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Lindsay Lohan Victim

She Hurled a

Racial Slur at Me

11/29/2012 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The victim in the Lindsay Lohan nightclub fight tells TMZ ... Lohan hurled a racial slur at her moments before the brawl ... calling her a "f**king Gypsy."

TMZ spoke with Tiffany Mitchell -- a well-known psychic who was at the club Avenue with a friend Wednesday night when Lohan walked in. 

Tiffany tells us ... she had a premonition about Lohan and approached her inside the club to offer her a free reading ... but Lohan turned her down saying, "Give me my space."

As she walked away, Tiffany's friend says she heard Lohan call her a "f**king Gypsy" ... and it set her off.

We're told the friend went ballistic -- unloading a bunch of insults back at Lohan ... calling her a "whore" and telling her "Liz & Dick sucked."

At that point, Lohan lost her cool and socked the psychic in the eye ... and all hell broke loose inside the club. Lohan was eventually arrested for assault.

Tiffany's husband tells TMZ, "We are not Gypsies. That has nothing to do with our religion ... it was a racist comment."

He adds, "Just because your career went down the drain and your new movie sucks, you can't go around beating people up."

As for the connection to Max from "The Wanted" -- we're told Tiffany DID have a convo with the heartthrob earlier in the evening ... but it was just a friendly conversation and Lindsay had nothing to be jealous about.


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yeah ummm.... about that.

690 days ago


I would have socked her too. That palm reader shouldn't have gone over to Lohan and then mouthed off insults when she was turned down. She's a bitch exploiting Lohan for some headlines.

690 days ago


so gypsy's are a race now?

690 days ago


It's absolutely a slur, just not a racial slur.

690 days ago


Lindsey is right, f'ing gypsies. May they look into their crystal ball and see themselves burning in hell for causing Ms Lohan another bad night.

690 days ago


Now I've argued this numerous times but why 'target' a has-been, BROKE junkie HOOKER when you had a few of the 'RISING', popular, RICH boy band members? Wouldn't it be more 'lucrative' financially and certainly get as much press to 'PROVOKE' them?


690 days ago


I have also heard the Gypsies are also originate from Atlantis and are from the future, the 28th century to be exact. They lost there awareness of the past and put there knowledge in a book now known as the book of Thoth, or in Gypsy terms the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each one of the 22 letters of the Jewish alphabet is a Tarot card, and has the secret knowledge encoded in them of the awareness they lost. This is all a myth mind you but you neva know... :)

690 days ago


lol lol lol!! This Max guy is probably laughing his ass off at Lindsay's pathetic BS!! how utterly and totally embarrassing for her....god, why is she such a LOSER?!

690 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

So, uhm, like does anybody know what is on LieLo's social agenda tonight?

690 days ago


Just like calling someone a Hillbilly or a Dago or a Hunkie or a Chink.....its not a racial slur but it is just as bad and in some places will get your ass handed to you on a plate..... Last person to sneeringly call me a Hillbilly found himself in the unemployment line after I took over his job and got rid of his nasty
predjudice ass.....
Lindsay instigated that fight ...she hit that woman ...and she damn lucky the woman didn't hit back ....I would have and she would have learned what a real fight is like.....
Someone needs to stomp her ass really good....she is a mean assed bully....

690 days ago


I may have made myself irrelavant to the conversation which is fine, but the Gypsies are cool with me. I dont like Nazis/Aryians, and I was not trying to make light of the holocaust in anyway. Coast to Coast is almost on so as Red Crap says... Gone!

690 days ago


this story is almost enough to get me to move to new york so I can loiter in Lindsay's favorite nightclubs and just WISH she'd try to start somethin' up in here!! I swear to god, I hate these girls that she ends up popping, because if it were me, Lilo would be sporting the Gabriel Aubry look for a week!!

690 days ago


where's GINGERSNAP?! hahahah

690 days ago


This is just another witch hunt with charges on both coasts and psychics looking for their 15 minutes of fame and a quick payday.

690 days ago


she/he here just in another couple of avi's ....

690 days ago
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