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Angelina from 'Jersey Shore'

Guido Non Grata at MTV's

'Restore Shore' Cleanup

11/15/2012 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's shocker ... MTV wants nothing to do with disgraced "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick for its Hurricane Sandy clean-up benefit "Restore the Shore" -- even though the rest of the "Jersey Shore" cast has been invited.

Angelina tells TMZ, she's reached out multiple times to participate in the "Restore the Shore" effort -- which airs live today -- because her friends and neighbors were badly affected by the recent storm and she wants to help ... but MTV has blown her off.

Angelina says she's already volunteered with local business owners and the Red Cross ... and she believes "Restore the Shore" is a great cause -- but tells TMZ, "I remain uninvited to participate ... even after attempts to contact the organizers by my management team."

Angelina calls the rebuff a "sore reminder of how I have been treated in the past" -- and adds, "This is a time where they should suck it up and stand on one side of the room and let me be there. I am very hurt by this."

Calls to MTV were not returned.


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Angelina, this is about recovery efforts WITHOUT a reality kick to it. How about you NOT make this about me,me,me,me,me. I don't care what MTV cooks up because it's all about ratings. Now, if you quietly slink off and stop making it public about your relief efforts and who you are volunteering with your self-worth will go up tenfold. When you need a pat on the back for helping your fellow man, you are doing them a disservice by bringing attention to yourself and taking the focus off them.

673 days ago

BB not bb    

Maybe they think there will be a confict and don't want it to interfere with the telethon. Angelina reached out and showed where her heart is. If they don't appreciate that it is on them. I don't know why she is so outcasted. I guess Mike is getting everyone to accept him again. He and Sammie had to do a lot of kissing up to be accpeted. Maybe that is what they want from her, but I doubt she would do it.

I don't think the Red Cross is a very good charity anyway, if they are getting alot of the money, maybe it isn't even worth it. They must not consider Anglina a part of the show really.

673 days ago


Whats stopping her from going there and helping? She needs to be on TV to help? Oh, right, yes exactly. Because she doesnt really care.

673 days ago

Ehud Avni    

Disgraced JS star? ROFL She hasn't done anything nearly as bad Snooki or Deena. If they aren't disgraced, nobody has the right to label Angelina disgraced.

673 days ago

Lu Ribeiro    

If she really wanted to help,she would do without worrying about being on TV. She wants to help her own self.

673 days ago


She is TOO ugly for words

672 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

I actually watched the season she was on (yeah I admit it) and laughed may ass off too. She quit the show just before the ginormous salaries kicked in. Oops! DAMMIT!! Her story is sort of like a person who breaks up with someone one day before they hit the lottery for 50 million dollars. Having said that, Angelina, if you want to be on camera while you help, what's stopping you from taking your own camera crew to film you helping out? Film yourself helping out with clean up efforts year round all over the country Call it "ANGELINA CLEANS UP" Now you have your own show. See how easy? Oh, if you use my idea I want 25% off the top. Cool?

672 days ago

BB not bb    

Everyone on that show has tried to quit at some point except for Jenny and Paulie. I don't know why that makes her so disgraced. The shore is now demolished anyway and the show is over, so there isn't much left anyway.

672 days ago


She has a management team ?? LMAO !! That's the best joke of the day !

672 days ago


Thank jeebus this shows over

672 days ago


That will teach her to act better and try harder when given opportunity. She acted ugly and hateful and she was shown the door. MTV doesn't need to involve her and doesn't need her at all. Maybe she did have good intentions but that doesn't matter. MTV has built a brand with the jersey shore show and is using their stars to do some good at this time. She in unwanted and unknown and she has no one to blame but herself. The jersey shore will do fine without her help. She just wants to be relevant agin is all.

672 days ago


Much like the rest of her Managers ZZZZ Listers no one likes her.

672 days ago


She's a mess.

672 days ago


She is probably broke and needs the publicity. If MTV won't let her work with them then the only work she will be doing is on her knees on the other side of the glory hole.

671 days ago


Obviously she only cares about fame and money bc if she REALLY REALLY wanted to help those people she could go down there without MTV! Why does MTV have to be there for you to help people who are suffering from the hurricane? Because she only wants the fame and money.

671 days ago
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