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'Liz & Dick'

The Ratings Are In ...

It's No 'Steel Magnolias'

11/26/2012 2:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The ratings are in -- and Lindsay Lohan's "Liz & Dick" did NOT get the viewers it needed to become Lifetime's most watched TV movie of 2012 ... not even close.

According to Lifetime, L&D drew 3.5 million viewers during its premiere last night -- solid, but not the earth-shattering numbers Lifetime was gunning for with all the buzz around the film.

Lifetime's "Steel Magnolias" -- the most-watched TV movie this year -- attracted 6.5 million.

The numbers make "Liz & Dick" the fourth most-watched Lifetime movie this year behind "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" (with 5.8 million viewers) and "Abducted: The Carlina White Story" (with 4.09 million viewers).

Still, Lifetime says L&D was up 40% versus other Lifetime original movies in 2012.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Not 1st ....a win.......Not 2nd and good place not even 3rd place a good show....but a lousy 4 place which in any contest or pole is just the same as Last place its a LOSER Place...! counts for O !!!

609 days ago


Just could not get passed Lindsey Lohan..She looked like a little girl playing dress up in her mothers mother's clothes. Why would she be picked to play Elizabeth Taylor???? I know there are plenty actresses out there that could have played Elizabeth Taylor...even an unknown actress. She was absolutely terrible. Just could not take the movie serious. She ruined the movie.

609 days ago


And again because you're dimmer than a total eclipse:
By ANY measure Steel Magnolias got more eyeballs than Dicking Liz. THAT's the bottom line.

609 days ago


Not to worry Lohan will pull some blame game on anybody but herself.

If Lohan had an ounce of brain (which she does not) she would just keep her stupid ass big mouth shut. She just stunk, tanked, bombed plain and simple. Can't blame having no talent on anyone but herself.

609 days ago


It ain't getting any bettter for Liho...
A natural disaster swept across America on Sunday night, laying waste to everything in its path. And by "everything," we mean Lindsay Lohan's career comeback, the memory of Elizabeth Taylor, the fine art of acting and the nation's alcohol reserves, which were seriously depleted by the many drinking games inspired by the small-screen catastrophe known as "Liz & Dick."

Now, as the Red Cross hands out coffee to survivors of the Lifetime flick, it seems Lindsay is stunned by the blistering reaction to her performance, which critics called "woeful" and "terrible" (and those were the nice ones).

609 days ago


BTW Crazy- that 3.5 Million works out to 1.0 /share. Have a gander at the big 4's shares:
Even 666 Park Avenue beat it. I'd love to know what Walking Dead got.
7:00 FOX NFL Football (49ers at Saints) - Live 6.7/18 18.77
CBS 60 Minutes/ Football 2.2/6 12.20
NBC Football Night in America Part 1 - Live 1.9/5 6.01
ABC America's Funniest Home Videos 1.6/4 6.58
7:30 FOX NFL/ The O.T - Live 5.3/13 13.91
NBC Football Night in America Part 2 - Live 2.8/7 8.13
8:00 NBC Football Night in America Part 3 - Live 5.3/13 15.66
FOX The Simpsons 3.3/8 7.53
ABC Once Upon A Time 3.0/7 8.76
CBS The Amazing Race 2.5/6 9.88
8:30 NBC NFL Football : Packers at Giants - Live (8:30-11:00PM) 6.7/16 18.46
FOX Bob's Burgers 2.0/5 4.73
9:00 FOX Family Guy 2.8/6 5.76
ABC Revenge 2.2/5 6.80
CBS The Good Wife 1.7/4 9.52
9:30 FOX The Cleveland Show 1.9/4 4.32
10:00 CBS The Mentalist 1.8/5 10.28
ABC 666 Park Avenue 1.2/3 3.96

609 days ago


it awesomely sucked....rather sucked awesomely. Either way, it really sucked and wasn't awesome. I had to watch this train wreck and lasted for 10 minutes. She simply can't act, never could, except "acting" as herself, a child. I think her chances are done and she needs to find a new line of work. After the Sheen 100K payout, maybe she has found other profession...the oldest one in the book - a ho.

609 days ago


OK, I'm PHANTOM like 'checking' every single solitary comment of GC, FU, Andy, Ketjo, Vorlon, Sez, BC, Mumra, Max, Vin, Zephy, am I forgetting
anyone . . .?

609 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

"Those Magnolias were on loan!!!"

609 days ago

Shar J    

I'm embarrassed I caved in to watch this pathetic Lifetime movie. Lohan's performance was robotic at best and in no way did she emulate Liz verbally or visually. And Mr. Casting Director, La Liz was not covered in freckles.

609 days ago


I know she reads TMZ. With this comeback going in the toilet and her temper, I wonder if the stolen laptop from Chateau Marmont is still in service. She's probably been beating the keys and throwing it.

609 days ago


Where's the "Didn't Watch" option??

609 days ago


Awe !!!!! Looks like it ain't stopping our getting red checks Lohan perfect stranger who are just trolling are giving us checks ....what are you going do block everybody ? .....Spiteful much.....
by the way its called "Cutting your nose off to spite your face...and sweetie you look bad enough without doing that....!

609 days ago


To hear Susan tell it, Blohans movie got better ratings than the Superbowl and the finale of Lost combined. Epic fail. Thanx for playing . . .

609 days ago


And while I'm metaphorically slapping you around Crazy- how much did Lifetime spend promoting this Fourth Place gem> Those big posters, bollboards, and everything else Lifetime carpet bombed LA with that Chicken Marvin was trumpeting don't come cheap.
And what was the result???? A measly 3.5 M/1 share and FOURTH place finish for the year.
And I would be negligent to point out this turkey was moved OUT of sweeps because the channel had ZERO confidence in it.
Got any more straw man arguments?

609 days ago
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