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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Will REVOKE Probation

11/19/2012 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is about to have her probation revoked ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Lindsay will be charged with the criminal offense of lying to a police officer.  As you recall, she told Santa Monica cops she was not driving her Porsche last June when it slammed into an 18-wheeler on Pacific Coast Highway. Fact is, she was -- and lying to cops is a crime.

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... when the Santa Monica City Attorney files the criminal case against Lindsay, it will go to L.A. County Superior Court Judge Jane Godfrey for arraignment. At the time Lindsay is arraigned, we're told Judge Godfrey will revoke Lindsay's probation and set the matter for a full hearing, on grounds she violated her probation in the jewelry case by breaking the law.

In case you're wondering, the judge who handled the jewelry case, Stephanie Sautner, will not be involved in the probation violation case. Once Lindsay was sentenced, the probation case gets sent to whatever judge is hearing the next criminal case against LiLo.

We're told the criminal case will be filed soon.



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we have seen this same story tons of times.judge will do the usual."dont let me see you again" line then she will be seen again and a slap

701 days ago

Wow ...    

It's a revolving door, along with court houses and judges. How many has Lindsay appeared in front of?

701 days ago


Stupid f---ing bitch.

More taxpayer money spent on this idiot.

701 days ago


And sentenced to 60 days, out in 2 minutes. Maybe on the bracelet. I think she does this to stay relevant. No one would want to interview someone who now does Lifetime movies, after all!

701 days ago


Well I want to feel sorry for Lindsay and say that this is just another witch hunt. But lying to cops while on probation is really stupid. Hopefully Lindsay will learn her lesson on that. And another thing, it's amazing how much trouble that necklace has caused for Lindsay. She should have just bought the damn thing.

701 days ago


where will she run and Hide at??
we know she will bolt until they drag her back by the wig

701 days ago


On a completely unrelated note, win a FREE Liz and Dick Poster!

701 days ago


So what? EVERYONE knows all she will get is another slap on the wrist and at the most, more time added to her probation. Big deal.

701 days ago

Good riddance!    

She might finally be held responsible for her many criminal actions? That would be awesome if somehow happened, but she'll probably be somehow rewarded and sent on her way. The trash heap is already gleefully picking out the next stolen outfit for her perp walk.

701 days ago


She's supposed to be going back to LA today (or she landed there last night). Here's a post I saw on a bulletin board:

sam myer left a message on an ig picture from that producer mo alturki a couple of hours ago. i guess she's coming with lindsay and will probably be styling her for leno (yay!). this is the the message she left: "this pic is amazing-so poor. be in la w ll tonight".

701 days ago


a neighbor got busted for the same thing. He is serving time. Guess that is what happens when u are an ordinary person. Tired of this craziness. People need to quit saying yes and instead start saying hell no.

701 days ago


TMZ have many more times are you going to run with the SAME story? you said this WEEKS ago. The case hasn't been filed yet and you are already giving us the judge's verdict. Who knows what will happen, if shes charged then she will have to deal with it. In the meantime stop with the drama, you know NOTHING yet.

701 days ago


Her lawyer will convince her to go to court by telling her she'll get bail. lol.

701 days ago


This is bullshìt. Before you click on HATE, hear me out. The only "evidence" against Lindsay is "hearsay". You know what that is? It's what someone else says happened...verses what you say happened. It's NOT evidence.

If I remember correctly, someone said Lindsay got out of the passenger door. That verses the truck driver's testimony. It's all bullshìt! If I were Lindsay I'd fight this.

I don't have a dog in this. I could care less if Lindsay is innocent or guilty. My rant has to do with the LAW!

701 days ago


wouldnt it be great if those pills she had scattered through out the car was illegal too

701 days ago
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