times her age, is Predatory, yet they put Sandusky away for years and this guy gets to marry his INTERNET FRIEND cause the parents said so? Think about it, if the parents said NO and called the cops, this Doug ******* would be behind bars and on a "SEXUAL OFFENDERS LIST". When getting your kid a reality show means more to you then her well being, you should be barred from ever having children again, speaking to the public or making money of ANY KIND of that child. I'll bet they'd have a change of heart then.

706 days ago


Poor Dougie, the washed up, never was and now hasbeen, can't get more air time because of his child bride so now he's on TMZ hitting all the HATE BUTTONS. Hey Doug, what happened, every other plasticized barbie doll in their twenties turned you down in hopes of hooking up with Hefner so you went lower on the rung of the ladder? Poor you, I don't think you'll be getting a crapload of calls from producers, directors or DISNEY FOR THAT MATTERS offering you scripts. S***BAG!!!!

706 days ago
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