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Kelsey Grammer

We Put Baby in Car Seat

BEFORE We Left the Airport

11/28/2012 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer claims he and his wife DID secure their baby in a car seat before they left LAX yesterday.

Grammer's rep tells TMZ ... at some point, before the family left the airport grounds, Kelsey loaded up a car seat and strapped baby Faith inside before they hit L.A. city streets.

Since the footage we posted earlier appears to show Kayte and the baby inside the vehicle WITHOUT a car seat, the rep may be insinuating that the car circled around the airport and picked up Kelsey, who eventually retrieved a car seat.   It does appear ... after Kayte and the baby drove off, Kelsey went down to baggage claim and picked up the luggage that was checked.

As we previously reported, it's against CA car seat law to have a 4-month-old child inside of a moving vehicle without a car seat ... so even if the car JUST circled the airport, they still broke the law.

So, we gotta ask ...


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WOW, TMZ must be hurting for stories. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill, TMZ is doing its best to attack them for this. My God man, we are so programmed into critisizing people for stupid things. Not putting a baby in a car seat while circling the airport is not a federal case.. And taking a baby to the playboy mansion is not a big deal either. Good gracious, these people need to get a life, they are so focused on what other people do, it must make them feel better about their own miserable lives.

664 days ago

No Name Jane    


664 days ago


They are goofy.

664 days ago


why are you picking on Kelsey Grammer. He is an A-hole but surely he is not alone.

664 days ago


Has anyone checked Kayte's IQ? She seems mentally challenged and probably shouldn't be responsible for a baby. As for Kelsey, we already know he prefers sons to daughters when he tried to split up his kids with Camille and wanted only his son.

664 days ago


Hey Kelsey you DumbF*ck. You’ve obviously have been busted now you wanna make excuses. 1st off you are too damn OLD to have a 4 month old baby, That alone is RIDICULIOUS! You and your so called wife need to stop making excuses and get that kid in a car seat!!

664 days ago


More proof that hot women suck and @#$% for money reguardless of moral objections and sense.

664 days ago


man. I'm so glad I grew up before everyone became helmet-wearing *******, scared of their own shadow. We stood on the front seats of the car as mom drove, we played in sprinklers (oh the slipping risk!), Made RAMPS to JUMP with our bikes, without helmets! Rode minibikes that spewed smoke, and had comeraderie between us that kids nowadays can only replicate with a "buddy request". Lord, THANK YOU for placing my childhood in the seventies and eighties! THANK YOU!!! Protectionists, eat ****!

664 days ago


Kayte has low IQ?
Camille used to be a gogo dancer for MTV, then she did pornos and then Playboy photos (...naked).
Yeah im sure a person with high IQ need to do porn. As we all know, the porn industry is full of geniuses ;)

Camille is also the same woman who says she sometimes have sex 3 times a day with her new boyfriend. Who talks about her boyfriends dick size, who said in last RHOB episode that she and her husband call up TMZ with stories.

Attention whore? yes!

664 days ago


And for all you dumb-asses who brings up the "Playboy-story" How about that his ex, Camille used to do porn for Playboy?

Ah thats what a mother should do, right?

How will Camille explain for her children her porn movies and porno photos? how will she trick them into not think she is a gold digger?

What would you guys be must ashamed of: My dad brought my sister to playboy mansion with his wife, or that my mother used to tape pornos and show her ***** for playboy magazines? How a woman with a porn history can get the kids 50% of the time is a ****ing mystery for me.

664 days ago


Have we all gone nuckin futz about a baby in/out of a car seat circling an airport? They are parents of a baby. They have lapses in judgment. I personally don't care for Kelsey Grammer. I don't know anything about Kayte Grammer. Come on people. Have you never made a mistake in raising your children? I have made too many to even count. Peace and love.

664 days ago


I'm sure they were trying to avoid getting mobbed by fans. Give them a break.

664 days ago


C'mon people - they are good parents. They've spent more time parenting this kid than his ex has ever spent with hers; the nannies raised them.

664 days ago


You guys need to get a belt violation is not your damn business...and as far as the Playboy thing your source was Kendra a dingbat Playboy model/porno star...very good source indeed...

664 days ago


I drove to Nebraska In a station with no car seat in my Moms arms and laying down sleeping in the back. I also road in the back seat facing the other way looking at cars coming right at me RELAX...Britney was driving with the baby in the lap while she was driving, a little different. Harvey and Charles probably can relate. Your staff is to young to even no about those days

664 days ago
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