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'Liz & Dick'

The Ratings Are In ...

It's No 'Steel Magnolias'

11/26/2012 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The ratings are in -- and Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick" did NOT get the viewers it needed to become Lifetime's most watched TV movie of 2012 ... not even close.

According to Lifetime, L&D drew 3.5 million viewers during its premiere last night -- solid, but not the earth-shattering numbers Lifetime was gunning for with all the buzz around the film.

Lifetime's "Steel Magnolias" -- the most-watched TV movie this year -- attracted 6.5 million.

The numbers make "Liz & Dick" the fourth most-watched Lifetime movie this year behind "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" (with 5.8 million viewers) and "Abducted: The Carlina White Story" (with 4.09 million viewers).

Still, Lifetime says L&D was up 40% versus other Lifetime original movies in 2012.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

MARCH 4, 2012
(regarding SNL)

"Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she understands it wasn't a perfect show, but she feels proud of the episode."
"According to our sources, Lindsay understands people are going to bash her performance regardless ... but she feels she did the best she could do."

Fast forward:

NOVEMBER 28, 2012
(regarding Liz & Dick)

"Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has told friends she will ignore all negative reviews of 'Liz & Dick' because she is proud of her work on the movie."
"A source told "She thought it was great and she had a good time filming and working on the project."
""Lindsay did her best and she's pleased with how everything turned out."

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

657 days ago


@zephyr...Lohan never prepaired for the role she was telling everybody she was. She was way to busy going out and getting wasted. And it showed.

657 days ago


Alright, Zephyr.... I saw that pic of Linds' hideous talon. See the advanced leprosy under her thumbnail? It looks like it's ready to abandon skank. *GACK!*

657 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

If Lindsay had done a good job on anything I would say so. Her problem is that she makes movies and TV appearances because she has to in between her party schedule.

She banks on the fact that she did well as a child and showed promise. She did not cultivate that into adult acting skills. That is all on her, and her management team that allows her to get away with it, then she cries when she does a crap job that she is so misunderstood.

Yeah, all of Hollywood is just jealous Linds............

657 days ago


Oh, yeah, always makes time for drinking and drugging. She's no actress.

Lohan will be muleing if she isn't already. Got to get her drugs somewhere.

657 days ago


It's not even her management team which she doesn't have. She can't blame anyone but herself. That plain and simple.

Too late for acting 101. Nobody want's to work with. Why the hell would they. She keeps on prooving why that is. No one is jealous of Lohan. She's Hollywood poison. She needs to take her over blown ego out of her ass. She doesn't have the talent to cop the attitude she does.

It's all backfiring on her. And that's way over due. What goes around comes around. Bet you she's not laughing now.

657 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

LMFAO Nikki. Just think, who knows what sleazebag she just gave a hand job to right before that pic of her hand was taken!


Zep, I had to walk away and look at some pretty pictures. Than I come back and you now put a vision in my head that has grossed me out even more

Im not a guy but I wouldn't let those nasty hands anywhere near my dick.
I keep my nails and hands nice for my man, I know he likes the way my nails and mouth look on his co*k !!!!
He may not get his flowers tonight, for what you did to

657 days ago

Sitting Bull    


657 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwahhahahahha! They already pulled Jizz n Dick off of Failtime...PRICELESS!!

Red Crap is going to be mad at Failtime. Red Crap was holding on to ratings


Another down fall for Red Crap

Dont know whos falling faster, Red Crap or Blohan

But its really funny !!!!

657 days ago


Lindsay is at a Bieber concert and is being mobbed by anxious fans. There are a lot of tweets and pictures. I'll post this, but you can probably find more as it is kind of nutty there:

Was just standing next to Lindsay Lohan. Justin is late since he's doing tree lighting.


I just touched Lindsey Lohan omg

657 days ago

Sitting Bull    

Sitting Bull's a much nicer guy this time. He's returned from exile.
L&D is on Saturday at 8:00 PM and Sunday at12:01 AM. It will be on again thgrough December and probably again in January. It will be on again and agian and again like her other movies.

657 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh, ILG, I remember Sitting Bull and Da Rock and John Smith all too well!

657 days ago


Hide all you want, Red Rocket - we've got your number. It is - of course - 6126. Soon to be Inmate C4F0045525. No visiting on weekends allowed.

657 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

So they are playing "Pass the Pig" back stage at the lighting

657 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

LOL! This pic she has the witch chin going on

657 days ago
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