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Post-Rehab Feast With

Children of the Cornbread

11/23/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official ... Octomom has completed 30 days of rehab -- and she celebrated the achievement yesterday by reuniting with her 14 children at the Thanksgiving dinner table ... and TMZ has the pics.

A rep for Octomom -- real name Nadya Suleman -- tells TMZ, she completed her 30-day program at Chapman Rehab yesterday and immediately went home to help prepare a Thanksgiving meal for her kids.

We're told the meal consisted of a whole ham, apple sauce, stuffing, and your usual Turkey Day fixins ... minus the turkey. (Seriously, they didn't eat any turkey.)

As we reported, Nadya entered treatment for a Xanax dependency and anxiety issues -- and her rep tells us, she's so committed to conquering her demons ... she has voluntarily agreed to attend additional treatment sessions while she lives at home.

Octo's nannies have been keeping the children on strict schedules for sleeping, eating, bathing, and homework while mommy was away -- and Octo plans to follow the same program now that she's back.

The rep says Octo's extremely proud of her rehab achievements, but knows there's still lots of work to be done.

And probably some cleaning too.


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Shameless publicity, paid for and brought to you "EXCLUSIVELY" by TMZ. What happened guys, Kate Gosselin wasn't available for a photo op with her eight kids?

697 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Oh, just stop it. We already know that at this point, everything Octo is for publicity.

697 days ago


I feel sorry for this clan, wanting to publicize their Thanksgiving. I understand trying to stay in the limelight, but c'mon...

697 days ago


If you don't like the stories they put up, why are you still reading them?

697 days ago


I'm sure the TMZ sap that skipped his own thanksgiving to have dinner at the orphan house is sure glad for the photo op.

697 days ago

Sir Boo    

Red plastic cups and paper plates. Ham with stuffing? Wow what a Thanksgiving.

697 days ago

Celebrity Tampon    

Nice milkers!

697 days ago


So the children got to eat today because they participated in another one of Mommy Dearest's photo ops. Aren't they lucky? She wouldn't feed them at all if it weren't for the cameras. Back in the bedroom now. Uncle Chair is here to baby sit while I get my hair done.

697 days ago


It wasn't 30 days already. She just went into rehab! I think she probably just left the rehab.

697 days ago

Star Whacker    

Anything for a photo op. She sure didn't waste any time getting this one. Can't wait to see the Christmas pictures - NOT!!!

697 days ago


At this point why bother with any "news" about this grifting sociopathic serial child abuser whose kids spend most of the rare time she actually is home being locked into rooms away from her for most of their time. Five six hours alone at a stretch. Reported by witnesses.
Now that Gina Bryson who has seen all this is making public the dismal conditions these toddlers are trapped in, wouldn't it make more sense to be interviewing Gina Bryson?
Does TMZ have so little respect for its readers that it's reached the stage that TMZ exists to churn out spin while tree posters are all there contradicting them with the actual truth? What does that say about the rest of the stuff TMZ reports?
Although it is the first time TMZ has reported on the turkey serving up more ham.

697 days ago


OCTODUMB is the best mother in

697 days ago


How the money breaks down on this.
Nadya Suleman gets some for selling this orphanage staged setup of a grim faced little horde whose last home cooked meal was this summer when Gina Bryson fed them. These kids get paper plates and store bought food props. Puppies in any kennel eat far better than these kids daily when Suleman is in charge.
Backdoor Gina Rodriguez, Suleman's string-pulling "manager", gets a whole lot more money for selling that photo repeatedly world wide. MUCH bigger bucks.

AND Suleman has to pay Rodriguez 20 percent of the lots less she got than Rodriguez did.

And those 14 kids, they won't see any benefit from that money. Suleman will spend it all on what she always does -- herself. The state pays for all the needs of her 14 kids.

Aren't you California taxpayers lucky. You can thank CPS for making this all possible.

697 days ago


Why does her ugly mug have to be in every picture? Oh wait shes a fame whore.

697 days ago


the original story that she went into rehab came out on oct 30th. it's now november 23.

pretty sure that's not 30 days.

697 days ago
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