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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


11/19/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Trying to keep up with the status of the relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is proving to be maddening -- as the on-again/off-again (repeat 7x) couple was on again last night after the American Music Awards.

Bieber and Gomez didn't show up to the AMAs together, but they did walk hand-in-hand into Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood for an AMA after-party.

As TMZ first reported, Gomez's main beef with Bieber is the fact he tends to hang around A LOT of supermodels. Our sources say Biebs is starting to think they're better off as friends.

But if he is trying to win her back, Jenny McCarthy did him no favors last night by practically molesting him on stage after handing him an award.  

Don't hate the player.


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if only he was hetero, he might have enjoyed that kiss.

681 days ago


Justin/Jutine Beiber reminds me of Pat from the old Saturday Night Live skits. Can't really tell if it's a male, female or both.

681 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

TMZ you suck and so does your BS attempts at making these two people nes. Their together, not, on, off, maybe, hate, love. For crying out loud get some real news already. Like who was that LiLo just ran over, what color ws Amndas pipe or did Paris really have sex itch 1000 guys.

681 days ago


He looks absolutely disgusted by the kiss from Jenny.

681 days ago


ok, so this girl SG decided to take the money offer and stay with this wigger for appearances....thats fine, everyone knows little gay wiggers do not sell records to little girls...its a shame that everyone around him allows him to act like a black gangster wannabe...

681 days ago


Why the hell do ne of you adults give two flying f*cks who selena or justin is dating or if there together or not together. WHO THE **** CARES?! Honestly if this is ur biggest concern in life, thats quite sad.. Or maybe im jealous because I have real problems in my own real life, y do ne of u waste ur time on this? I'll admit I occasionally want to get my lindset lohan fix but for christ sake who gives a **** about ne of this?

681 days ago


You think that Justin is Dope? Vote! 1,000,000 votes - 1 winner - The Biggest Mosaic Ever made of the voters photos!!!

681 days ago


Nothing More than a publicity stunt, sick of hearing about it. They are just kids and they dont know any better. But its clear they love the media attention.Where are their parents to tell them to knock the crap off,They clearly are not setting a good example to their young fans. What a Disgrace they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

681 days ago


Hello I'm 11 year old girl and I'm in the sixth grade. I love Justin. He is so talented and handsome. I also love Selena. She is so talented and a great actress. I know that someday I will grow up and mature. That is when I will realize how really stupid and imnature I really was.

681 days ago


Poor kid knows that Jenny M once tried to have relations with a tree and is wondering what his future holds if he doesn't get away fast!!

681 days ago

Enough Already    

PALEEEZZZZEEE, stop, stop, stop following this bag of bones, underdeveloped, over-hyped gayster. How in the hell he won at the AMA's last night is beyond me. Really??? For me personally, I find NOTHING attractive about him, his music or his life. He gives me a headache. But another question....when these minors go to these after parties, are they the exception to the rules and can drink underage??? Must be nice that there are two sets of laws out there. Those loose laws for the celebs and then those of throw your ass in jail for the commoners.......

681 days ago


He knows she just admitted to trying to boff a tree and is hoping he gets away unscathed!

681 days ago


will the Lesbian Love survive, we'll see

681 days ago


What's with the low crotch pants? They are not stylish at all, or is it because he thinks he is that hung?

681 days ago


So many envious guys on here, trying to disparage Justin, by accusing him of being gay. It just makes everyone assume that it is YOU who are the gay one.
You are jealous of his success at his young age.So you appear to lash out and insult him,by questioning his masculinity. Get over yourself and your own insecurity.

681 days ago
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