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Angus T. Jones

Embracing Homophobic, Anti-Obama, Doomsday Theorist

11/27/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z is a freemason with a Satanic agenda ... in fact, he's executing a plan concocted by Lucifer himself, at least according to the man who is serving as a spiritual guide to "Two and a Half Men" star Angus T. Jones.

The man behind the theory is Christopher Hudson -- who is featured with Jones in the "testimonial" video where Angus trashes "Men" as "filth" that goes against his newfound religious ideology.

In the video, Jones says he discovered Hudson through his ForeRunner Chronicles video series -- in which Hudson spouts off about a variety of topics ... including:

-- Why he believes Jay-Z is a Freemason with ties to the devil
-- How Obama's pro-gay agenda has similarities to Hitler
-- How the NYC gas crisis can lead to cannibalism

In fact, Hudson warned his followers that the gas crisis can turn into a food crisis, forcing women to begin cannibalizing their own children -- "Your baby might start looking like a chicken wing."

So does Jones believe everything Hudson is preaching? It sure seems that way ... because during the "testimony" video, Angus praised Hudson, saying, "I love watching ForeRunner Chronicles ... all the information is so great."

He continued, "Your videos have no doubt been a blessing to me."

We spoke with Hudson who tells us he and Angus have become close over the past year and share similar beliefs. We also reached out to Angus -- but we haven't heard back.


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just because    

Religious Freaks Gone Wild

693 days ago


Yeah cause Hitler was y'know a big fan of the gays.

693 days ago


People who are not in favor of homosexuality are not afraid of it. I think YOU are afraid of them. You sure get bent out of shape whenever someone opposes your perversions.

693 days ago


These 2 are UseLess and Obama is a Great President and that is why i want Obama to change the LONG name of [THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA] to a much SHORTER name that basically says the same thing [AMERICAN UNION], Hey if The MEXICAN President can do it then Obama can too...

693 days ago


.Give away all that money you earned from making Two and Half Men and then we'll see how committed you truly are to your cause...or committed to a mental institution. Just a white Todd Bridges...too young, too much money.

693 days ago


That Hudson dude looks like an alien.Run Angus run.
I see this kids bank balance vanishing fast , still if he believes this nutter he has no one to blame but himself.Where are his parents?

693 days ago


i heard 1 in every 10 people is Gay or BiSexual....

693 days ago


"Your baby might start looking like a chicken wing"

693 days ago


i don't like bones so i will only eat the baby if it looks like a Chicken

693 days ago


FIre his ass ungrateful prick. Too many people could use his Satan money to feed their families. **** of Angus!

693 days ago


Um...even if you hold the same opinions as this snot nosed punk...why would you care what he thinks or believes? This is where you idiots get lost all the time. Agree or disagree with them, but...who cares what Matt Damon, Ben Afleck, Rosanne Barr, Sean Penn, Janaene Garafalo...or ANY other so called "celebrity" THINKS? None are any smarter than you are, no matter what the size of their bank accounts are...and most are about 2 brain cells away from qualifying for the special olympics. The next time one of these jerks opens their mouth to tell you what they think...tell them to shut up and go act, sing, dance or maybe just buy another car or home. Because what is about to come out of their mouths is about as credible and profound as what a hobo on skid row would have to say.

693 days ago


they should can his ass and then cancel the show

693 days ago


Ahh nothing like a brain washed idiot. Also cue the homophobic retards living in their moms basements jacking off to porn because they can't get action.

693 days ago


and I thought he just PLAYED stupid.

693 days ago


Another example of a psychotic xenophobic evangelical who wants to take advantage of a stupid person for their money. Trust me; this creep is in it to score some major bank. The dude neds a serious beatdown...

693 days ago
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