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'Liz & Dick'

The Ratings Are In ...

It's No 'Steel Magnolias'

11/26/2012 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The ratings are in -- and Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick" did NOT get the viewers it needed to become Lifetime's most watched TV movie of 2012 ... not even close.

According to Lifetime, L&D drew 3.5 million viewers during its premiere last night -- solid, but not the earth-shattering numbers Lifetime was gunning for with all the buzz around the film.

Lifetime's "Steel Magnolias" -- the most-watched TV movie this year -- attracted 6.5 million.

The numbers make "Liz & Dick" the fourth most-watched Lifetime movie this year behind "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" (with 5.8 million viewers) and "Abducted: The Carlina White Story" (with 4.09 million viewers).

Still, Lifetime says L&D was up 40% versus other Lifetime original movies in 2012.

So, we gotta ask ...


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I hated the movie and was lost the whole time I thought it would've been better but I was wrong

698 days ago


And 3.499 of those 3.5 million just wanted to see if it was as bad as they were lead to believe.

698 days ago


Terrible acting by Lindsey. Why did they cast her?

698 days ago


this is one of those shows that you don't have to watch to know it blew chunks. I did not watch, was too busy, clippin my toe nails, scratching my ass and pickin my nose.

698 days ago

delusional much LL?    

that's low numbers for a movie hyped to the high heavens.
too bad for lowhan most were tuned in to see how bad it was gonna be,it delivered, and drinking games.

698 days ago


No Wonder Canada refused lifetime to make that abortion of a movie there..
After the chateau Bill,Not showing up for interviews and trashing the Liz trailer. I hope Lifetime sues her flat freckled nasto ass off.

698 days ago


I have to agree w a previous comment she should change to porn!! :(. Sorry

698 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Fourth best Lifetime movie of the YEAR!!!!! Slightly more than half the ratings of Steel Magnolias. Lifetime isn't saying, but did it even make the cut for one of the top 10 Lifetime telemovies?
I guess we can put to bed all that blathering from those that think Lindsay Lohan still has it. Chances are, she never actually had anything past a child's ability to mimic. Too bad for Lohan that while other people her age were honing their craft and working nothing acting jobs, Lohan was busy honing bones in a drunking drug induced haze for the last 7 years.
Now this stupid slore says she's ready for sitcom TV, although seriously:
> Has she ever show a flair for comedy?
> Has she ever shown a desire to get up every day at 7:00Am and work thru into the evening?
> Has she ever shown a desire to actually work WITH people and now show them utter contempt?
> Has she shown that she can still be insurable?
> Has she shown one iota of desire to actually work for a living?
> Has she ever done anything other that being "I'm Lindsay Lohan, move that cone"?
In short, why would anyone take a chance on this piece of shyte? The people that are producing Charlie Sheen's sitcom know that no matter how gacked he gets during the weekend, he will be ready on Monday. Lohan shows that she is just a waste of space.
Nope sorry Lindsay, the 12 year olds who grew up with you have moved onto other people to watch, and the 12 year old crowd see's a dumpy woman who looks to be close to 40.
Buh-Bye Lilo.

698 days ago


Did LaughTime plaster skyscrapers with "Steel Magnolias" advertising and buy one billion fake Twitter followers to promote the 20+ year-old film? They must have - and more.... since it got DOUBLE the ratings as Linds' last gasp.

698 days ago


I am actually surprised that there 3.5 million masochists in this country who would suffer through this sh!t. Of course, deadtime provided the numbers so maybe they were a decimal off, more likely.

698 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

That 3.5 millions viewers is a nice number Lifetime.
Now perhaps you can break that down into REAL numbers. You know, how many were watching by each hour. Or how many people watched the entire movie.
I don't want to know 3.5 million, I want to know the FACTS!!!!

698 days ago

World Record    

The best part was the end

698 days ago

Suzy Q     

I now think Elizabeth Taylor was an alcoholic, self absorbed, materialistic btch. Is that what the producers were looking for?

698 days ago

help this young woman    

"Liz & Dick" clocks in as the fourth most-watched original movie premiere on an ad-supported cable network for 2012, behind "Steel Magnolias," "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" and "Abducted: The Carlina White Story."
TMZ is wrong it is the 4th highest watch original movie of ALL cable network. It just so happens that Lifetime has the top 4 this year!

698 days ago


It's sad, but not too much, that most of the people who did watch came for their drinking game and to make fun of Lindsay and the movies bad writing. The majority of the 3.5 million are the ones who pull over to watch the bodies being pulled out of the wrecks. She needs to find a acting coach or school and seriously study with someone if she really loves acting and not just walking the red carpet and blowing kisses like a fool.

698 days ago
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