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Michael Lohan


DNA Confirms Teen Lovechild

11/15/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

THE DNA TEST IS IN -- Michael Lohan fathered an illegitimate lovechild back in 1995 behind Dina Lohan's back ... and Michael's reaction to the shocking paternity reveal was all caught on tape.

Michael agreed to submit to a DNA test for an episode of "Trisha Goddard" -- where he comes face-to-face for the first time with the 17-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter -- and the results came back POSITIVE.

The girl's mother -- Kristi Horn -- has claimed Michael was the father for years, and has even tried multiple times to get him to pay child support ... but Michael adamantly denied the allegations.

The reveal -- which airs tonight -- is cringeworthy ... Michael can't believe the news ... and the girl's mother immediately bursts into tears. 

After, Michael gets up to hug his newfound daughter (Ashley) and she resists, shouting, "No! No! No!" while Michael pleads, "I just want to hug you."

FYI ... Michael's two youngest children with Dina -- Ali and Cody -- were born in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Which means Ashley was conceived somewhere in the middle.

Congrats, Lindsay. You got a new half-sister.


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Porno the Clown    

Run little girl, run as fast and as far away from the nut case as you can!

677 days ago


If that girl knows what's good for her she will run FAR FAR away from her new found 'father'

677 days ago

Joan K    

Oh lord, what a frigging shock, NOT! This guy just proves more everyday what a POS he really is and if I was this girl I would run screaming in the other direction. I will be waiting patiently to see what comes up in the weeks that follow.

677 days ago


Oh My GAWD! That poor child, have that scua Michael Lohan as her biological father. Honey,....don't count on child support,.........retroactive or otherwise. E-v-e-r-ybody knows Michael is a fame whore and will do anything to be on camera,, this poor offspring is related to the likes of Michael and Lindsay. I can only hope Lindsay,maybe, who knows,....kindness from Lindsay,....huh? maybe ? Hopefully Lindsay will treat her accordingly and at least be decent and fair to her. She can't help that her biological father is a dick

677 days ago


W0W,'s a lightbulb moment and suggestion,.....Michael us such a fame whore,just can't get enough of camera time,......TROJAN should sign him up for condom commercials and or birth control,...of any fashion. Wouldn't that be great?

677 days ago


I'd rather find out my dad was ODB!

677 days ago


she looks like she's enjoying her 15 minutes and she and mom will try their hardest to make it the longest 15 minutes ever.

677 days ago


He submitted to the test and TV show because he was paid to. He wanted to hug her because he was on TV. That's all.

I pity his children. In no small part because in addition to constantly defaulting on his child support payments, having gone to jail repeatedly, having problems with substance abuse, having problems with physical abuse of women, he also has serious health problems and may not live much longer. And the child will be left with an alcoholic mother Kate, just like Dina, whose alcoholism is as bad as Lindsay's.

The question is, will this new infant turn into a money-maker for Michael and Kate? How much do you want to bet she (if the child is a girl) will?

677 days ago

get real    

Oh No. Poor girl!

677 days ago


WOW! What a cookie! She looks like a model who could do well in Korea! Thanks to the Lindsay fans for making me famous and Rich!

Let's ride the pony!

Ashley looks finger licking good! Anyone know if she is legal? WOW! Nevermind, she is a Lohan!

WOW! Can anyone send me some dirty pictures?

677 days ago


This guy is unreal!

677 days ago

Jay W.     

Well... maybe she can become close to all her half siblings?

677 days ago


Here is a suggestion Michael......VASECTOMY!! The guy has another bun in the oven right now. When is this POS going to learn? When are women who are with this slug going to learn? Sad. Two more family members for Lindsay to support.

677 days ago


I could tell she was a Lohan the minute I saw her. The DNA is evident with her announcing this publicly. Sadly, she has chosen to follow in the footsteps of her father and big sister. PUBLIC DRAMA.

677 days ago


Why did the mother wait so long? She should have just filed for child support, milo would deny paternity then she should have filed a paternity suit. I can't imagine putting my teenager on tv for a paternity test reveal! I mean maybe if it were Brad Pitt or someone, but MiLO, really??

677 days ago
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