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Joe Jackson

Suffers a Stroke

11/29/2012 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Joe Jackson
has suffered a stroke -- and is currently being treated at a hospital.

A source close to the family tells TMZ, Michael Jackson's father suffered a "mini-stroke" last night. He was transported to a hospital, where he's still being treated.

Details surrounding the medical emergency are unclear, as well as how serious the actual stroke was.

Last time we saw Joe, he was in good spirits in Las Vegas, where he proudly showed off the gun he carries around in his jacket.

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Dr. Patrick Treacy radio interview about Michael Jackson
Sunshine radio interviews Dr. Patrick Treacy about Randall Sullivan's new book 'Untouchable: ..... and the new Everland Children's Orphanage in Liberia that was built by Michael Jackson fans around the world

689 days ago


This is to "serious" you really need to go do your research because MJ WAS NOT A MOLESTER! He was framed. The parents who perused charges against him had financial problems before meeting him. One parent was a dentist who had malpractice lawsuits and in financial hell, the other parent was accused of welfare fraud and came from a poor background. There are always two sides to a story, you cannot believe everything the media says! They will make an innocent man look guilty for ratings and salrs. MJ was found NOT GUILTY on the second charge bc the jury saw through the lies. The boy also admitted to wanting to be an actor! The prosecutor Tom Sneddon was known for falsifying evidence on other defendants besides MJ. MJ was another victim of the ruthless man. He was a greedy, bigoted SOB who would do anything for money. MJ wasn't charged with molestation during the first case but negligence. Celebrities get sued ALL the time for negligence, but the media, for ratings said it was for molestation. MJ's insurance company paid out the settlement because he was on his Dangerous Tour and this case would interfere. MJ WANTED to go to court to prove his innocence b/c he knew he would win, but his insurance Co went over him, b/c they can do that and settled out for court but for NEGLIGENCE NOT MOLESTATION. Even the boy from the first case REFUSED to lie and testify against MJ and hasn't spoken to his father since that case in 1993. The court docs are on the internet for people to see

687 days ago


I also forgot to add that the second accuser's parent (Arvizo) who was accused of welfare fraud, was also known to try to go after other celebrities. She tried to go after Jay Leno! Chris Tucker warned MJ to becareful of the Arvizos, but b/c he was too trusting, he ended up paying the price. MJ opened his heart n home to that family. They took his kindness for weakness- going on shopping sprees- charging them to MJ's account, going into parts of his house they weren't allowed to, being rude to his staff. He asked them to leave n the mother wanted revenge b/c she got too comfortable with the "good life". She called up the same prosecutor who handled the first case, the ruthless Tom Sneddon thinking she was going to get paid. MJ said hell no and went to trial. The case fell apart in court - couldn't keep their stories straight. Sneddon falsified evidence n even tampered with evidence! The boy admitted on tape to wanting to be an actor! Like I said, the only reason the boys father (Chandler) from the first case won was b/c it was MJ's insurance co who paid out b/c he was on the Dangerous Tour n the case was settled for NEGLIGENCE NOT MOLESTATION. So many celebrities get sued for negligence, it's the easiest suit to bring against someone b/c evidence isn't always needed. BUT to sue for molestation requires going to trial n evidence. MJ WANTED to go trial b/c evidence would have to be brought against him and there was NONE! So the boys father dropped the case down to NEGLIGENCE so he win money and not have to prove anything b/c he knew he'd lose! MJs insurance paid NEGLIGENCE settlement NOT MOLESTATION, (remember celebrities and wealthy ppl in general get sued all the time for negligence) b/c they wanted to MJ to go back on tour, had MJ gone to trial this could have taken months and the tour would have been canceled therefore millions of dollars in revenue being lost. Which is why during the second case he went to trial because he knew evidence would have to brought against him and guess they raided his house and FOUND NOTHING, except some booty magazines featuring women of all races that most men have anyway in their homes anyway!

