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Nic Cage

Acting His Way

Out of Tax Debt!

11/19/2012 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage
continues to chip away at his massive tax debt ... one sequel / three-quel at a time ... 'cause the actor paid off another tax lien, to the tune of $600k!!!

TMZ broke the story ... Cage was hit with a federal tax lien back in 2011 ... for $624,934.64. Seems he forgot to pay taxes on some really expenses gifts he gave out between 2004-2009.

According to the IRS all that's behind him now ... Cage is now paid in full, making him a super-duper-tax-lien-payer-offer ... considering last April he paid off another lien for $6 million. But Nick isn't out of the woods ... he still owes roughly $6 mil to Uncle Sam, but every little bit helps.

Apparently those new (old) roles  ... i.e. "Kick-Ass 2", "Ghost Rider 2", "National Treasure 3" and now "Ghost Rider 3" are really paying off.

We're kidding ... "Ghost Rider 3" isn't real. Yet.



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At least he is paying his debt, unlike Lindsey Lohan

702 days ago


Do National Treasure 3.

702 days ago


Seriously, who writes/edits these stories?? First it says he's "paid in full", then it says he's "not out of the woods ... he still owes roughly $6 mil to Uncle Sam" So which is it? Is he paid in full or does he owe 6 mil? Personally, I hope it's the former because that might mean he won't have to "act" in any more movies to earn the dough. In fact, I'll pay his debt if he promises to never "act" again.

702 days ago


How hard is it to pay taxes? I know I'm forced to so how are actors and rappers exempt when they receive a check? I don't get it?

702 days ago


it must be a particularly tough pill to swallow, especially if he knows that the IRS is not part of the US government, but is the illegal collection agency for the criminal banking cartel keeping us all as wage slaves.

702 days ago

northern gypsy    

at one time i thought N.C. was a decent actor...having said that...his financial status seriously compromise his "craft"...must be brutal on his ego !!!

702 days ago


That's funny, he couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. He's a TERRIBLE "actor" every role is played the same in every movie.

702 days ago


Oh really? HE forgot to pay taxes, HE did that? Why is it that you constantly fail to mention the fact that it was the person who was handling his money that failed to pay the taxes? This has already been proven. It's preposterous to think that any celebrity handles their own money or figures out the taxes they owe. Nic IS responsible for it, but he didn't forget to do anything. He's been extremely responsible when it comes to paying it back. He's paying off what he owes faster than any other celebrity ever has. Look at Lindsay Lohan, for instance, she hasn't even made an effort to pay and what she owes is minuscule compared to what he owed. He's taken roles he would never have taken, in order to pay he debt off. The movies may not be great, but you have to give him credit for doing what he has to do, in order to get this taken care of.

702 days ago


Nic, unlike Wesley, was never a tax evader. In his case, there is actual proof that the person responsible for doing his taxes screwed him over.

702 days ago


Did he sell his castles in Germany?

702 days ago


He couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. Seriously, when did he do a decent movie?

702 days ago


Get money, get b**chs. Get money, get b**chs. That's the motto, gotta love it, gotta live it....Get money...

702 days ago


pay up cage...

702 days ago


CAGE match dat nic? flilghts his fup tup twin

702 days ago


Nick is gonna be in debt forever the cuz he cat act for anything!

702 days ago
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