Elmo Continues to Tickle Kids For XMAS

11/21/2012 11:40 AM PST

Elmo Will Continue To Tickle Kids for Christmas


Elmo is alive and well in toy stores across the US of A ... and allegations of underage sex involving Kevin Clash, the voice of the famous puppet, has had no impact on sales.

TMZ contacted more than 20 toy stores across the country, and none of them have pulled Elmo from the shelves. Indeed, most of the managers in the stores were unaware Clash had resigned after a second man came forward claiming he had underage sex with Clash.

Most of the stores we called were Toys"R"Us.  A few examples --

-- Toys"R"Us on Broadway in NYC ... Elmo is still on the shelves.  There was no change in placement of the puppet in the store or returns.  The puppet is still selling.

-- North Lakeland, FL ... No change in sales.  Employee was unaware of scandal.

-- Brandon, FL ... Sold out of Laugh Out Loud Elmo.  Will restock soon.

-- Austin, TX ... We haven't been notified of the Elmo issue.  We still have Elmo dolls on the shelves.

-- Greenville, SC .... We do not have the LOL Elmo dolls in stock.  We're sold out and waiting on our next shipment.

None of the stores we contacted even hinted they might pull back on Elmo for XMAS.