687 days ago


Edit To Add: the second case went to trial b/c this time they thought they'd actually get away with suing with under molestation charges but MJ said hell no, he knew evidence would have to brought against him and there was NONE, the prosecutors stories fell apart in court, and the boy admitted on tape to wanting to be an actor! MJ WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY, they raided his house and FOUND NOTHING, but some booty magazines featuring women of all races that most men have anyway in their homes anyway! People lied on him for so many years and ruined what he worked so hard to achieve. His legacy will forever be tainted by greedy people who lie for money. As MJ was once said "you would do anything for money" he even wrote a song about the SOB Prosecutor Tom Sneddon.

687 days ago


AEG files their summary judgment motion asking to dismiss Katherine Jackson lawsuit
We are in the phase where one party files a summary judgment motion asking to dismiss all or parts of a lawsuit before it goes to trial. AEG has just filed their summary judgment motion in an attempt to dismiss Katherine Jackson's lawsuit against them.

AEG Live, Gongaware and Phillips has filed their own summary judgment motion.

AEG Inc, and Leiweike has filed a separate summary judgment motion. but mainly they argue that the parent company AEG and Leiweike had no contact or involvement with Michael or Murray and therefore they should be removed as parties.

Almost all depositions AEG cite are marked confidential and filed under seal.

AEG Live, Phillips and Gongaware's Summary Judgment motion link :

AEG Inc, and Leiweike has filed a separate summary judgment motion. But mainly they argue that the parent company AEG Inc. and Leiweike had no contact or involvement with Michael or Murray and therefore they should be removed as parties.

Summary of the AEG Live, Gongaware and Phillips summary judgment motion (do***ent posted above) is as follows:

AEG is asking dismissal based on "matter of law" as there's no triable issues.

First action : Breach of contract.

In this claim Katherine Jackson claimed AEG had a legal duty and failed to perform their legal duty and acted negligently. AEG denies this claim saying there was no legal duty. They argue that they had no duty to protect Michael from Murray.

A. Katherine claimed there was a "special relationship" between Michael and AEG because Michael was dependent to AEG. AEG argues that the legal definition of special relationship is pretty specific and it involves situations such as the relationship between foster children and foster parents and prisoners and guards and so on. They argue that Michael was a 50 year old intelligent and successful entertainer and he wasn't a child or a prisoner.

A.1. AEG further argues that financial dependence - even if true - doesn't create a special relationship. If it did then every person would be dependent to their employee or their bank. AEG simply argues that every one even though they might have debt have the option to change jobs, sell their assets and declare bankruptcy.

AEG argues that law doesn't recognize special relationship in regards to medical care - unless there's full control. For example law recognizes control over a prisoner's medical care as the prisoner is under the total control of the guards. AEG claims as Michael was not in custody of AEG no such control over his medical care exists.

AEG argues that even though the court to assume that there was some special relationship between AEG and Michael, AEG's only responsibility would be to provide access to medical care. The quality of the medical care would still be responsibility of the doctor Murray and not AEG. AEG argues that the according to law the duty to provide quality medical care is through the doctor to the patient.

A.2. AEG argues that there are no evidence / facts to show that there was a special relationship.

AEG states they did not control Michael's finances. Michael signed the tour deal voluntarily after months of negotiations and changes to the contract. AEG says that despite the claims Michael did not put his personal assets as collateral (Ivy's note: This is something I've been saying for some time now. Michael only put MJJ Co's assets as collateral. The catalogs were personal assets that were hold in separate bankruptcy remote trusts. Catalogs weren't a collateral)

AEG compares Michael deciding to go on tour rather than to sell his assets to any American that works to pay their debts.

AEG says they did not control Michael's medical care. AEG says they did not isolate or stopped Michael from seeing any doctor (Note: Arnie Klein's creditors claims showing that Michael visited him up to 3 days before his death is added as an exhibit) AEG also denies the claim that they forced Michael to see Murray and argue that Murray is Michael's long term physician - even before any deal with AEG.

