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Dwight Howard

Baby Mama Wants $100k

To Fight Him in Court

11/25/2012 6:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1124_Royce-Reed-and-dwight_howard_gettyDwight Howard's baby mama says her nasty custody battle with the NBA star is an unfair fight -- all because he can simply outspend her -- so she's asking a judge to make HIM cover HER legal fees.

TMZ broke the story ... Dwight and former "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed are entangled in a bitter legal battle after Dwight filed for sole custody of their young son.

In the latest development, Royce -- who was axed from "BB Wives" this year -- filed docs in Florida asking a judge to make Dwight foot her legal bills, claiming she can't afford them.

According to the docs, Royce claims that Dwight rakes in over $1.3 million per month and should cough up the cash, otherwise, the fight's not fair. She claims he can hire an army of lawyers ... while she'll get buried in bills and eventually have to drop out.

In the docs, her lawyer says she's already racked up a $44,113.50 bill and is expected to tack on another $60k plus if she continues to fight ... for a grand total of $106,621.80.

A judge has yet to rule.


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Damn why every girl that has a baby with a athlete that's not married to him gotta be a hoe. They were actually together when she got pregnant

604 days ago


My attorney cost 1500 and I got what I wanted. Wheres the other 44,000 going to? How much time can 1 lawyer possibly spend on a child custody case to have a bill inflate that much? And it's going to 100,000 total! Wish I was smart enough to be a lawyer!

604 days ago


All hands on deck! Royce, keep your nose clean, chin AND dukes up, eyes and ears open. Take notes... this could get ugly. Dot your i's and cross your t's. "Not taking the baby!!" Let's roll!

604 days ago


Why won't anyone think of what is best for THEIR CHILD? I believe it is best for the child to have both parents involved in the child's life. Have Dwight raise the child during the summer months. Have Royce raise the child during the school year. If Royce is incapable of supporting herself and the child financially during that time period, Dwight will have to financially assist them up to 1/4 of Royce's 9 month earnings. If they need more money than that, Royce is trying to live significantly beyond her means.
If a family that earns $40k/year can raise 3 children, I think Royce and her child should be able to live off of $50k/year no problem.

604 days ago

NYG Lady    

Technically, he has already paid her. He is the ONLY reason she was a Bbw. just because someone can afford better legal doesn't mean they should pay your legal fees. That is retarded.

604 days ago


I see her looking pretty fly on tv.. maybe she should invest more in a lawyer then her appearance. Priorities, people! Get them in check.

604 days ago


CONDOMS for christsake!! You DUMB men!!

604 days ago


Open the flood gates of Heaven. Let it rain. LET IT RAIN! Oowee! This story just fires me up. lol I don't know about you, but, I feel the rain. Can anybody else feel the rain? Its raining. Open your heart and feel the rain.

604 days ago


I bet her clam smells like dirty feet.

604 days ago


Royce made almost over 5 million for 4 seasons of bbwives she SHOULD be able to pay for her own lawyer...

603 days ago

A judge has yet to rule.

603 days ago


Is she a bad mom or he just don't wanna pay child support???

603 days ago


Props to Dwight for going for custody. If she was worried about him having an unfair advantage in a potential custody battle, she should not have gotten with him in first place.

603 days ago


WoW women are becoming more and more obselete in this country. It is a sad shame that these celebrity are using money and power to strip babies from women who carried them and gave them life. These women are not unfit. It will be shame on the fathers when those children grow up and see what they did to their moms. PEOPLE are so STUPID kids don't stay kids they become adults one day. These punk men who do this should be dealt with in the streets since they want to nurse and nurture children now.

603 days ago


A lot of these comments keep going on about him taking 'her child' away from her. It's their child the last time I checked. Not to mention just because he's asking for sole custody means he's never going to let her see their child. A lot of people are saying that he's doing this just so he won't have to pay for child support. If he has sole custody then he's obviously supporting the child no? Granted his work schedule would make it difficult to spend a lot of time with the child but her schedule isn't much better than his. At least it wasn't before her show went downhill. Could she be going after his money? Yes she COULD be but that doesn't mean she IS. We don't know everything about the case and therefore don't know if she is or isn't. However, does that mean he should be paying her legal fees? I don't think so. She made quite a bit on that show, she SHOULD be able to pay for her own. Yeah I know he can drag this case on until we all grey, but that doesn't mean he will.

603 days ago
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