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Kelsey & Kayte

Pull a Britney with Baby


11/28/2012 8:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer's 4-month-old baby doesn't just party at the Playboy mansion ... she also dangerously rides in vehicles WITHOUT A CAR SEAT ... and it was all caught on tape.

Kelsey and his wife Kayte arrived at LAX yesterday with their adorable (and fragile) baby daughter Faith ... when they were met by a waiting chauffeured SUV.

But as Kayte was about to enter the car with the kid, she realized there was no car seat in the SUV ... but she got in the car with the baby anyway.

Kayte seatbelted herself in the car, and with the baby cradled against her chest, the car took off ... a clear violation of the California car seat law.

We're assuming the baby made it home unfazed ... but according to various safety organizations, it's a STUPID risk to transport your newborn without a proper child safety seat ... considering car seats can significantly reduce the risk of injury in an accident.

Of course, Britney Spears took all sorts of heat when she drove around with her baby in her LAP several years ago. 

Kelsey's rep, Stan Rosenfield, insists there was a car seat inside the vehicle ... though there's no evidence of that in this video.



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Both are IDIOTS!!!Someone call CPS in CALI and have the child taken away from these A$$HOLES!

663 days ago


this guy is such an idiot

663 days ago


Safe this child a lifetime of craziness....let it be raised in the institution on American Gothic. It would have to be a better environment.

663 days ago


Let me tell you, if they were to get in an accident, that helpless child would launch through that car like a football. It's no joke when people not wearing seat belts get thrown through glass windows during a crash. There would be no way for that mother to keep that child in her arms when dealing with the force of a crash. Someone please call CPS.

663 days ago

Jay W.     

I remember when kids rode in the back of a pickup truck going down the 5 freeway. We're all still alive. Oh how the times have changed.

663 days ago


he's got enough kids to know better, how stupid, that baby deserves better.

663 days ago


i am more and more impressed by these two, all the time.

663 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

At this rate the baby will be out clubbing with Lindsay before she's 3.

663 days ago


These idiots seriously need to LEARN how to PARENT!!!! This precious baby is going to suffer. Talk about neglected

663 days ago


It could have been someone's oversight that a car seat was supposed to be in the SUV and was not but they needed to have found one before taking Faith anywhere.

663 days ago


STUPID B!TCH!!!! & her mommy ain't too bright neither.

663 days ago


Car seats are not required for commercial vehicles.

663 days ago


Just goes to show you how badly parenting is with these couple. You know there is definitely something wrong when you BRING A CHILD to Playboy mansion, THAT IS A RED FLAG with CPS Services! Usually, if both can't attend that function, knowing there is an infant, ONE MUST SACRIFICE and stay at home with the baby. I would hope it's this stupid young c_un_t for her baby's well-being and health matters the most, but for her to risk it and bring the baby is so not right. First off, babies are sensitive, their ears are fragile, with all the music, booze and partying and loud noises, it could certainly damage her ears! Second, you just don't expose your baby to strangers, having sex next doors, and doing drugs and what have you! I am appalled by these moron's behavior!!!!

663 days ago


And drinking coffee with a baby on your lap????

663 days ago


Very smart , I mean you must have all your brain cells to drive with a baby and no carseat ! Seriously someone do something with theses idiots , don't wait until its too late .

663 days ago
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