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'Liz & Dick'

The Ratings Are In ...

It's No 'Steel Magnolias'

11/26/2012 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The ratings are in -- and Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick" did NOT get the viewers it needed to become Lifetime's most watched TV movie of 2012 ... not even close.

According to Lifetime, L&D drew 3.5 million viewers during its premiere last night -- solid, but not the earth-shattering numbers Lifetime was gunning for with all the buzz around the film.

Lifetime's "Steel Magnolias" -- the most-watched TV movie this year -- attracted 6.5 million.

The numbers make "Liz & Dick" the fourth most-watched Lifetime movie this year behind "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" (with 5.8 million viewers) and "Abducted: The Carlina White Story" (with 4.09 million viewers).

Still, Lifetime says L&D was up 40% versus other Lifetime original movies in 2012.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Who is Pearl Hilton? Is it one of Perez's alters?

660 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

More great news on the Lohan express:
A fairly long article that discusses LiLow being sued by LifeTime, going to jail for lying to the police, breach of contract, accepting 100 large from CSheen, delusions of high paying sitcoms, and of course Lohan's serial lying.
Yep, just another day in the universe of crazy.
Oh, and another lovely photospread of Lohan streatching out that ugly dress.

660 days ago


Lohan got thrown out of the 7k apt she couldnt afford.

See it took no time at all Lohan blameing Lifetime. Doesn't matter if she didn't think she sucked everyone thought so and thats what counts. Now shes back saying she didn't read reviews yeah, right.

I had a feeling Lifetime was going to sue her over the accident. Looks like they are.

another good point is if the cops don't charge her they will look very bad. With her rotten reputation and no talent. I don't see her getting any work at all. Maybe Sheen will give her a job hes probally the only one that would. No one else is going to hire her.

660 days ago


my girl charlize theron standing next to frumpy lielo..
Who wore it better? Lindsay Lohan (retweet) or Charlize Theron (favorite).

660 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan may be sued by Lifetime for driving, Sheen tells her do a sitcom (Video)
Celebrity News
November 28, 2012
By: Bryan Bard

Lindsay Lohan's Production Prohibits Her From DrivingLindsay Lohan's Production Prohibits Her From Driving

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. .

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•Charlie Sheen


Lindsay Lohan’s woes continue today with Fox News reporting that the Lifetime channel may be filing suit against the 26 year-old actress over breach of contract. It seems Lifetime’s insurer for the movie had a strict clause inserted into Lindsay Lohan’s contract stipulating not only that she was not to drive at all during filming of “Liz & Dick”, but also barred her from even riding in any other vehicle other than the one they provided, with a driver, throughout the entire six week filming period. However, it appears she violated that clause by allegedly being behind the wheel in June when her Porsche slammed into the back of a semi truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. It was reported earlier this month that the crime of lying to police would be filed as a misdemeanor by the Santa Monica City Attorney. This could spell big trouble for Lohan given she’s still on probation for her necklace theft, which could trigger a violation of that probation and send Lohan back to prison. But the latest bad news isn’t worrying Lindsay, who just days ago made her latest plans known. The “Mean Girls” actress now wants to star in a sitcom on television.

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t even supposed to be a passenger in her rented Porsche when it crashed during filming of “Liz & Dick” over the summer. If the contract clause is accurate, that’s a breach right there. But it’s widely believed she was actually driving and lied to police about it out of fear of violating her probation.

Lindsay not only facing criminal charges over June car crash, but may be sued by Lifetime for breach of contract.

Photo credit:

. .
The ironic thing is the accident itself probably wouldn’t have violated her probation, that’s why they’re called accidents. But lying to police is a crime, one that if she ends up charged with could see her probation revoked.

Cops didn’t buy her story at the time, and multiple witnesses at the scene confirmed to them that Lindsay Lohan was the driver. As of right now sources tell FOX411 that there’s a very high probability that the D.A. will proceed with the charges given that the incident is so public now, and it could make them look bad if they don’t charge her.

Of course maybe Lindsay lied because she was under the influence of something at the time. Sources say cops found prescription pills in Lindsay’s purse after the crash and witnesses at the scene claim pills were also scattered in her trunk.

Lifetime apparently didn’t take any action previously because they wanted to wait until “Liz & Dick” premiered, since that would have spelled bad press for the movie. Now they’re likely waiting to see whether criminal charges are actually filed against Lindsay for lying, because that would give them a stronger position against her in civil court for the contract breach.

If Lohan is charged, there will be a probation revocation hearing during which the judge can decide to reinstate certain terms of Lindsay's probation, modify those terms, or revoke her probation altogether and send her back to prison.

Meanwhile all this gloom and doom isn’t getting Ms. Lohan down. A close source told Radar Online that Lindsay has asked her team to look into getting her a television show. “Lindsay feels that the small screen would be a great way for her to revitalize her acting career and that a comedy would be the best bet”.

