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Post-Rehab Feast With

Children of the Cornbread

11/23/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's official ... Octomom has completed 30 days of rehab -- and she celebrated the achievement yesterday by reuniting with her 14 children at the Thanksgiving dinner table ... and TMZ has the pics.

A rep for Octomom -- real name Nadya Suleman -- tells TMZ, she completed her 30-day program at Chapman Rehab yesterday and immediately went home to help prepare a Thanksgiving meal for her kids.

We're told the meal consisted of a whole ham, apple sauce, stuffing, and your usual Turkey Day fixins ... minus the turkey. (Seriously, they didn't eat any turkey.)

As we reported, Nadya entered treatment for a Xanax dependency and anxiety issues -- and her rep tells us, she's so committed to conquering her demons ... she has voluntarily agreed to attend additional treatment sessions while she lives at home.

Octo's nannies have been keeping the children on strict schedules for sleeping, eating, bathing, and homework while mommy was away -- and Octo plans to follow the same program now that she's back.

The rep says Octo's extremely proud of her rehab achievements, but knows there's still lots of work to be done.

And probably some cleaning too.


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***Octo's nannies have been keeping the children on strict schedules for sleeping, eating, bathing, and homework while mommy was away -- and Octo plans to follow the same program now that she's back.***
Well, while Rodriquez is trying to damage control and make her client look like the ever loving mom, if you read the ABOVE statement posted by TMZ and have followed the threads about Octomut, you'll realize, they just CONFIRMED what one of the ex-nannies said about her.
She was drunk off her skull half the time and barking out orders, non-stop, of what the Nannies should do with the kids. If Octo was the good momma and had those kids on a strict schedule we wouldn't be hearing about how the CURRENT NANNIES have straightened out those kids and Octomut is going to adhere to that? If Octo claims she was doing all the right stuff, why do we hear it was the NANNIES that have those kids on schedules? For once the kids have structure in their lives, unlike they had before.
If anyone thought the ex nannies were bull****ting before, read between the lines, folks.

665 days ago


I have something else I've been thinking about. Someone on here, can't remember where was excusing off Octomut using paper plates and plastic cups because they wouldn't want to wash dishes either. Um, hello, this isn't like everyone else's holidays where families are all scattered around cities and countries and then converge at one house during a few holidays a year to have a big dinner. She has those kids EVERY DAY, for three meals, so because it's a holiday its okay to use disposable plates, cups and probably silverware? What does she use every other day? Does anyone on here actually BELIEVE that she's paying 2500 a month for rent and NOT have a dishwasher? She's got two full time Nannies, why can she NOT rinse the dishes and stick them in the dishwasher. It takes a whole half an hour and she can sit her arse down.

665 days ago


Red dixie cups? Where's gramma's china?

665 days ago


Oh sure, she "completed" 30 days. Minus the days she was in Tennessee and the days she was spotted out and about in Studio City. Oh, and let's not forget the days she was home to watch the kids do the song. That's makes it about, what, five days rehab?

665 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

ho is jus Kim K without a stylist - they look like twins without makeup

665 days ago


I can't believe she takes pictures of herself and kids and sends it to TMZ. Talk about dying to be on TMZ. Real stars run from the camera not send pictures all over the internet. Complete loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

665 days ago


Awwwww cute kids I don't see how she does it props up to her because all them kids would have drove me crazy

665 days ago


I had my hands full raising two and they were ten years apart! One of mine turned out perfect but the youngest one my son is "a work in progress":).How are those fourteen kids ever going to grow up sane and healthy?

665 days ago


She is Very luck Obama got re-elected.

665 days ago


OMG...LMAO at the headline!!!

665 days ago


I wish her well in her recovery. I hope she has not rushed back into her role as Mom. It's got to be quite a difference from spending 30 days working on herself. I hope they gave her some good coping skills in treatment. Happy Holidays Suleman Family.

665 days ago


Now she has to claw her way back to the top of the "Best Five Money Makers for tmz" daily show.

665 days ago


What BS. According to TMZ, Nadya checked into rehab for a THIRTY DAY STAY on either 10/27 or 10/28. She left on the 22nd. That's NOT 30 days.

Plus during her stay she left and went to Tennesse to film a video spoof (picture proof on Radaronline).

She did NO 30 day Rehab!

665 days ago


For all of you that are stating that it's fine that Nadya uses paper plates every day. Not for someone going through bankruptsy and takes federal aid to feed her children! She needs to use real dishes and wash them, instead of spending that money on paper plates etc.

665 days ago

al baby    

Id like to tie her bresitisisisi in a knot

665 days ago
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