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Mitt Romney


'Twilight' Date

11/18/2012 9:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1118_romeny_article_tmzThere are some advantages to not being elected President of the United States -- like you can go to see the new "Twilight" movie without making a big fuss ... which is exactly what Mitt Romney did this weekend.

TMZ spies caught a glimpse of the wannabe Prez and wife Ann out at the movies in Del Mar, CA on Saturday night. Our spy says the couple was joined by two young men, but it's unclear who they were. 

After the movie, Mitt and Ann (with no bodyguards in sight) hit up a pizza place across the street. We're told he was super friendly to everyone, even posing for a few pics.

Little late to try to be a man of the people.


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LOL...what do you mean by "Little late to try to be a man of the people?" And Obama is? Unemployment is over 10%; the deficit is way over 16 trillion, health insurance costs are way up; etc....

Anyone who voted for Obama and got duped twice by him is an utterly gullible fool.

670 days ago


You can always tell a picture taken by TMZ...Incredible grain. I doubt their "photographers" have ever heard of ISO.

670 days ago

Multiple Scorgasms    

Lovelyisabellaobummer, nobody cares about your erroneous propaganda. Don't you have anything else better to do on a Sunday afternoon? Lolz

670 days ago


if had a dollar for every pixel that picture in the on right had. I would have one dollar.

670 days ago


Hmm, now TMZ goes with the soft, nice story on Romney (and yet still couldn't get through it without a snippy remark). My theory: TMZ runs certain stories knowing they'll get a high response, maybe on a day when they're dropping in traffic, maybe on a day when they want to show their advertisers how much of an audience they have, (or on a day when they have nothing better, ha). Don't think people, that you're not also getting led by TMZ. The political stories get more comments than most others, some Kardashian stories do as well - if I can predict just from the headline what story is getting a large response, don't think that TMZ doesn't already know and isn't making use of it. Sometimes I think Harvey is running these political stories just to show how much feedback he can get, so he can justify (like to the network, advertisers, etc.) the show he wants to make in DC.

670 days ago


Mitt is a man of the people_it is just some are too clouded to see it

670 days ago



670 days ago

krissa the rest of the liberal media!

670 days ago


WAIT A MINUTE...Romney won the middle of the country, the farmers, middle America...NOT New York California and the other rich people. He IS of the people!!! STOP saying that he is not a man of the people. He HAS money, but the people who vote for him do not. The people who voted for Obama HAVE money so they don't care WHAT he'll do, as long as he is for abortion and all the other liberal crap.

670 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Firstly, my gratitude to Mr. Harvey Levin and his staff,
is not a secret. Secondly, my eternal antipathy for
ALL Political-parties in "America", is well-do***ented.
Still: The " Too late to be a man of the people" line, was a shameless cheap-shot. Especially considering the fact that Mr. Romney (son of missionaries) reportedly has a history of making time and monetary contributions to those in-need..

The House of David 20Twelve Victory, is HERE:


670 days ago


Give it up TMZ election is over, Country is split down the middle, lesser man won.

670 days ago


The election is over. Just leave him alone.

670 days ago


checkout my instagram - pictureinfocus

670 days ago


The republicans wil never win again!!!! There is a shortage of old, angry white men....oh well. All of mankind will benefit from this great change

670 days ago


The Government continually squanders our hard earned tax dollars. It is easy to spend the money of others,in a careless way.We are the enslaved enablers
of government corruption.

670 days ago
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