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Kim Kardashian

You Be the Judge

11/17/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian actually took a righteous stand Friday when she tweeted that she was praying for peace in Israel. But after people started blasting her, she added she was also praying for the Palestinians. 

But when the criticism didn't stop, she deleted both tweets and apologized. So we gotta ask ...


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I don't know what the problem with siding with Israel is! If Kim really did this, then I have the utmost respect for her now.

707 days ago


God Bless israel! Good people is with you. kill arab pigs!

706 days ago


You all know darn good and well she didn't post the "apology" until somebody else wrote it for her, she is not intellectual. The best she could do is "Hi dolls, does my butt, like, look big in this? Like, I hope Kanye gives me some more free clothes, that would be like awesome!"

706 days ago


OMG! What the press & everyone who has an opinion on "Palestine" is, sorry, but a tad bit ignorant. There is NOT nor ever in the 10s of thousands of years in the history of mankind has bee a Country called "Palestine"!!! The Israeli's are fighting a terrorist group called HAMAS, who has embedded themselves among innocent civilians along the Gaza strip. FACT. The #1 ploy of terrorists is lies & propaganda so whenever there are civilians killed in Gaza they can exploit them as propaganda. The terrorists spread out & do not centralize, therefore making all strikes from Israel exploitable. Please get your facts strait.

706 days ago

Chris NJ    

Can her glasses BEE any more bigger? I guess she needs them for her swelled head.

706 days ago


Why is this ****'S opinion even RELEVANT? Everyone knows how she became Famous. through showing her vj get banged by Black guys, oh let's not forget her famous Golden shower moment. That's how low this chic is. Willing to be filmed to get fame for a nice pee pee shower. lol

706 days ago


I really wish someone would assasinate her & her whole TRASH family. What frigin losers...WHY WHY WHY must we hear about these SKANKS every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day....>ENOUGH ALREADY>>>>>>

706 days ago

BB not bb    

I think that this country is in dire straits when somoene can't even pray for the peace of an ally of the USA without being threatened with death to the point that she has to take back what she said. She can't stand in support of a nation that is the motherland to millions of Americans who have lived here peacefully and productively. That shows that this country is heading in a very bad direction. Something must be done to stop the war mongering religion of Islam before it makes the USA its next battlefield in their quest for world domination.

People who say things like Obama should be tried and if convicted, assasinated for treason, get a visit at their house from the Secret Service questioning them and asking to speak with friends and employers. Yet people are making threats against Kim Kardashian and she is apologizing for wish well on other human beings.

It is like the USA is already bowing the knee to Islam without even realizing it.

706 days ago


Lame. Let's hear about her divorce from KRIS HUMPHRIES, that isn't happening. This is not a world affairs site.

706 days ago


This broad knows exactly what to do to stay relevant. Here's the thing, this war is biblical and should be fought with peace but that's too easy and doesn't pay. The Jews are the white folks and the people of Palestine are the black folks. Can you guess what's going to happen? Especially, so close to 12.21.2012. The Jews think they can treat anyone like ish with no end results. You have to ask yourself did Hitler see what retards are seeing now about the Jews? If you truly want to see the end of the happen before 12.21.2012, attack the Temple Mount. I think that Mother Earth and Karma are sick of pastey man's wars and destruction.

706 days ago


While I don't really care what she has to say I believe in the 1st Amendment and her right to express her opinion, like everyone else. It's fine to disagree, but everyone who has blasted her-and anyone else for expressing their opinion-is just a straight up bully and it's disgusting to see people act this way. Have a disagreement, discuss it, but don't bully people into staying silent

706 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

Good for Kim Kardashian. She was speaking out about an important issue. War is not inevitable if people refuse it.

706 days ago


Business in politics: Sure, but do not use your celebrity status to share your political views with the world, unless you don't mind the consequences.

Deleting tweets: It's her damned tweets and she can do whatever the Hell she wants with them. Screw anybody who tells her or anyone else what they can or cannot or should or should not do.

Cares about: Herself, why would ANYONE in their right minds care more about the Middle East than themselves? Or is this just another poorly worded question?

Danger: People have been killed over their opinions on this and similar topics. Don't underestimate the potential for violence.

"Secretly" sides with: I would hope the side that isn't using terrorist attacks (as opposed to the side that is responding to terrorist attacks with the full force of their military).

I care what Kim thinks: Sure. She's not your average bonehead celebrity any more.

Celeb politics: Always lame because they are not our family or friends so their personal opinions on controversial topics should always be ignored.

Bad Guy: Palestine. If you side with Palestine you do not accept reality. Period.

War is inevitable: War? In the Middle East? Inevitable? Does a bear crap in the woods?

706 days ago


Those shades she's trying 2 wear r a bigger issue 4 Kim

706 days ago


I hate hearing about this talentless horrr
And I am done with this stupid website.

706 days ago
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