Supposedly it was her “Scary Movie” cohort Charlie Sheen that advised her she should do it. Charlie told Lindsay that it was easy money and could help her get her movie career back on track. “Lindsay is loving the idea of having her own sitcom and would love to play someone in a story based on her crazy life”, the source said.

Of course it’s all over the news recently that Sheen is alleged to have helped bail Lindsay Lohan out of tax debt to the tune of $100,000. You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you’re leaning on Charlie Sheen for help and advice.

Poor Lindsay, who claims not to pay attention to critics and reviews, is apparently in “a bad way” over all the negative reactions to her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor. Dane Cook said, “I just realized ‘Liz & Dick’ is on. No, I wasn’t watching it, but I can literally smell it”. Nasty.

Comedian Morgan Murphy quipped, “If you want to see something better than ‘Liz & Dick’, go to Youtube and search for ‘explosive diarrhea’, ‘Liz & Dick’ has shown us all what it looks like when the girl who smokes in the parking lot gets cast as the lead in the high school play”. Scathing.

But Lindsay can take heart in the fact that none other than self-avowed outcast Lady Gaga has come to her defense, telling Lindsay to ignore all the critics and praising her for her performance. Classy
This story came out about a hour ago and look whos the first and only comment on it


Michael Prymula · Top Commenter · College of Lake County

I'm not so sure Lindsay will be charged with anything, as lying to police about your involvement in a crime is generally not considered a crime in itself, so I'm guessing that's why no charges have been pressed yet.

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660 days ago


I agree the cops don't like being made a fool of. Thats Lohans screw you I'll do what I want attitude. look where it got her.

C'mon how stupid. You don't piss off cops and you certinly don't piss of judges. Then again, Lohan is a friggin moron.

Not to worry she will do something stupid to get back in the tabloids for attention. Wonder if she will running to all the talk shows now to boast and bragged how she bombed. Doubt it.

660 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I think it's time for someone to tell Nicole and a few others about something important.
That thing about lying to the police is not a crime is only true on Police shows and half azzed movies. IN REAL LIFE, UNDER CERTAIN CIRKUMSTANCES IT IS VERY TRUE!!!
> There was an open bottle of alcohol in that Porsche, there were pill in bottles and all over the floor, someone had to be behind the wheel. The police asked a convicted felon on probation if she was driving . . .
> And Lohan looked the Police in the eye and said "Gavin was driving".
> Now the cops are after her azz, Lifetime is after her to try to recoup some of the $ million plus they lost due to her being a druken drug addict, and her career has dipped slightly farther into the shyter.
> But some people don't care as long as "Holly can get her off". Some people just continue to be in MAXIMUM DENIAL, and some just cry out in a drunken stupor "Lilolicious" every once in a while.
> I'm really looking forward to see where this sitcom thing is going. Her natural flair for comedy, her Puritan like work ethic, her commitment to the art of acting, all those years of dancing lessons, singing lessons, all that hard work, It all comes together now in one great super nova of talent . . . . .
> BWAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahaha Oh God, which is worse, Lohan's continued delusion that she still has a place in hollywood, or her sycophants thinking she still is a star.

660 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So is SM5 going to sue her too for having to send a private jet to pick her dumb ass up after she failed to show for work?

Maybe that will be a new her, then sue her........

660 days ago


I'm glad Lifetime got some ratings to try and get some of their wasted money back. The good thing is this doesn't do Lohan one bit of good.

Yeah, like she thinks shes the female version of Sheen. Sheen has more talent comedic and dramatic in his coked out wasted pinky then Lohan will ever have.

Lohan gets so wasted she can't even make it to a cameo shoot without a breach of contract suite against her. A TV show in her dreams. No one will ever hire her. Shes no talent and no draw. This is a business and Lohan is bad for business.

660 days ago


@grandma... I was wondering that too. Wouldn't that be too funny. Well they didn't charge her for stealing 15k worth of clothes from wardrobe because it wasn't worth it. And Lohan never fired back that she didn't steal them.

But they did make it a point to put out there for all to see "That this is what you get for doing business with Lindsay Lohan" That is much more worse than charging her for the clothes.

That just tells investors, producers and directors to stay far away from Lohan. Very good chance they will after this flop.

660 days ago


@nikki...I'm fron Jersey but now in SC.

660 days ago


"I'm not so sure Lindsay will be charged with anything, as lying to police about your involvement in a crime is generally not considered a crime in itself, so I'm guessing that's why no charges have been pressed yet."

Any idiot can figure out that until Linds lied to the police, there was no crime. Breach of contract, definitely, but no crime. Unless someone was worried about the drugs scattered all over the car, and the open container of vodka WITH UNMELTED ICE found Next to the smoldering wreckage. Oh, wait..... that stupid quote was from the multi-faceted HELLp.

660 days ago


Hay Thanks Grandma.

660 days ago


@grandma...yeah, a bunch of morons.

660 days ago



660 days ago
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