AEG also states that Murray started to perform services in April 2009 - a month before any AEG executive ever heard of him.

B. Negligent undertaking

B. 1.2. AEG argues that they did not undertake Michael's medical care and this did not increase the chances of any more harm. AEG argues that Murray have been treating Michael for a long time and the risk was the same. AEG's involvement - even if it happened- did not increase the risk.

B.3. AEG argues that they had no obligation to provide Murray any equipment and assistant in Los Angeles because i) Murray wanted those for London and not Los Angeles, ii) the contract was not signed so it was not enforceable and iii)Murray was the one to choose the equipment and assistant and therefore AEG could have not provide it on their own (Murray had to request those and he didn't.)

4. AEG is denying any responsibility for risk as it was Murray who knew that what equipment and assistant needed and still decided to provide services. They place the risk on Murray's conduct.

C. Lack of foreseeability

AEG argues that they could not foresee harm to Michael. Murray was a licensed doctor in multiple states and did not have any prior record of discipline. AEG argues they could not foresee that Murray would deviate this much from the standard of care to the point of being foung guilty of involuntary manslaughter and given maximum sentence.

D. Hiring, training and supervising Murray

AEG denies these claims saying they did not hire Murray, they had no reason to believe Murray was unfit and they did not know Michael was given Propofol.

Again AEG mentions Murray was Michael's longtime physician, he was at LA house performing services a month before AEG even heard about him. They say they started negotiations with Murray in insistence of Michael when they did not want to hire him. They mention the drafting process and mention they did not pay Murray. AEG also points out that the contract had a clause saying that the agreement will not be in effect until Michael signs it.

AEG states that there was no oral contract and everyone was aware that any agreement required to be written and signed. They say their emails and communications show an understanding of this and even Murray wanted to show the agreement to his lawyers and wanted several changes. AEG states their refusal to pay "good faith" payment to Murray also demonstrates that they only considered a written and fully executed agreement as a binding one. AEG argues that all of these show that the agreement was supposed to be in writing and there is no oral contract.

So overall they argue that they never hired Murray and therefore never trained or supervised him either.

AEG continues to argue that even if court thinks they hired Murray, AEG could not have seen the risk Murray posed as Murray was seen as a competent doctor licensed in multiple states with no disciplinary actions.

AEG also argues that Murray was going to be hired as an "independent contractor" and law says you aren't responsible for the actions of an independent contractor.


Some tidbits from the additional do***ents and not redacted parts

Michael's kids confirm that they either first met Murray in Bahrain or in Las Vegas. They state they started to see Murray more often in LA. (Ivy's note: This seems to AEG's evidence that Michael's relationship with Murray dated long before they came into picture)

Katherine in her written answers admit that Michael was given Propofol by other doctors before Murray.

AEG Live execs - Phillips and Gongaware - state they did not know Michael was being given Propofol by Murray, they state they didn't even know what Propofol is.

Phillips and Gongaware say that their meetings with Murray was limited to 2-3 meetings.

Two excerpts from depositions of Kai Chase and Rosalyn Muhammed state that they did not see Michael under influence. (Ivy's note: Which can be used in trial as these people didn't recognize the effects of the drugs , it'll be impossible for us to recognize it.)

The instance Michael felt cold is mentioned in nanny Rose's deposition as well as Paris's written answers to questions.

Paris also states that she discussed Michael with Latoya and that Latoya promised to get to the bottom of who killed Michael.

AEG's responses include that Michael was represented by Tohme Tohme, Dennis Hawk and Peter Lopez during the negotiations and signing of the TII concert deal.

Katherine argues that given that Gongaware's prior history with Michael (he was involved in other tours) he should have known that Michael was taking Propofol.


Oral arguments are set for February 13, 2013. After the oral arguments court would take some to come to a decision.

