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Elmo Accuser #2

'I'm Happy'

Kevin Clash Resigned

11/21/2012 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The man who claims Elmo voice actor Kevin Clash sexually abused him as a 15-year-old says he's "happy" and "relieved" Clash called it quits on "Sesame Street" -- because the scandal could have wreaked even more havoc on the kids' TV show.

The accuser Cecil Singleton -- who's now 24 -- was out in NYC with his lawyer today when he reacted to the news ... that Clash resigned in the immediate wake of Singleton's lawsuit.

Singleton is suing Clash for more than $5 million, claiming Clash preyed on him as a child "to satisfy his depraved sexual interests."

Singleton also says Clash desperately tried to conceal his connection to "Sesame Street" during their courtship in 2003 -- claiming, "It was essential to him that I not find out who he actually was."

Singleton says he was motivated to file his lawsuit by Clash's first accuser Sheldon Stephens.

And there's this -- Singleton's lawyer says he won't be surprised if more men come forward, claiming he's already spoken to men with similar stories as Cecil and Sheldon.


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He looks just like that gay bass player in the WHITESNAKE band, you know Uriah Duffy....

670 days ago


My 8 year old was looking over my shoulder when I was on TMZ checking out this story. He asked, "Is that a guy?" We have turned into a society of freaks. Romney was right. Pull the funding for these shows. Let them have to go out and convince investors that they should invest in shows where one of the leading characters is banging teenage boys. As for this piece of work, he should use the $125 k for a day at an electrolysis salon. Funny how if some conservative minister was doing this, the media would be running it as their lead story. Instead, PBS talks about what a sad day it is that a pedophile has to leave Sesame Street after years of service and how these "unfortunate" events requires Elmo's voice to resign. Such hypocrites. This guy was using his position as the guy with his hand up Elmo's but to get the opportunity to stick whatever wherever on under age youths. This whole entertainment/media complex is filled with a bunch of creeps.

670 days ago


I don't believe him. He is looking for money. Where were his parents when all of this was going on.

669 days ago


You were trolling the chat lines looking to sell your body for sex and now you want to destroy Clash. The only trauma you experienced in 2012 was not being the one getting paid off. I hope you get what you deserve and that isn't money.

You are a useless sC#M bucket whore!

669 days ago


Cecil and Sheldon are in on this scam together.
Clash should have known better than to get it on with these two scammers."Cecil" really?.WTF kind of a name is that.That little queen looks more femine than most chicks out there. Down the track you will read the wedding announcement of Cecil and Sheldon.

669 days ago

Spicy mag    

Elmo will get his revenge.

669 days ago


ikr? What sort of parents allow their 15 year old son to use a gay chat line to cruise for ADULT men? Either he comes from a *very* sketchy background, or the whole thing is total bull from beginning to end.

669 days ago

joe gillis    

bs like this presumes i could give flying kcuf about a couple of dumb a ss sttoggaf giving it to each other up the a ss

669 days ago


I can only imagine how many sex partners' these two 'fellas' have had since their encounter w/Clash. As creepy as they both are, Kevin is the only man w/cash. Anyone w/ half a brain can see they haven't amounted to a hill of beans, what better way to make a buck than sue Kevin? Both losers.

669 days ago

bill p.    

The sad thing of course is the act. R.I.P. Elmo.

669 days ago


The stories are to darn long now

669 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Come on this loser pansy freek is seeking his 15 minutes of fame. Could he have been any more gay, or any more made up. Wht's next is he going to blame Clash for turning him into a flaming gay with a serious identity crisis. Crawl back under your rock, where you belong. Take the KrapTrashian family with you. You are pathetic.

669 days ago


You effin' LIAR!! You were "MOTIVATED" by ONE THING, and ONE THING ONLY!! Actually,...I'm wrong; you were motivated by FIVE-MILLION THINGS!! They're called U.S., American dollars!!

669 days ago


Were all of these Clash defenders also defending Sandusky when HIS now-adult accusers came forward? Gays are so depraved they want to crucify these young men who were CHILDREN when Clash MOLESTED them. Well hold on to your lace panties "girls", because your beloved Clash will soon face the same fate as Sandusky. CLASH THE PERVERT is going to jail, where he belongs. He should be happy about it, because once inside he can get all the gay sex he wants. Unfortunately for him, he will be on the receiving end of things. HE will be cell-mate Bubba's "15-year-old B@tch."

669 days ago


Don't call this freak a "man" he is a lonely little person who obviously needs attention.....Cash is wrong too, but at least he's not looking for a pay day like this piece of ****.

669 days ago
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