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Halle & Olivier

Dine and Dash

11/23/2012 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
and Olivier Martinez didn't waste any time after Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house last night -- beating a hasty retreat back home in the wake of Olivier's blowout fight with Gabriel Aubry.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was arrested for misdemeanor battery yesterday after a violent showdown with Halle's fiance at the actress' home.

Both Gabriel and Olivier went to the hospital after the fight -- we're told Gabriel suffered a broken rib, contusions on his face, and possibly a more serious head injury.

Meanwhile, Olivier roughed up his hand ... but appears to have emerged victorious in the melee.

It's interesting ... even with a busted hand, Olivier's still the one driving. Let's face it -- Halle's had driving issues in the past.


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I don't think Gabriel was set up. I don't think Halle and Olivier sat down and say this is how we will set him up. I however think they tried to provoke him. The judge decision must been seething them for some time and they took their frustration/annoyance on him. And instead of Gabriel just walking away, he over-reacted. I hope a judge sees this and give him back visitation and order Oliver not to be anywhere him when he drops off his daughter.

643 days ago


Gabriel needs a good woman in his life. A woman that will tell him the tricks other women play and calm him down when he is mad.

643 days ago


wow, i can't believe you mentioned her driving past (albeit w/ no details) but some kudos....but i doff my cap to oliver, served up blow dry boy and choked him out, nice.

643 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Anytime I see a photo of Berry all that comes to mind is skank whore.

643 days ago


Olivier should have been charged as well and both he and Halle know this! He PROVOKED Gabriel when he would have KNOWN what he said would cause a fight. Halle got Martinez to do her dirty work and then made sure to protect her boyfriend who did the provoking and worst physical damage and then let the FATHER OF HER CHILD be arrested! All on Thanksgiving when if Martinez had kept his mouth shut and a nanny was sent out to meet Nahla at the door nothing would have happened. Way to go Halle. Now play the victim as usual and make sure your team spins the story with the media to make it look like Gabriel's fault! She probably arranged to make sure he had to drop Nahla off. I hope the courts continue to see through her games. I feel for Gabriel, this has to be hard when your ex has way more money and influence and is constantly threatening you with your daughter. Grow up Halle...and stay out of it Olivier (you'll be next one day).

643 days ago


Did these two really think that they could hide by pulling down the visors-- at night!??? lol

643 days ago


psyco bitch and her puzzy frenchman.......both are pathetic azzholes!

643 days ago


halle is the product of a white whore who got pregnant from a black trick...and had a pysco bitch for a kid....damn this bitch makes all women look like fools.........too bad a mack truck didnt run her and her dirty frenchman into a sewer where they belong!

643 days ago


Dramatic much, TMZ, where's the cast on Olivier's "BUSTED" hand. You guys are so full of shyte. So far you've given us a blow by blow of the actual fight, how'd you get those facts, TMZ, a source (aka Halle) told you or you are just guessing?

643 days ago


Where is Nahla? I bet Halle said she had to be brought home just so Halle could leave her with the nanny. I realy don't like Halle or Olivier at this point.

643 days ago


Yes, this is smelling more and more like a setup. I used to be a fan of Halle's. Not anymore, she is using that child to get her way, and I hope she is the one to lose custody.

643 days ago


Wonder if the security camera was on and will prove who really did start it?

Will security tape (if on) prove who started this whole mess ?

Read more:

OM doesn't look he's in too much pain. If the camera waas on, it will backfire on Halle until her next move.

643 days ago


When you think and act ghetto you still get ghetto even if they are from France. You're not moving there Halle nor are you going to marry your bad acting, chain smoking drunken fake bf with a bad dye job.

643 days ago


Hey Halle, you should start dating Matt Lauer.
You two have equal popularity.

643 days ago


643 days ago
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