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Lindsay Lohan

I REFUSE to Read

Bad 'Liz & Dick' Review

11/16/2012 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is unfazed by the scathing review about her performance in "Liz & Dick" ... because she refuses to read it ... this according to sources close to the actress.

We're told ... Lindsay has a strict NO-CRITICS policy ... and refuses to read any professional reviews of her performances, EVER.

Lindsay has told friends she doesn't want to let the reviews -- positive or negative -- "take away from her experience on the project."

Despite the harsh review in the Hollywood Reporter -- which slammed the movie as "spectacularly bad" -- we're told Lindsay insists she "loved playing Elizabeth Taylor and is in love with the final product."


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did you read Red Clumps BS excuse..
why release a project if its incomplete or inadequate?
Bottom line she cant act and we all Knew this

707 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Nov. 25th
Holiday weekend
Sunday football
Walking Dead

Only senior citizens will be watching this crappy movie.

707 days ago


Now I know Lindsay is reading our posts. Yesterday I posted that Lindsay reads our posts and even waved to her. I told her about her none existent acting abilities. And WALLA here she is today saying she doesn't read professional reviews. Which goes to show she IS reading our little unprofessional ones. Why else respond this way if she wasn't really reading everything she could get her hands on. She's Narcissistic , she can't help herself.

707 days ago


Sad to report we have a R.I.P. for Lohan Inc today....
Lindsay Lohan extensions having died...and have gone to the great wig store in the sky....from the interview pictures and the Pap shots outside she has graduated to a full wig.....or rather cap wig...which leave the from part of your hairline free and covers the rest of your head..... My good old
"Luci" was checking out the photoshopping on some of those shots on the Facebook page and I noticed" the meeting place of real and imagination " sort of speaking . One of the shots was so shopped they even shopped out her cheeks she had put in...and that is the one shot that looked half way good......
other wise she looks like a squrriel with to big acorns jammed in her mouth...saw on yesterday he was gathering acorns in the front crazy ...which is not a good sign ..shows its going get back around here real soon....
Anyway I'm rambling.......back to the article...
I see the Lohans stayed with this one all last night in their various aviatars....but you ain't seen nothing yet...wait till the movie comes out....
Think about something ......WhY? .......
Why all this fuss over a Liftetime movie on a cable channel mainstream America doesn't even know exist's.....Hell they even loose out the Sci-Fi Channels Movie of the Week in quality and star power cause all the stars past their prime and use to be's are in them at least... Lifetime doesn't even pull them that often ..
So why ? .........Cause somebody other the Lifetime is paying thats why.....
And until this Leech on humanity finely realizes its over and she needs to move on and find a new life....(which aint goina happen) or she finely sniffs up to much power or takes one to many drinks which is more then likely what will happen ...We are goina have her shoveled down our throats daily.....
and Loonies and Lohans grow the hell up ...I am tired of the haters crap.......
You can critisize someone without it being HATING>......You don't have to LIKE everyone....who told you that ? .......just like Disrespecting someone.......Disrespect is not even a dam Word......just cause you don't like someone ..or look at them wrong.....Grow a Thicker skin already....Wimps...!
Now I'm ready for Coffee ...!

707 days ago


don't read much do you

707 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I like Red Cloud's spin. At this early stage in her comeback, she should not be expected to do well.
Are you kidding RC? Do you think that Hollywood is Kinder Care?

707 days ago


...And I refuse to watch this movie because you're in it! WTF were they thinking???

707 days ago


*rattlerattlerattle - toss - tumbletumbletumble*


1... 2... 3... 4... 5.

"Community Chest: Clamslam a random skank; Drink 1 liter of vodka & collect one million dollars".

This could be the ultimate drinking/snorting game!

707 days ago


I thought the producers and lielo said this was a good movie..
what happened over night?
they couldnt edit enough?

707 days ago


We are having our first wave of Thanksgiving today. So I wanted to come on and put my little digs in early before I start cooking. Give Lindsay the old one two because you know she is reading our posts. Hi Lindsay, it's me again. You know the one that thinks you can't act, can't tell the truth, steals and also thinks you have disfigured your face and career. I can't wait to see your Lindsay and Dick movie. For I will tell the truth and let you know what we really think about your performance. Hang in there girl, you only have about a week before the boom falls.

707 days ago


I can't believe she was even picked to play Liz! Not even close to the great Liz. Lindsay has way too much baggage with her ALL the time. I simply can't get passed that. I'll never watch anything she's in.

707 days ago


alot of "REAL ACTORS" have made huge comebacks..
not her...she screwed the pooch once again

707 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Larry Thompson and the gang are happy with the outcome of the parody movie Liz and Dick.
They just now remembered to tell everybody that the movie is a parody. Now that we know this we will be happy with Lindsay's performance!
I mean really, with a name like Liz and Dick we should have known all along that it was a spoof.

707 days ago


Late Morning Folks .....
One of the two mornings of the week I can actually sleep late and my back and hip won't let me......That sucks !..... Dragging my left leg and hip around like I have a 100 lb weight tied to my ankle......
Excuse me why I Curse a Blue Streak !.....Now the sky is a beautiful Carolina Blue are sparklely and there's a lot of old folks like me cursing this morning......LOL ......that's cause there is a front sitting off the coast and the artiritis index level is 10 !!!!.....
Got a luncheon date with my younger daughter so I need to get loosen up.....Gotta go Thanksgiving supply shopping ...You folks ready for Thanksgiving....there's always a extra chair at my table if you are alone.....
Well Harvey's kiddies are going ride this one for the have fun.....
Red Cloud let me put it this way .....I give my students a assignment to do a term paper and one of them hands me in a paper that is wrinkled , dirty, and only has 50 words on it out of the 5000 words required.......That student is going get a big fat F and a recommendation to leave my class.....And the excuse that its just a first try in their comeback and they can get better is not going to work....She Failed ...Period... No Excuse.!!

707 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay makes her assistant read the reviews. Reviews are for little people, not huge stars like her. She is so talented and unique she does not need to do a good job. Hell, she doesn't even need to show up! She is that big of a star and a great actress does not even need to act to produce an academy award.

707 days ago
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