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Ariel Winter's Dad

She Don't Need

No Guardianship

11/19/2012 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1119-tmz-ariel-winterAriel Winter's dad just filed a stunning objection to the guardianship of his daughter Ariel, calling her "My Retirement Surprise Child."

Glenn Workman says in his declaration, "I am physically, emotionally, and financially capable of caring for my daughter, without limitation. No evidence has been produced that suggests any detriment to Ariel associated with my father-daughter relationship with her."

Glenn, who does not want daughter Shanelle to be Ariel's guardian, says, "I am a frugal and modest person with a moderate income who doesn't need Ariel's income to survive."

Glenn says he has a great relationship with Ariel, adding "We enjoy going on long walks together ... and I love to listen to her talk to me ... I find her to be very interesting."

Glenn also says, "I believe Ariel has demonstrated a lot of maturity and is at an age now that she should have more control over her finances."

Glenn never addresses allegations that his wife Chrystal physically and emotionally abused Ariel, except to say their relationship is strained.

Glenn says his daughter may be trying to grow up too fast, as evidenced by allegedly having an 18-year-old boyfriend.


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703 days ago

Mary P    

Nice coin of phrase on "Retirement Surprise Child". It doesn't mean financially like the context given here. It means a child born later in life where they would be a minor during retirement years. And frankly, he sounds better than anyone else here. As I've said repeatedly, I still question the older sisters motives at this point given the fact the older sister has little work in the very place her sister does and the forced staged photo ops. How can it be good AT ALL for a child in the middle of such a public nasty battle to be going out for photo ops?

703 days ago

Majestik he's stepped out the woodwork the DAY BEFORE the court case for conservatorship and HE WANTS control. What's wrong with this family? I think the best thing is for the courts to give conservatorship to Shanelle but put a freeze on that bank account with a third party being the only one that can dole out money to Ariel.

703 days ago

Ozzie X    

shut this ho up.

703 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    


703 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...poor girl..whatever is going on..must have been going on for sometime...I hope this girl can keep a level head..and get any help she might she isn't scarred by abusive parent...and..stays away from drugs/alcohol!

703 days ago


If he was a good father, she would have went to his house immediately after, unless of course she is out there 'tricking' aka being a slut and that's why she's at her sisters

703 days ago


Seriously, are those his words..."she don't need no guardianship"? Vocabulary aside, for other reasons, I hope and pray the judge accepts the recommendation from CPS, and lets this child live with her sister.

703 days ago

Jay W.     

She's 14, has a robust salary... let her live legally on her own. Girls were married at 14 (i.e. Loretta Lynn) not so many years ago.

703 days ago


Seen a few pics of him. He looks like a modest workin' man. Not sure he'd be able to handle Ariel, but as a father he's doing what he's supposed to do here. The girl deserves to be able to look back at this and know he offered to take her in. For now I think the judge ought to give big sister 6 months to prove she can handle this.

703 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

Our next, Britney, Amanda.

703 days ago


'Glenn also says, "I believe Ariel has demonstrated a lot of maturity and is at an age now that she should have more control over her finances."

'Glenn says his daughter may be trying to grow up too fast ... '

Well, which is it? TMZ - PLEASE STOP WITH THE BITS AND PIECES - LEAVE THIS MINOR ALONE and let the court decide what is best for her.

703 days ago


Someone at TMZ seems to have a fetish for Ariel's braces period, or maybe those are the only photos they had lying around that they don't have to pay anybody for. She was 12 when she had braces. Get with the times you old creepers.

703 days ago


this is the weirdest statement - he is still married and living w/ the mother - but doesn't address any of the allegations?

703 days ago

Tammy LM    

For God's sake let this poor girl stay where she is. What is it with this family. They're just as bad as the Jacksons....and just as greedy and desperate. My God they are all fighting over her money except the girl who has her. Shanelle has said REPEATEDLY and FILED PAPERS STATING SO AND PROVING that she doesn't want the girl's money. She wants it put up and away from everyone. INCLUDING HERSELF! End of story. This is not the girl's "story". It's court do***ents she filed stating so. She's proven she doesn't want the girl's money. Yet the mother and father have never said they would do that very same thing. And as for this 18 year old boy this child supposedly had sex with.....HELLO< that was the MOTHER"S story from day one. No 18 year olds have been arrested nor have they even been hauled into the police station for do***ented questioning involving statutary rape or anything else of that nature. In fact the girl said she did not have a sexual relationship with him. The mother made that up only AFTER she lost custody for HER ABUSE allegations made by the child and backed up by everybody that knew her from the set and had nothing to lose by telling the truth. She's still acting on the show no matter who's got custody of her, so they don't care.

The sister has been abused by this same parent. Neglected apparently by the second parent as well. She's made it on her own and is successfully raising a child of her own also. She's perfectly capable of raising her younger sister. She's got custody of her toddler doesn't she? Yes. So there's nothing wrong with her parenting skills. And staged photos.....please. Even if you tell some photog you're going out for ice're still going out for ice cream. Who cares if her picture is taken with her sister? What counts is what CPS and the court appointed theropists thinks during the progress meetings. If some one like Shanelle had stepped in while Lyndsay Lohan was that age maybe she wouldn't be such a train wreck now.

And what kind of absentee father is going to flat out say that their daughter should have custody of the other? The mother and father both have been flat out attacking Shanelle, and she hasn't done anything. She's been quiet and out of the picture and raising her own baby. You can tell by looking at her she's not a drunken crackhead desperate for money. She's grounded and kudos to her for being strong enough to make it out of that type of family environment. She's the BEST place for the younger one to grow up with. Because she's been through it and made it. Right now, Shanelle is the only real FAMILY this kid's got. What kind of a-hole parents would trash talk their oldest kid when she's clearly stepping in to take care of the child they are abusing? They say they don't want that child to be with her. How dare they!? They should be happy and should be saying, "Ok, she can stay with her sister for a while....she IS family and it's not like we wont get to see her. She's perfectly alright with her SISTER". But no. These jerks are literally throwing her under the bus.....and it's because they ruined their relationship with that one, so now since she's not able to be controlled anymore, she's of no use to they want nothing to do with her. and Shanelle's just trying to keep them from controlling the little one. That's all it is. They want you as long as they can own your ass but when they can't they write you off. Typical controlling abusive parents. I hope the courts listen to the 14 year old. She should be old enough to say legally where she wants to live now anyway. So her parent's can go to hell.

703 days ago
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