686 days ago


HELLO Pegasus



Bruno said: “I feel like he set the bar for artists. Any artist, I don’t care what genre you do, you should always aspire to be like Michael Jackson.



686 days ago


What I Think





686 days ago


Lady Gaga buys Michael Jackson costumes at auction to preserve singer's legacy
Lady GagaDecember 3, 2012
By: Trina YannicosSubscribe2 photos
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Remember my Info . .Related topics
•Lady Gaga•Michael Jackson•costumes•Auction•Michael Jackson fans.AdvertisementMichael Jackson fans can breathe a partial sigh of relief knowing that Lady Gaga was one of the major buyers at an auction yesterday composed of Jackson's famous costumes. To the distress of many of Jackson's fans, costume designer, Michael Bush, put up for auction all of the costumes that he made for Michael throughout his career.

Fans expressed outrage at Bush claiming that Michael's wish was for his costumes to be displayed in a museum. As a close friend of Jackson's for 25 years, Bush was well aware of Jackson's wishes, according to Jackson's former makeup artist, Karen Faye. One fan on the website explained: "We have already lost forever all of the irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind Michael Jackson items that have already been sold during the nine auctions since his murder! If we don't stop this now, there will not be anything left for his beloved children or a Michael Jackson Museum in the future!"

View slideshow: Michael Jackson costumes by Michael Bush

.Lady Gaga
Photo credit: Getty Images ..

.Lady Gaga talks about Michael JacksonLady Gaga talks about Michael Jackson.Last night, Lady Gaga posted a tweet that she had purchased 55 of Michael Jackson's clothing items and that the pieces "will be archived & expertly cared for in the spirit & love of Michael Jackson, his bravery, & fans worldwide."

In 2010, Lady Gaga told Larry King that she was supposed to open for Michael Jackson on his 'This Is It' comeback tour and possibly do a duet with him.

Gaga went on to describe her feelings for Jackson: "Michael's death was devastating for me regardless of whether or not I was supposed to go on tour with him. He's such an inspiration and remarkable human being."

The "The Collection of Tompkins and Bush: Michael Jackson" auction brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars. The auction was sponsored by Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills and an exhibition of the items has been touring the world since May. (See photos of Michael Jackson's costumes from the Collection of Tompkins and Bush auction).


686 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Hi Pegasus, thanks for all the info.
I wonder why TMZ have not reported the auction, Gaga's purchases or the fact that TeamMichaelJackson picketed the auction because they have evidence that some of the items were fakes.
Many of the items were originally up for sale in the auction which Thome organised before Michael died. Michael himself intervened to prevent the sale.
Now, mysteriously those items have reappeared as owned by Michael Bush! Bush argues that MJ gave him the items and autographed them accordingly. Yet the signitures are not Michaels.
Several handwriting experts have claimed that the signitures are fakes. Bush claims that they were not typical as MJ was drugged up at the time.
Now, why aren't TMZ reporting this?
I think Branca has something to do with TMZ.
We have been fed pro-estate and anti-family stories for months now. We are all being manipulated.
Bear in mind that Branca wrote the forward for Bush's book. Why when he was selling off MJs legacy?
Anyway, forgive my rant!
Forgot to say Merry Christmas to you and HN!
It's snowing here at the moment. Breathtaking!!!

686 days ago



Lol. Thats funny. Too bad your names starts with PEE A-haha

Actually it doesn;t start with a p.

682 days ago


Hi Pegasus,i would like to ask you how you feel about Gaga buying items that belonged to Michael.
I see it as showing off .

Regarding Bruno Mars and other new "talents" isn;t it strange that after Michael;s death or should i say MURDER ,each and every one of them wants to be another Michael Jackson?

682 days ago


?? What's A Michael Jackson ??

Never Heard Of It.

680 days ago


Pegasus, Nan, MiMi, Kay and Brigha from UK




679 days ago



679 days ago
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